Derrick Rose

Unfortunately to our disappointment a number of NBA superstars where out for parts of the 2012-13 season. Derrick Rose the youngest ever MVP was out for the whole season someone defiantly worthy of top 10. Kevin Love was out for most of the season and finished with a shocking 32.5% shooting having a awful season. Rajon Rondo picked to be a all star but takes a injury and misses the 2nd half of the season. Another member of the Timberwolves Rubio Out for the opening with a torn ACL. Westbrook also took a injury missing a lot of the playoffs and without Russell OKC could not make the finals. And you cant forget about Kobe the Lakers superstar left the team who just manged to secure a playoffs spot.

10 Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard

The new Houston Rockets centre is coming off a season which he would be glad to forget. The Lakers just made the playoffs and instantly got knocked out. Although Dwight didn't have to bad of a season on a personal level considering he led the league in rebounds and averaging 17.1ppg while playing through injury. But now Dwight is at Houston and all that is behind him. The defensive sensation is expected to have a great season as he now has legends Hakeem Olajuwon and Kevin McHale with him. While on the court he has a offensive super star in James Harden to work with. Can Harden and Howard win a title? Well lets wait and see

9 James Harden

james harden

James Harden is now entering he's 2nd season as a Rocket coming off of last years stunning performance averaging 25.9ppg, 5.8apg and 4.9rpg. The Rockets had a great offensive game in James but where lacking defensively. But its all about to change as Dwight is hear now to back harden up and help lift some of the offensive burden. James Harden is going to be challenging for the MVP award this year but can he out do Lebron and Durant?

8 Paul George

Paul George

Paul George broke out in a big way during the 12-13 NBA season and is continuing to prove that he belongs with the best. The 23 year olds game is mind blowing as he can score from any where on the court in any way. The Pacers star made a big statement when he went head to head with MVP LeBron James. Not many player can claim they did that especially not a 23 year old 1st time all star. Can George carry this on next year?

7 Russell Westbrook


Even though the Thunder star missed alot of the playoffs you can't take away the terrific regular  season he had. He was a all star and made alot of terrific plays during the season helping the thunder come 2nd in the west. Hopefully he will be backs soon and healthy.

6 Kobe Bryant


Kobe Bryant took a big injury that could have possibly ended hes career. The question now is will Kobe be as good as he was. The Lakers star is now 35 and as well as age slowing him down will this injury take a big impact on hes game or will he come back soaring in and making amazing plays that we know him for. It has not been confirmed when Kobe is returning but lets hope soon because the Lakers need him with Dwight and Metta gone.

5 Tony Parker

tony parker

Tony led the San Antonio Spurs to the NBA finals and the best record in the west in 2013. Nobody thought it would happen at the start of last season everyone said the Spurs were over that Timmy, Tony and Manu were to old to do it again. But they did Tony had a amazing season as the Spurs main man averaging 20.3ppg and 7.6apg he was even a contender for the MVP award. The main question is now can he do it again or are the Spurs truly over?

4 Carmelo Anthony


Carmelo Anthony had a terrific season as he led the NBA in scoring with 28.7ppg and pretty much single handedly carried the New York Knicks to 2nd best record in the Eastern conference behind champions Miami Heat. Melo has always been one of the best in the league but to compete with Lebron and KD he will need to improve hes defence and teamwork as he finished the season with 2.6apg, 0.8spg and 0.5bpg. Can melo win the MVP award this year?

3 Chris Paul


CP3 is one of the most compete point guards of all time. He can do just about anything apart from shot blocking but even thought Cp3 isent one of the tallest NBA players he still managed to average 3.7rpg. As well as averaging 16.9ppg and 9.7apg Cp3 picked up the All star MVP award as the West beat the East. Can CP3 top this performence in the 2013-2014 season?

2 Kevin Durant

kevin durant

Kevin Durant had a terrific season as he averaged 28.1ppg and came 2nd in the MVP award race. KD is only 25 years old and still had plenty of time to improve hes game. Durant and the Thunder had a early exit out off the playoffs as they could not make it to the finals without their star point gaurd. This year if OKC can remain healthy they will be definate contenders for the title.

1 Lebron James

Lebron James

King James continues to amaze as he tops he previouse season once again. Lebron led the Heat to a their second championship in a row and the 2nd best winning streak in NBA history. Aswell as winning hes 4th MVP award, 2nd finals MVP award and just overall dominating defensivley and offensivley. The reason Lebron is so good is beacuse he is one of the best scorers, distributers and possibly the best defensive player in the NBA. Can the MVP yet again top hes previouse season?