Here is a movie list that is not for the faint of heart or stomach. Viewing these movies will actually change you, and not for the better. What they do offer is a unique look into the human mind, not just of the movie's subjects but also the film directors and writers as well. Some of these movies might make you ashamed to be human.

10. Clockwork Orange

Clockwork Orange Movie Poster

Stanley Kubrick's academy award nominated film really ventures into the human mind and mankind's violent side. In the not so distant future, acts of ultra violence are committed without motivation and without mercy by Alex and his Droogs. What makes this film disturbing is how real the film feels and how cool the characters are when performing these acts of violent behavior.

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9. Hard Candy

Hard Candy Poster

Hunted becomes hunter in this film depicting a child predator preying on a helpless minor. Thing is, she is not so helpless and has a plan of her own to make the man regret his actions. What makes this movie hard to watch, is the dialogue between the 2 main characters, it will make you recoil and give you the heeby geebies after every line. It is really well acted.

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8. Ichi The Killer

Ichi The Killer Poster

From the legendary gore director Takashi Miike, comes a tale of Yakuza, stolen money and buckets of blood. Some of the scenes range from separation of tongues and nipples to hanging rival gang members from the ceiling with hooks and pouring hot tempura grease on him. And that's only scratching the surface of disturbing scenes. Ya this movie is as strange as it sounds and despite of all this comes out with comical aspect to it with some dark humor. The only reason it isn't higher up on my list is the gore is over the top and hard to take seriously at some points.

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7. The Hills Have Eyes

The Hills Have Eyes Poster

This one is a little more main stream but was never the less disturbing. The one scene in particular was definitely hard to watch as the mutants invaded the family's trailer and raped the younger sister while the other was held at gun point. I have never wanted a villain of a movie to die as much as these sick deformed baddies. Luckily for me they take a few axes to the head. Damn Muties!

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6. Audition

Audition Poster

Another one from Takashi Miike makes the cut (pun intended). The synopsis of this movie could likely be mistaken for a romantic comedy at first glance. Man sets up fake audition to meet new wife, and hilarity ensues. Unfortunately not, but what you do get is some edge of your seat suspense and of course, cutting off of feet with piano wire. The man eating vomit after emerging from the burlap sac was definitely strange to watch. Out of all the movie on this list, this one defiantly has the best use of suspense and not just shock value.

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5. Oldboy

Oldboy Poster

Ok the set up goes like this, Oh Dae-Su is locked in a room for 15 years, gets out and exacts revenge. In one scene a hammer gets introduced to a man's teeth over and over again. In another, he enters a small hallway and 25 men stand between our hero and his destination. Insert intense karate scene here. This film has received high praise from director Quentin Tarantino, who surprisingly does not have a movie on this list.

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4. I Spit on Your Grave

I Spit on Your Grave Poster

Arguably one of the most intense, long and unpleasant scenes to watch, involving the heroine and her rape. But worry not, she gets to exact her revenge on her attackers in very gruesome ways. One such way that involves the removal of an attackers little buddy. Made back in the 70's when Grindhouse flicks were at their peak.

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3. Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal Holocaust Poster

This film has been banned in numerous countries including its country of origin, Italy. The movie depicts numerous scenes of rape torture, cannibalism and one very real and very disturbing scene where a turtle is slaughtered for chow, urging many animal cruelty agencies to protest the movie, with good reason. The film is shot in a Blair witch style with main film being shot like a documentary where a group of researchers venture into the South American jungle and stumble upon some very dreadful natives. It looked so real, the film's director had to appear in court and get the actors to appear as well to show the judge that they were still alive. Don't be fooled this ain't no zombie flick.

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2. Men Behind The Sun

Men Behind The Sun Poster

T.F. Mous' Men Behind The Sun recounts some of the experiments that were carried out by the Japanese to further their own research. Some of the worst scenes entail a woman being tied up outside in the freezing cold and then her hands put in boiling water. Another shows the effects of a pressure chamber on the human body, not a pretty picture to say the least. What makes it even worse, is that these were actual experiments that were carried out during World War 2, making the movie all too real. Cat + starving rats = not so good looking cat.

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1. Salo

Salo Poster

This film tops the list of most disturbing movies. I guarantee it leaves you changed upon viewing. The movie begins with a group of very rich and influential Italian fascists kidnapping a group of lower class citizens during World War 2. They then proceed to force them to perform some really diabolical actions, including scalping, eating feces and in the end dismembering each other. And that's only scratching the surface of what this movie does. The worst thing for me was the realization after watching this movie was that it could have happened and also could be happening right now in a 3rd world country. Money can buy you anything even if you are a truly sadistic psychopath.

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During my haste to write this article, I seemingly forgot 2 movies that disturbed, bothered and intrigued me. I apologize for failing to remember these movies and hope this will correct that truly horrible mistake that was made.


The first movie is Irreversible. I was reminded of this movie by the numerous forum posts and comments made by readers (just like you). For those of you that have not seen this movie, it starts from the end and moves backwards, ala Memento styles. After you see a man's face get crushed by fire extinguisher, you will not be the same, and that is not the nastiest part of this movie. The worst comes as a rape scene that is portrayed using a single, unbroken shot, lasting nine minutes, for obvious reasons it very difficult to watch. Several reviewers declared it one of the most disturbing and controversial films.


Blue Velvet

The other film I missed is Blue Velvet. Directed by David Lynch, who also directed EraserHead, this movie takes us to a small town of Lumberton, North Carolina. There we meet Frank Booth, one the most vile and well acted villains in movie history. Acted by Dennis hopper, he inflicts his bizarre sexual proclivities which include but are not limited to inhalant, dry humping, and sadomasochism on a girl he blackmails into his, lack for a better word, slave. The film centers on voyeurism, violent sexual acts and murder. Everything in this movie symbolizes something and will leave you thinking long after it's over. This film relaunched Dennis Hopper's acting career.

Blue Velvet

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Obviously every person is going to have different tastes in movies and what they consider to be the most disturbing, this is my personal list.  I would highly recommend using a movie recommender such as ApeFlix if you want to find other movies that are in the disturbing niche.