So you have some money to blow and want some covers for your feet to show off not only your stylish senses, but also how much money you have to throw around? If so you need to buy a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes. These are high end shoes with a high end price.

Don’t buy cheap Manolo Blahnik shoes. Manolo Blahnik shoes are not cheap and if you get a too good to be true price then the Manolo Blahnik shoes are fakes. Fake Manolo Blahnik shoes can be spotted a mile away from any high end social climber. Don’t ruin your standing in your area by buying fake Manolo Blahnik shoes. Buy the real deal. You are a sophisticated woman with money to blow so you need to wear Manolo Blahnik shoes to your next social engagement.

There are numerous styles of Blahnik shoes, but these are what some people consider to be the “best of the best” when it comes to Manolo Blahnik shoes.

10.  Ricola

The Ricola is a stylish shoe that can be semi-comfortable as long as you are sitting down. There appears to be some ankle support, but as with all Manolo Blahnik shoes this is just for fashion. If you wanted comfort you would buy a pair of Keen Newport sandals, but you are a social climber who will one day be the Queen of all the fundraising events in your community.

Manolo Blahnik Mochusky9. Mochusky

You are no longer your daddies little princess. You are now your husband’s little princess. If you like when you husband dresses you up fancy to show off to the other guys at the Enron family picnic, then you want to be seen in the Mochusky shoes. The Mochusky model is a little princess shoe designed for women who like to spend too much money on pink shoes.

8. Napiera

The Napiera is a cross between a kung-fu shoe and a county jail inmate shoe. In addition to blending these two distinct styles together they also threw on a too high for comfort heel. If you have skinny feet, perform yoga before your karate classes, and don’t like pink then the Napiera may be the best Manolo Blahnik style for you.

Manolo Blahnik Frida7. Frida

If you are a cougar who likes to go to your sons keggers than the Frida may be the best model of Manolo Blahnik shoe for you. The Frida features a cougar style pattern that will reflect the way you think of yourself. The Frida is easily removed from your feet in emergencies, such as when you need to stand up and actually walk.

6. Suw

The Suw would have been the ideal shoe for Roman Gladiators who were cross-dressers. The Roman cross-dresser would have been proud of the jewels he wore on his feet. If you are inclines to emulate an ancient Roman Gladiator then put on a pair of the Suw. You will be the meanest, yet sexiest looking cross dresser at the local bar.

Manolo Blahnik Campo5. Campo

This Civil War style faux war boot is designed for the women who actually walk. If you are a woman who walks the streets at night (looking to help the homeless of course) then you will be pretty protected when it rains. The Campo is not very durable in rugged conditions, but it sure looks like it could be.

Manolo Blahnik Cienzaper 

4. Cienzaper

The Cienzaper hearkens back to an earlier time when the Burlesque girls would dazzle the men with their big sense of comic timing. The Cienzaper is designed to match the whirling twines of a dancing girl’s manic costume.

3. Pascalare

The Pascalare looks like a pair of Sacajawea’s high boot moccasins, but with a very tall heel added on. If you want to act like a wild Indian girl from the Wild West days, then do it in style with the Pascalare. This is a great boot to wear to your sons Boy Scout functions as you can show the other women who the true “boss” is.

2. Subeba

Why have one piece of material around the top of your feet when you can have multiple pieces of exotically designed material. The huge gaps will allow you to get a unique suntan on the top of your feet. If you buy a pair of Manolo Blahnik Subeba shoes then your hardworking husband may serve you divorce papers. Losing half of everything he owns and paying lawyer fees may prove to be a cheaper option then purchasing the Subeba shoes.

Manolo Blahnik Rangiora1. Rangiora

Nothing says you’re a Queen better than wearing a pair of authentic Manolo Blahnik Rangiora shoes. These Queen Bee shoes look like they could have been designed by an actual Queen bee, inside of a hive. If you are have many people buzzing around you all day treating you like the queen of the hive then you need to get the Rangiora model. Send your cabin boy out to buy them; he may never look at the back of your head the same way ever again.

The Rangiora is availble in a few different colors, but you know you want the yellow ones.