Many people make similar resolutions and the top 10 New Years resolutions are listed here.  Unfortunately, many of us also make the same New Year’s resolutions year after year.  The key to making good resolutions is to sit down when making the resolution and try to be exact in what you want to accomplish, and what you need to accomplish to make you feel that you have met the goal. 

 Drink Less Alcohol

 This first goal of “drink less alcohol” is a perfect example of a resolution that needs to beNew Years Resolution - Drink Less Alcoholput in a better form. A resolution that is not measurable is hard to do and hard to know when you have reached your goal.  It is best to attach a measurement to your drink less goal.  Decide that you are only going to drink Friday and Saturday, or decide that you are only going to have three drinks an evening. 

 If you do not attach something measurable to your goal, you do not know whether you reached your goal or not.  If you do not reach your goal, the tendency is to often just give up, and often to do even worse in the area, in this case, drink more.

New Years Resolution - Quit Smoking

 Quit Smoking

 If you have decided to quit smoking, decide how you are going to do it, write down your plan, and stick to it.  Some just quit cold turkey, and some like to wean themselves off.  Try celebrating milestones, and if you fall off the wagon, do not give up, just start counting your smokeless days again.

 Get a Better Education

 Many pick the New Year to decide to get more education.  Education can hamper job orNew Years Resolution - More Education personal goals.  Since it is hard to get a degree in a single year, it is best to decide how much of your education goal you want to get this year.  Decide which classes or how many classes you are going to take this year. 

 Get a Better Job

 Have you been just settling for the job you have, not really liking it, but just happy to have a job.  Many others feel the same way, and decided to make it their News Years resolution to get a better job.  In these times of high unemployment, this one may seem unattainable.  If you do not make any headway right away, you may feel discouraged. 

 Try setting goals that you will be able to continue through the year.  Try saying you are going to submit two applications a week.  Even if you do not find a better job, you will get a more definite idea on what is available for you.  You will know that you are actively working on your goal, and will feel better about yourself until you find something better.

 Get Fit / Lose Weight

 As with most top 10 New Years resolutions, when making get fit or lose weight resolution, set definite goals.  “Get Fit” is hard to measure, so decide what that mNew Years Resolution - Get Fiteans to you.  Are you tired of getting feeling pooped out when you climb a set of stairs, but feel a fit you would be able to finish a 5k race?  Make that your goal. 

 Try using the same type of goal even if your end goal is to lose weight.  Decide your exercise goal is going to be, and what your eating goals are going to be, and write them down and stick to them.  These goals, if you stick to them will enable you to lose weight.  However, if you go through stages where you do not lose weight, you will still be able to know that you are making goals and doing the right things. 

 Manage Debt / Save Money

 Managing debt is one of those goals that book can be, and are, written about.  The Zero based budgeting plan is one place to start.  Make sure you are not spending more than you make.  Decide when you get your paycheck where each dollar will go, then stick to the program.  If adjuNew Years Resolution - Debt / Moneystments need made, make them on the next pay cycle.  Put any extra money towards your smallest bill.  Pay your bills off from smallest to largest.  You will get positive reinforcement as you get bills paid off, and you will free up money that can then be applied to your next bill.  Make it a long term goal to have all loans and credit cards paid off, and then see how much money you have available.

 After getting your bills in order, use your budgeting time to decide how much money to save.  Make saving money something you do first, before allotting the rest of your money.  That way, you will know when you decide to buy a cup of coffee, that you can enjoy it, knowing that you already have socked money away in your savings account.

 Manage Stress

 Stress is something that overcomes anyone if they are not careful.  Ways to cope with stress usually include nutrition, good health, and exercise to make the body is able to hold up when subjected to stress.  Then, you will want to try and identify the stressors in your life and eliminate them, or come up with ways to handle them. 

 Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

 Deciding to reduce your waste is an admirable goal,New Years Resolution - Recycle and can be done in small degrees or you can jump into it in a big way.  Decide what in your life you no longer need.  Maybe you get a lot of magazine in the mail each month, but never read them.  Cancel the subscriptions or let them run out.  If you decide to keep the subscriptions, start recycling them along with the rest of your paper or give them to the library or hospital, if they can use them.

 Decide what that you use you do not need.  Decide what you can give away to those that can re-use it, and what can be recycled.  Using those decisions, start habits in your everyday life that follow them.  Decide what you need to do weekly and monthly.  Maybe weekly you want to take your cans and bottles to the recycling center, and monthly you want to visit the local Goodwill to donate clothes and books that you no longer want.

New Years Resolution - Vacation

 Take a Trip

 Decide this New Years where you want to go, and then decide, if needed, how you are going to pay for it.  Set definite goals on when you are going to take the trip, or at what point in the year you are going to make the decision on when it will be scheduled. 

 Volunteer to Help Others

 Decide what group is dear to you and who you want to help.  It will be easier to volunteer and to keep volunteering if you feel a connection to the group.  Of course, any volunteering is good, but if you want to make this a life habit, find something you can identify with.  

Pick which one of these top 10 New Years resolutions that you want to apply in your life, or pick something different, keeping the guidelines in place for making a resolution.  

Good Luck in your Goals.