The Continent of Africa is very diverse. There are a lot of unique things to see and do in Africa. Here are the top 10 places to visit in Africa.

10. African Renaissance Monument

African Renaissance StatueCredit:

The African Renaissance Monument is a tall statue that was designed and built to help promote the African Renaissance movement. The African Renaissance Monument is not as well-known as the “Christ the Redeemer” in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: however a lot of this can be contributed to the fact that the African Renaissance Monument was not finished being built until 2010. This African statue is not very famous yet, however it should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Africa.

The statue stands almost 161 feet tall and cost an estimated 27 million to build[2951]. This statue is located in Dakar.

9. Soccer City Stadium


Soccer City StadiumCredit:

In Johannesburg, South Africa you can visit the Soccer City Stadium. This is the largest stadium in Africa. The Soccer City Stadium hosts soccer, football, and rugby matches. There are also numerous music concerts as well as many other events. Nelson Mandela gave his first speech here after he was released from Prison.

8. Kerma and the Black Pharaoh Region in Sudan


The ancient town of Kerma is one of the coolest historical sites to visit in Africa. The Black Pharaoh region contains the ancient City of Kerma where new artifacts are being found and still be dug up today.

7. Camps Bay, Cape Town, Western Cape, ZA

Camps TownCredit:

During the summer time the rich and affluent people flock to the sandy beaches of Camps Bay in Cape Town.  The Camps Bay area will be more expensive in general than many other areas of South Africa. It is cheaper during the off-season to visit Camps Bay, but the best time is when people from all over are spending the summer there.

6. Soumbedioune Fish Market

Soumbedioune Fish MarketCredit:

The Soumbedioune fish market is a market unlike any fish market you have ever been to. It is definitely nothing like the famous fish markets in Seattle and San Francisco. You can find numerous people buying and selling fish as the boats come in. You will see people dancing with glee. I am not sure exactly why they dance at the Soumbedioune fish market, but it is pretty cool to watch.

The picture here shows all of the boats in on the beach on a day off for the fishermen. The video shows some of the happy dancing that goes on. Not a lot of foreign visitors attend the Soumbedioune fish market, but if you do go you will feel more than welcomed. Make sure you take your camera because the locals at the Soumbedioune fish market love to get photographed.

5. Larabanga Mosque

Larabanga MosqueCredit:

It is believed that the Larabanga Mosque was originally built in 1421. It is a unique style of architecture. The Larabanga Mosque is located in Ghana and is one of the most historical religious building sin all of Africa. The town of Larabanga is also the gateway to the Mole National Park. The Mole National Park is the largest Animal refuge in Ghana and you can see all types of African Safari type animals.

4. Dakar, Senegal, West Africa


Dakar is the Capital City of Senegal. There is a lot to do for the adventurous traveler. Bring your camera with you and you can get some amazing street photography shots of the local residents at the markets and other public locations.

The famous Dakar rally use to end in Dakar however the rally route was changed around a few years ago and is no longer in this region.

One of the coolest architectural structures in Dakar is the Dakar Grand Mosque.

3. Original Church of St Mary of Zion - Axum, Ethiopia

Original Church of St Mary of ZionCredit:

Many people believe that the Ark of the Covenant is kept here. Nobody knows for sure because no one is allowed inside except for the priest. The priest is appointed for life and his only job is to pray over the Ark of the Covenant. Some people express doubt that the covenant is kept there because no one is allowed to see it except for the appointed priest.

Although you cannot enter this building, it is still a very beautiful place to visit and photograph from the outside. You can also visit the New Church of St. Mary of Zion.

2. Kolmanskop Ghost Town

Kolmanskop Ghost TownCredit:

The Namib Desert in Southern Namibia is the home of the supposedly haunted Kolmanskop ghost town. Diamond mining use to be the primary industry in this City, but now the Kolmanskop ghost town is only visited by tourists. The town is no covered in windblown sand. Visitors to the Kolmanskop Ghost Town will have to wade through sand to visit each structure in this African ghost town. In order to visit this area you will have to get a permit to be allowed to enter the area. If the wind is blowing too hard you may have to visit on a different day as extreme wind in this area can be very dangerous with all of the sand blowing around. Guided tours are not available, however if you do not want to drive you can always hire a drive and have them show you around the area.

1. Egyptian Pyramids at Giza


Pyramids can be found all around Egypt, however the most well-know of all the Egyptian Pyramids and monuments can be found outside the City of Giza. Some of the awesome places you must visit here include the Pyramid of Khufu which is the largest of the Egyptian Pyramids. The Pyramid of Khufu is one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World.

Another awesome spectacle that is world famous in this area is the Great Sphinx of Giza.

The Pyramids at Giza are located in North Africa. Regardless of which part of Africa you visit, you can be assured of having a very memorable vacation; however the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza are the highlight of any trip to Africa.

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