Australia, The Land Down Under, is one of the coolest Countries you can visit. The ability to see kangaroos in the wild as well as numerous other animals that are unique to Australia will keep you and your camera very busy. You could spend an entire lifetime living in Australia and never be able to see all of the amazing places this Country has to offer. If you are limited to w week or so of vacation time, then here are the top 10 places to visit in Australia if you can get the opportunity to go.

10. Queensland Number 1 (Q1)

Q1 Building in AustraliaCredit:

The Q1 use to be the World’s tallest residential building, but it now ranks 5th on the list. The Q1 building is in Surfers Paradise, Queensland. The Q1 building stands 1,058 feet tall. When you are in the area you will not need directions because the Q1 building is visible from miles away. There is a public observation deck that has the best view in Australia. Make sure you bring your camera along when you visit the Q1 observation deck.

9. Story Bridge

Story Bridge in AustraliaCredit:

The Story Bridge is one of the most beautiful bridges in the World at nighttime. The bridge is 2,549 feet long and spans the Brisbane River.

8. Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House(89704)Credit:

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most recognized architectural structures in the World. As cool as the Sydney Opera House looks, the view from the Sydney Opera House and from across the water is even more magnificent. Get here in the early evening so you can watch the sun go down and see how the City evolves into the nighttime urban landscape.

7. Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach

Australia is literally surrounded by beautiful beaches but Whitehaven Beach may be the most beautiful beach of all of them. Whitehaven Beach is located along Whitsunday Island. You have to take a boat to get to this beach. It is super clean, super nice, and a lot of fun. Cigarette smoking is not allowed on the beach.

6. Blue Mountains

3 SistersCredit:

The Blue Mountains is a Wilderness area that is about 30 miles West of Sydney. The Blue Mountains is as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are numerous animals that live in the Blue Mountains including Koalas. There are a lot of magnificent waterfalls throughout the Blue Mountains, although some of them are very remote and may be hard to get to.

5. Adelaide


Adelaide, Australia is the Capital City of South Australia. There are almost 1.2 million residents living in Adelaide. There is a lot to do in this great City. Many Australian tourists spend most of their time in Sydney, but spending a few days in Adelaide will be time well spent that you will not regret.

For Photographers a visit to Mount Lofty will give you the best views of Adelaide and the surrounding area. Mount Lofty is also very popular with Cyclists who like to train and ride the steep hills for their training.

There are numerous forms of eye-catching architecture to be seen in Adelaide. Rows of Terrace Houses can be spotted throughout the City. No visit to the City can be complete without visiting the Parliament House. Adelaide even has a China Town. Other great looking architectural structures in Adelaide include the Adelaide Convention Centre, The Hawke Building, and the Mitchell Building at the University of Adelaide.

The Art Gallery of South Australia is located in Adelaide. Even if you are not interested in the fine arts, you will walk away with a no found respect for this discipline after spending an afternoon here. The tour guides are very friendly and will answer any questions that you may have and then be able to help guide you to more displays that they think you may be interested in.

4. Werri Beach

Werri BeachCredit:

Werri Beach is located in the South Coast NSW in Australia. It is amazing. Werri Beach sits alongside the town of Gerringong, New South Wales.

3. Any Beach

Aussie Beach BabeCredit:

Visiting any beach in Australia is well worth your time and a must do for any Australian Vacation. The beaches are as gorgeous as the Australian Women are. You can learn to surf as well as watch the aquatic life swim around.

2. Kangaroo Watching


In addition to watching the hit women at the beach, you definitely need to spend some time watching the kangaroos. There are numerous animal reserves and Zoos throughout Australia. In addition to the wildlife parks and zoos, you can also see Kangaroos in the wild. Just make sure that you don’t walk up and try to feed the wild kangaroo because they will punch you. Some of the wildlife parks have tame kangaroos and sometimes allow visitors to feed and or pet the Kangaroos.

1. The Outback

The OutbackCredit:

The epicenter of any Australian Adventure is the Australian Outback. The Outback is the part of Australia where you will see Kangaroos in the wild. A fence was made to keep the wild Dingoes from invading farmland.

The main industries in the Outback are mining, agriculture, and tourism. A lot of tourists to Australia never visit the Outback, but you definitely should. The Outback region of Australia has only about 10% of the entire population of Australia that lives in it.

You can visit the “Bush” areas which are near civilization or you can enter into the Outback as far as you want to go. Unless you are experienced with survival and the Outback region, you should use a guided tour. Many people die in the Outback from poor planning. If you are simply a tourist that wants to see part of the Outback then go with a knowledgeable guide to show you the way and to help save your life. The Outback is so rugged and rural and is nothing like the urban areas in Australia. Your best bet is when visiting Australia is to get to a number of diverse locations so that you can get a hands-on overview of this Beautiful Country.

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