There is more to Holland than just endless fields of tulips and wooden clogs. If you're planning a trip to the capital, you'll soon discover great art galleries, museums, coffee houses, places of historical interest and all in a wonderfully friendly atmosphere that's unique. Finding short term Amsterdam apartments to stay in during your trip, is very easy these days because you can do this online. Here are a few things you could do when you're in Amsterdam.

1 Take Water Taxis & Canal Cruises around the Capital

The lovely canals of Amsterdam offer visitors a great way of getting to see many of the popular tourist attractions found around the capital. This is a wonderfully affordable way of getting around Amsterdam. There is a choice of water taxis or you could even take a luxury saloon boat. These can be chartered by individuals or groups and with over 100 km of canals to cruise along passing historical buildings and around 1500 bridges, there's a lot to see.

2 Take a Tour around the Rijksmuseum

This is Amsterdam's National Art Museum which houses a massive collection of paintings by Dutch artists like Rembrandt, Vermeer, Frans Hals and Jacob van Ruysdael. You need to spend some time here to appreciate it all.

3 Visit Dam Square

This is Amsterdam's main square where many events and festivals are regularly held. The architecture in the square is superb with a 15th Gothic style church, the Niewe Kerk and the Royal Palace. If you like people watching, this is a great place to do just this, but it does get pretty crowded at times, especially if there is a carnival taking place.

4 Find Out About the Attic Church

The Amstelkring Museum is situated on a quiet canal side street. This is a fascinating place to visit and features marbled columns, gold gilding with hand painted frescos. The church is in the attic of a tall gabled house and was built during the reformation when Catholicism was forbidden in Holland. The church still holds wedding ceremonies and Sunday masses.

5 Visit the Van Gogh Museum

You have to visit the Van Gogh Museum when you visit Amsterdam because it is home to the largest collection of Van Gogh paintings and works in the entire world.

6 The Famous Red Light District

Another area of Amsterdam that attracts thousands of visitors is the Red Light District not only to see the flamboyant ladies of the night, but also to see the Oude Kerke (old church) that's found in the district. Well worth a visit with its octagonal bell tower and calm interior.

7 Take a Tour around the Anne Frank House

One of the most visited museums in Amsterdam, dedicated to Ann Frank and her diary in which she wrote about the life of her family in hiding from the Nazis during World War II. Her original diary is on permanent exhibition in the museum. Expect long queues when you visit Anne Frank House, unless you get there very early in the morning or late afternoon.

8 Visit the Floating Flower Market

The venue for this colourful display is located on Singel Canal where you get to see splendid tulips and flower cookie bouquets.

9 Hire a Bike for a Day or Two

Amsterdam is a wonderfully friendly city to visit, and if you rent self-catering apartments in the capital, the chances are there will be somewhere safe for you to park your bikes. Cycling is a must in Amsterdam, although the Dutch tend to bike around the city at breakneck speeds.

10 Go For a Picnic

The lovely Vondelpark is the place to go for a wonderful picnic. Named after Joost van den Vondel who wrote a very controversial play called 'Lucifer', this is the biggest green space in the capital. It is the cultural hub of Amsterdam where music, kids’ activities and dance events take place from June to September.

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