Old HorseshoesIf you have every seen a horse get shod which is the act of shoeing, you know how strange horseshoeing tools look, kind of like antique surgical instruments. Even the activity of shoeing is like taking a step back in time. A man physically attaching metal shoes to the bottoms of a horse’s hooves it all seems pretty amazing. Of course to people that are raised on farms and spend their whole life around horses there is nothing strange about any of it. It’s all just the way it is. Now some people make a living shoeing horses these people go by the name farrier. A properly trained farrier must have many skills including those of a blacksmith and a veterinarian. The proper care of a horses feet is one of the most important aspects of caring for horses. It is so important that if cared for improperly you can actually affect the horse’s health in a negative way. In fact in some countries it is against the law to carry out any farriery work without being a registered farrier. Any ways lets get back to those crazy looking horseshoeing tools. Most of them are very basic and like most tools each one has a specific task that it is used for, some for cutting the hoof some for crimping the nails and so on. If you have ever been curious about the common tools used by a farrier below you will find the top ten must have horseshoeing tools in no particular order.

Must Have Horseshoeing Tools

1)Farrier Driving Hammer

1) Driving Hammer – A driving hammer is used to drive the nails through the holes in the Driving Hammerhorseshoe and into the hoof. It is much like a carpenters hammer, only smaller, with a striking surface on one side and a claw on the other. And like other types of hammers driving hammers also come in different weights like 8, 10, 12 and 14 ounces. There are also different designs like the Bellota, Blurton, Diamond, Horse Head, and NC Cavalry. And depending on the weight and design that you choose these hammers can be somewhat expensive to buy.

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2) Hoof Nippers

Hoof Nippers

Nippers are like a cross between finger nail clippers and pliers. They are used to trim the excess hoof wall kind of like the way we trim our finger nails. These also come in different sizes that are chosen mainly based on the hardness the hoof.

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3) Hoof Knife

Hoof Knife

A hoof knife is used a lot like digging tool that cuts away loose or over grown inner hoof that can not be removed with the nippers. There are a few different varieties of hoof knife available including double edged knives, single edged knives and loop knives.

Hoof Knife
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4) Horse Rasp


A horse rasp is basically a giant file and that is exactly how it is used. These also come in different designs like the Bellota, Nicholson and Heller. The main difference in the different rasps is the sizes and aggressiveness of the teeth plus some are rust proof and stay sharp longer.

Horse Hoof Rasp
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5) Farrier Nail Clencher

Is used to round off and tighten shoeing nails.

6) Hoof Pick

Hoof Pick

This is one of the most basic tools a farrier will have or anyone with horses. It is just what it sounds like a pick. It is used to clean dirt, manure and other foreign objects from the center of the hoof.

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7) Clinch Cutter

This tool is used to remove old shoes from the hoof.

8) Nail Puller

Hoof Nippers

These are used to remove the nails from the previous set of shoes. Old shoes can be hard to remove at times mainly because they were but on to stay.

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9) Hoof Stand

Most of the time a farrier will prop the horses leg and foot either on his or her thigh or hold them between there knees but sometimes this doesn’t position the foot right. So they use a hoof stand which looks a lot like a car jack. It is used to hold the foot of the ground so it can be worked on from different angles.

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10) Farrier Apron

This is a long leather apron that cover the chest and legs. They normally have several loops, pockets and even magnets sown into them to hold shoes, nails and tools. Though they are very handy for holding things the main reason for them is protection. Shoeing horses can be very dangerous and it doesn’t take much to have a nail ran through your leg.

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And there you have the top 10 must have horseshoeing tools. Now all you need is a horse and some classed and you will be on your way to a career as a farrier.