What Name Is Best For Your Snake

Top 10 Names For A Pet SnakeCredit: http://pitt.edu/~mcs2/herp/SoNA.html

Have you ever wanted to own a snake? Maybe you have one now or just want to have one in your house. Is it the way they look or the power they represent?

Maybe it is the rebellious side in you or you just like to be different. What ever it is, you need to come up with a really cool name for your snake.

What better way to come up with that name then to choose from a top 10 list? Here you will find 10 snake names to better help you.

Some are weird and some are not, but choose wisely. Your snake’s reputation depends on it.

Top Name #1: Johnson

The first name is obvious. You have to consider Johnson as your snake’s name. For this one all I will say is, I was coaxed into it.

Snake(74023)Credit: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1324266

Top Name #2: Monty

If you are not familiar with the Monty Python Movies you are missing great works in the film industry. It is a comedy series of movies that were done by Monty Python and his band of crazy actors who created comedy movies using British style comedy. These movies are a legend so you have to respect the name “Monty”.

Top Name #3: Nagini

For those of you who are familiar with Harry Potter, than you should know the name of Voldemort’s snake, “Nagini”. This snake was pure evil and really cool. You may want this to be your snake’s name.

Top Name #4: Kong

Is your snake the big one (Pun intended)? A name that could fit this image is “Kong”. The name is about power in reference to King Kong, the giant gorilla that attacked New York City.

Viper(74020)Credit: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1349081/?forcedownload=1

Top Name #5: Jake the Snake

Comedy can brighten up your day and your pet’s personality at the same time. Jake the Snake is a must when considering what name to give your pet. It also is a fun name for other pet’s around the house.

Top Name #6: Kaa

“The bare necessities, the simple bare necessities … “ is a song from the Disney’s version of Jungle Book. In that story, the crazy sneaky snake is called Kaa.

Top Name #7: Fluffy

There is no way we could do a top 10 list without giving the name “Fluffy” as an option. Fluffy is one of those names that you could use for any pet, whether it is a snake or dog or cat. I have even seen horses named Fluffy. So, we offer this as our top 7 name.

Top Name #8: Zeus or Athena

Greek Gods are great names for your pet snake. Since snakes are ancient creatures and is featured in literature throughout the world. Entire cities are based on Greek Gods. What better names could you use for your snake?

Eastern Milk SnakeCredit: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1218747

Top Name #9: Lucifer

The most famous name for a snake through out the age of the written word would be Lucifer. Lucifer is a wicked name that could be the right fit for you. If you feel that it is sacrilegious than don’t do it, but if you don’t care, it could be fun.


Top Name #10:  Bob

When in doubt, you should name your snake “Bob.” I think Bob is a great name and it will bring pride and fierceness to your pet. If you think that the name is incapable of making your friends cringe, then just use it because it sounds cool.

This concludes the top 1o names for your pet snake. I hope that these names help you in choosing the right pet name for your snake. There a many more names that did not make the list and I ask that you leave your names in the comment section.