It is just four months left of 2014 but they might be the best for cinema lovers. Some of the most anticipated movies of the year are coming to the big screen in short succession, both box office blockbusters and films tipped for critical acclaim. So here is my countdown of the top 10 movies to look for until the end of 2014!

10. Gone Girl

Ben Affleck plays a man who finds himself in a media whirlwind after his wife (Rosamund Pike) disappears. He soon becomes the main suspect for her possible murder and has to fight against time and the growing hysteria of the public. A very tense-looking thriller with an immensely strong cast the movie premiers on October 3.

9. Horrible Bosses 2

The first installment of this insanely funny comedy scored surprisingly big in the box office and as a result – here is the sequel. The three nerds who rebelled against their bosses seem to have liked the world of crime and now they want to make the shot of their lives by pretending to kidnap the spoiled son of a multimillionaire. Kevin Spacey might be in jail, but Jennifer Anniston unleashes all her despicable lust in a very kinky fashion. With Chris Pine and Christoph Waltz joining the cast, this might be the highest-profile comedy of the year! In theatres November 28.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

OK, I put The Hunger Games on 8th place simply because I am not a fan of the whole franchise. Still, it is one of the biggest movies of the year and if you are a true fan than cross November 21 in your calendar. The revolution is on its way – and we have Katniss Everdeen joined by Julianne Moore and Nathalie Dormer for the roller-coaster action epic of the season!

7. The Equalizer

I include this out of respect for Denzel Washington rather than anything else. The movie is a classic one-man army story – not the first time we have seen Denzel play the part (remember The Book of Eli). This time he is a former cover op commando who gets messed up with the Russian mob (why would you do that if you want to live under cover – I have no idea). Still, it’s not such a bad idea to watch a good old action beating, Bruce Willis style. The premier is on September 26.

6. Before I Go To Sleep

Now to the more serious stuff. On paper Before I Go To Sleep should be an Oscar contender – or at least it looks like it. Nicole Kidman plays a woman with some serious psychological issues as a result of a traumatic incident. She loses her memory on a daily basis and is torn between her feelings for her psychiatrist (Mark Strong) and her husband (Colin Firth). With a cast like this you expect nothing but a high-quality drama with elements of suspense, almost Hitchcock style. The movie hits the screens on October 31.

5. Dracula Untold

This might be a great movie or a disgrace – it depends on the focus the creators have decided to choose. The trailer is definitely very impressive and it makes us expect a blend between history epic and horror fantasy. Luke Evans is one of the hottest actors right now and he brings enough quality on the screen. I strongly hope the CGI does not replace the drama element in the story – which has been the case in movies like 300: Rise Of An Empire and Hercules. The premier is on October 10.

4. The Imitation Game

The true story of Alan Turin - a genius mathematician who was the main force behind the breaking of the Enigma code during the World War II. The movie is expected to be among the main contenders during the Award season. Lead by the impeccable Benedict Cumberbatch (expected Oscar nomination) and featuring Keira Knightley, Mark Strong and Charles Dance, the cast is monstrously good. It is the kind of story that glues us to the screen, slightly resembling Beautiful Mind. In theatres November 21.

3. Interstellar

The big enigma of the season, Interstellar created a buzz far before the first images or trailers hit the Internet. And rightly so – after all it is the first movie Christopher Nolan directs after The Dark Knight Rises. A sci-fi existentialist journey in the fundamentals of human nature – this is what we can expect if we are to believe the trailers. Nolan has summoned a fearsome cast – the best actor of 2013 Matthew McConaughey is joined by Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine and Ellen Burstyn, to mention just a few. Will this be another triumph for one of the greatest directors of our generation? We will find out on November 7.

2. Exodus: Gods And Kings

What I said about Interstellar is equally true for Exodus – a legendary director, backed up by a high-class cast. Ridley Scott takes on one of the most epic stories of our cultural heritage – the flight of the Jews out of Egypt, lead by Moses. Christian Bale stars as the legendary leader of the Jews, opposed to the brilliant Joel Edgerton as Ramses. The trailer we have seen makes me hope we might be in for the best epic history movie since Kingdom Of Heaven. Be sure to take your seats on December 12!

1. The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies

It is time to say goodbye to Middle Earth – or so Peter Jackson wants us to believe. We Tolkien fans certainly hope PJ takes on The Silmarillion, but that is another story. The Battle Of The Five Armies is one of the biggest and most anticipated movies of the year. But in a way it is something more than that. It is the exclamation point of journey that started back in 2001 with The Fellowship Of The Ring. Now we expect Bilbo, Thorin, Gandalf and Legolas to deliver another movie experience of pure delight. And tragedy, if Jackson stays true to the story! It hits the screens worldwide on December 17!