Whether you are hosting a house party, attending a wedding, or simply listening to a song being played throughout the speakers in a store, you should be well aware of when a party song is being played. There are a ton of songs that can be placed on the list of the top 10 party songs of all time; however, this list is my opinion of the subject matter. There were about 30 songs that I had in mind for this specific list; however, I had to narrow them down to the top 10 due to the nature of the article. One of the most notable qualities of these songs is that all of them immediately make you feel like partying (dancing and singing).

Is There A Specific Tempo For All Of These Top 10 Party Songs Of All Time?

The answer to this question would easily be “no” because everybody knows that almost all songs have different tempos. However, you may be wondering if these top 10 party songs of all time are even within a specific tempo range.

The answer to this is also “no” because some of these songs are relatively fast, and others are seemingly slow. For instance, We Are Family by Sister Sledge is relatively slow and can be counted at roughly 100 beats per minute; whereas, Baby Got Back by Sir Mix A Lot is relatively fast, and can be counted at roughly 120 beats per minute.

What Specific Qualities Are Found In The Top 10 Party Songs Of All Time?

There are obviously certain qualities and features that should be found in a song in order to be deemed as being a party song.

A song must have a tempo and beat that can be danced to. There are a ton of songs that have amazing lyrics that will seemingly pump the reader up; however, they will only be played at certain places if the listener cannot dance to them. For instance, Michael Jackson’s We Are The World is a very motivating song that will pump people up; however, the tempo is too slow to be danced to, so it cannot be played in clubs, or at weddings.

A song must also have lyrics that are appropriate for all ages to qualify for consideration on the top 10 party songs of all time. You can have a song with the perfect beat; however, the song will not be able to be played at most functions if it involves even a decent amount of cursing! All of the songs that are featured on this top 10 list of party songs do not involve any swearing, and can be heard by people of any age group.

10. Don’t Stop Til’ You Get Enough-Michael Jackson

9. OMG-Usher Featuring Will.I.Am

8. Low-Flo Rida Featuring T Pain

7. Twist And Shout-Beatles

6. We Are Family-Sister Sledge

5. Baby Got Back-Sir Mix A Lot

4. Livin’ On A Prayer-Bon Jovi

3. You Shook Me All Night Long-AC/DC

2. I Got A Feeling-Black Eyed Peas

1. Don’t Stop Believing-Journey

You Will Notice That This List Of The Top 10 Party Songs Of All Time Is Filled With Many Of The Most Famous Artists

You may have taken note that many of the music industry’s most famous artists are found on this list. Some popular names such as the Black Eyed Peas, Journey, AC/DC, and The Beatles can easily be seen throughout this list.

In fact, some of these songs on this list of the top 10 party songs of all time have made those bands and artists as famous as they are! For instance, asking what the first thing that people think of when they hear the band name “Journey” will yield the majority of the results as being for that specific song; most people will mention that they were the band that sang “Don’t Stop Believing”.

In addition, you will notice that AC/DC is on this top 10 list! Listening to any of this band’s songs will allow you to observe that they are a rather hard rocking band; however, the sole release that is seen on this list is definitely a party anthem!

Each individual person will have their own version of a list of the top 1o party songs of all time; however, I think that this list serves as the most universal one. This is mainly because it is based on my own personal preferences, as well as amount of record sales for each single. This means that not only is each song on the list because I like to party to it, but each song is also there because it has hit phenomenal numbers in regards to sales!

I hope that you have enjoyed my list, and I really do hope that you know of all of the songs that were mentioned.