This article is for travelers interested in planning a nice trip to Brazil and who are looking for the top 10 places to visit in Brazil. Brazil is a relatively inexpensive place to visit, especially at the moment when the Dollar to Real conversion is more than two to one, in favor of visitors to Brazil. This conversion rate means that you spend half.

Ah, Brazil … or Brasil as the natives say it … the beaches, the warmth … what can be better than sitting on a tropical beach, sipping on a cool, refreshing drink or trying out the local cuisine. Each part of Brazil has its own type.  The following top 10 places to visit are organized in alphabetical order.

Amazonian Rainforest

If you love nature, you need to visit the Amazon. It isn’t for the faint at heart, but well worth the trip.

Fernando de Noronha, Pernambuco

One of the top places to visit for the most breathtaking beaches, Fernando de Noronha has crystal-clear water. It is also the most expensive.

Fortaleza, Ceara

Also in the Northeast, Fortaleza is another popular location for its beaches, including Iracema, Meireles, Mucuripe and Praia do Futuro. Each beach has its own strip of bars and nightclubs.

Foz do Iguaçu

Foz do Iguaçu is in the extreme south of Brazil, located in Paraná State at the frontier of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. It is a famous waterfall that has three times the capacity of Niagara Falls split into over 250 waterfalls.  Translated, it means The mouth of the Iguaçu river. Iguaçu is a Tupi-Guarani word, coming from indigenous people, meaning large water.

Natal, Rio Grande do Norte

Natal is famous for its warm-water beaches and sand dunes. It is considered the safest capital city in Brazil.

Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais

This city dates back from the 17th century with history as a mining town, specifically from the gold boom. There is plenty of history to visit, including museums, mines and churches. Just sitting in a restaurant and absorbing the ambiance is a wonderful pass-time.


The Pantanal is another good stop for the nature-loving traveler. It is spread over Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay and famous for its wildlife.

Rio de Janeiro, The city

The best time to visit is during Carnival, to truly get the most of your visit, but the beaches are beautiful all year around and the crowds are less out of season. Places to check out include Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon, Tijuca, Pão de Açucar (Sugarloaf mountain), and of course, the Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer statue).

Salvador, Bahia

The capital of the state of Bahia, Salvador is in the northeast of Brazil. It was the capital of Brazil from 1549 to 1763. Be sure to visit the historical center, called Pelourinho. Salvador is another great location for Carnival and beach fun. It is the home of Axé music.

São Paulo

The largest city in Brazil, this bustling metropolitan is the New York of Brazil. You can find pretty much everything there. The city is most well-known for its cuisine.

There you have it, the top 10 places to visit in Brazil and Bem Vindo (Welcome)!