There are a lot of people who say that no one should be working on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. They say that everyone should be spending time with their families. Some people even say that businesses that have their employees working on certain holidays are greedy and cruel. Speaking from personal experience in the retail industry businesses open on the holidays, especially on Christmas or Thanksgiving, do not necessarily make a lot of money on these days. As far as the notion that businesses are cruel, they usually pay their employees double time for working holidays.

It would be great if everyone could be spending time with their families on all of the special holidays. However, everyday life does not stop because of Christmas. People get sick on the holidays. People still need to get their prescriptions. People still need gas for their cars. People still need a place to stay when they are visiting family. People still need to eat.

Businesses Open For The Holidays

So here are the “Top 10 Places That Should Be Open During The Holidays”:

1) Hospitals and Emergency Rooms

Have you ever been sick on a holiday? Ever experienced an allergic reaction to something you ate during your holiday meal? Or maybe you had an accident hanging Christmas lights after Thanksgiving. If doctors, nurses, hospital administrators and staff were to take off during special holidays, then there would be no one to care for us in an emergency situation.

2) Fire Station

Imagine if the city said that all the fire houses will be closed for the holidays. Fires do not stop because of the holidays. Fireman and paramedics are first responders to traffic accidents and medical emergencies that happen over the holidays.

3) Police Stations

During the holidays there are a lot of parties and alcoholic beverages are usually involved. Who will be patrolling the city streets to protect you from drunk drivers? Who will be roaming your neighborhoods to protect your home from burglaries while you are out of town visiting your family? You need to have a police presence during the holidays.

4) Roadside Assistance

Have you ever had a situation where your car wouldn’t start and you were in the middle of nowhere? Have you ever been locked out of your car? Or maybe you ran out of gas. In these times of need, roadside assistance services may be your only hope.

5) Pharmacy

After going to the hospital or emergency room the doctor makes a diagnosis and gives you a prescription for medicine that is suppose to help you get better. Even on a holiday, you need a pharmacist available to fill your prescription. 

6) Hotels and Motels

Sometimes when you go out of town for the holidays to visit family and friends they simply do not have enough space to accommodate you. This is when hotels or motels come into play. Imagine if hotels or motels were closed for the holidays.

7) Airports, Train Stations, or Bus Stations

A lot of people traveling over the holidays decide to fly, take a train or take a bus. Imagine during the holidays the airports or train stations were not in operation. How would people be able to get to their families?

8) Car Rental Services

Some people who travel over the holidays decide to rent a car because they do not want to add miles on their personal car. There are others who travel by air or train and when they arrive in the city that they are visiting they rent a vehicle. How would holiday visitors be able to get to their families without car rental services?

9) Retail and Convenience Stores

No matter how good your holiday grocery list is chances are you will forget something or you may run out. Have you ever been in a situation where you run out of ice or alcoholic beverages? What do you do when you are traveling along the highway and you need to get a quick snack? Or maybe someone has a headache and they need to get an aspirin. Imagine if absolutely no stores were open on the holidays.

10) Gas Stations

You are on the road traveling to visit family in another town. Your gas tank is low, but because of the holidays the gas stations are closed. That doesn’t make much sense does it? What would we do if gas stations were not open on the holidays?

Although this place did not make it on the list, I think restaurants should be open. However, I think we can get away without having restaurants open since we are able to get food from retail and convenience stores. But I can't help to think about all the times that I was saved by a meal at Denny’s, IHOP, and the Waffle House during a road trip.

Lastly, you should be thankful and appreciative of all the people who sacrifice family time to work during the holidays to make your life easier. I think we all recognize how much of a disaster the world would be if these places weren’t operating during the holidays.