When a Monster Truck participate in a show it sometime fails. But the failure isn’t always seen as an accident. The failure might be funny, and it is therefore an important part of the entertainment at a Monster Truck Show.
Whereas, when the fans of motor sport racing watch stock car racing such as NASCAR many of them hope to see an accident. Because people love to see metal crushing together at the car races.
At the Monster truck events we are even guaranteed to have some crashed cars, but what the monster truck fans hope for instead is that the Monster Trucks will do something really cool or at least fail in a funny way at doing something. Here is a selection of 10 very funny Monster Truck Failures.

10. Back Flip Fail

You have a steep incline that is specifically designed to allow you to do a back flip with your monster truck. The only think you have to do is aim the truck straight and go fast. If you do not go fast enough then you may get yourself stuck in a very precarious situation. It had to take a long time to get this monster truck unstuck.

9. Turning Fail

This truck lost his brakes and he attempted to steer the truck to avoid going into the stands. He was not able to turn it with his high speed and the monster truck careened into the stands anyways. Fortunately the promoters had that section blocked off for safety reasons; however if the truck had not attempted to turn he could have easily driven clear up to where the audience was sitting. Good thing this did not turn into a monster truck tragedy. Occasional a monster truck fan will die so it is a good think everybody was OK in this particular situation.

8. Smashing the Cop Cars

It all started as fun and games for this drive and then he lost control, went off course, and smashed some real cars that people had driven to the arena including a police cruiser. I wonder what the officer’s police report said about this situation. He took out a large sign, a truck and 2 cop cars. I bet the drunken fans were cheering that! At least the fire truck was not parked by the cop cars because a fire broke out also.

7. Lost My Wheel

All the monster trucks are driving over the cars with no problems and then the Australian flag monster truck has a little problem. I think maybe his pit crew forgot to tighten up some lug nuts. A truck getting out of control is pretty normal, but there is no “kill switch” to keep your tires from rolling away if something breaks or is not installed properly.

6. Monster Truck Gets High Centered

You would think that a Monster Truck could easily smash an old junked out van. Of course a monster truck can smash a van right? Well, actually the answer is no way in this video. How embarrassing is it for you to get high-centered and stuck…while driving a monster truck? I would have loved to see the ribbing and teasing he got from the other monster truck drivers when he got back to the pit area.

Notice how they always use backhoes to get monster trucks unstuck? I think they should make a massive monster truck style tow truck that is large than the monster trucks and use that to pull them out.

5. Yet another Monster Truck Back Flip Failure

For some reason this guy actually believed that he had his angle and speed down properly in order to make a successful back flip. Yes he did flip backwards but did not have near enough speed to land on his wheels much less to get over the hill. I don’t drive a monster truck for my job like this guy gets to do but I know that you need a lot more speed than he had to complete the back flip. I think he chickened out on the throttle.

4. Monster Truck Tug of War

It seems like a real cool idea right? You lasso 2 monster trucks up to each other and see which one has the most powerful engine. Oh wait, can the chassis on the trucks hold up to the high horsepower motor yanking on them? Oops! I guess not. I figured that they might rip something but they truly took the damage to an entirely new level.

3. Mud Bog Fail

A crappy car is still a crappy car even if you make it into a monster truck. This proves the theory that if it “ain’t a truck, it can’t be a monster!” Monster trucks had their origin in mud bogging. A few of the earliest monster truck drivers began by mud bogging. Mud bogging is a really fun sport to watch but if you build a monster truck out of a car and the car gets stuck you tend to lose all respect from the other drivers as well as the fans.

2. The New Zealand Roller

Fortunately this guy did not get high-centered; however 1 of his tires was having a bad day and took off on its own. I wonder if they also forgot to tighten some lug nuts? If you watch the entire video you will see the tire roll on down and bend one of the poles holding up the billboard. If there was no fence that tire may have rolled to the other side of the ocean with as much speed as it had.

1. Rap Attack Fail

By now you would think these guys know how important a strong weld is. This monster truck fail ends with his whole rear end being ripped away from the truck. Obviously the Rap Attack monster truck was done racing for the night. 

Do you have a favorite monster truck? Please let me know in the comments below which monster truck is your favorite and which monster truck fail video you liked the most on this list. No monster truck is flawless and all monster trucks will have problems and failures occur. As long as nobody is injured it is funny to watch. Fortunately nobody was injured or killed in any of the videos above; however in the monster truck tragedies article deaths do occur.

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