Top 10 Must Haves When Traveling


Packing up for traveling can be a hassle sometimes. What’s even worse, is when you are not prepared and don’t have the basic things you need for your trip. StreamlineInfo has a list of the top 10 Must-haves when Traveling!

10. Map

Maps are ample in traveling especially if you are new to the place. If you are lost, at least you have a map to rely on.

9. Watch

Cellphones are mandated to be turned off when you are in the airplane during take-off. It’s beneficial if you have a watch so you can check the time and perhaps do an estimation of your nap time so you will wake up on time.

8. Entertainment

Some flights take a while until landing time. To keep yourself entertained, bring your own novel, favorite book or magazine. Read about tips or anything that satisfies your interests.

7. Blanket

Sometimes, blankets that airlines provide to their passengers do not feel comfortable against your skin. They might be too hard or too stiff, but either way, it’s useful to bring your own small blanket. It does not have to be anything fancy, just agreeable enough for your skin.

6. Extra pair of slippers

Having an extra pair of shoes is a little bit too bulky in your carry-on luggage. It’s better if you bring flip flops instead. It’s easy to slide them in the sides where there is a little room. If you break your footwear, you will be secured because you have an extra pair in your bag.

5. Jacket

You never know if it is going to be cold in the airport or wherever your next flight stop is. It’s always a great choice to have a simple and comfortable jacket with you.

4. Coins and Cash

It is very important to have spare cash because some stores do not accept debit or credit cards. Perhaps maybe you need to make a quick purchase and you do not have time to do debit/credit card processing, cash is always helpful. Coins are also substantial when traveling. At some places, cellphones do not have signals and are disabled to be used. Telephones are everywhere in airports and they usually require you to pay in coins. Be ready to have mostly quarters in case you need to make an emergency call.

3. Snacks

It is a part of a business strategy to sell their products higher than regular price considering that when passengers get hungry, their time to leave the airport and eat out is very limited and leaving them no choice but to stay and eat there, that’s why it is smarter to bring your own snacks. If you are a healthy-eater or you’re watching your weight, pack up some fruits like apples and pears. These two fruits are not only tasty, but they are also convenient to be in your carry-on bags considering that they will not rot or squash because of their hard interior. Nuts is also a healthy category as snacks. If you want a ready-to-go food, bring granola bars, potato chips, pretzels and the best choice would be a sandwhich, it will keep you satisfied longer.

2. Water

Your body can suffice one week without food, but you can not survive without water for three days at the most. You have to keep yourself hydrated. Water or different kinds of drink sold in the airports or anywhere near airports have a tendency to cost more than the regular price. Bring your own water so you won’t have to pay extra to get one.

1. Cellphone

The most important material that you must have when you are out traveling. If you do not have a cellphone, be sure to at least bring a notebook or even just a simple piece of paper with contact information of people that you know and are reliable in terms of communication in case a predicament occurs.

Whether you are spending just a few days or weeks for a trip, It’s always better to be ready whenever difficulties or any form of discomfort come your way. Enjoy traveling and have a safe flight!

Note: Be sure to notify somebody that you know back home about traveling so that in case of emergency, they know where to track you down.

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