Travelling Canadians, even within their home country, have an abundant variety of places to travel to in the summer time. Whether they are looking for excitement and thrills that come along with zorbing or if they want to just relax and rope up cattle on a range, there is something to satisfy every traveler's preference.

Within British Columbia travelling Canadian tourists can tour airborne firefighters that were originally built as bombers for long range missions and patrols. These tankers reside at Sproat Lake and have a wingspan over 200 feet.

Traveling Canadians can also go on a kayaking tour at Jim's Kayak Shack which allows them to obtain eye-level views of otters and seals. Also if you look up while on these tours in Gabriola Island you can view beautiful sites of flying bald eagles.

Through interpretation, education, research and direct action the Vancouver Aquarium is helping to preserve aquatic wildlife. The aquarium provides travelling Canadians with an up close and personal learning experience when gaining knowledge about sea lions and sea otters. Visitors can also prepare the animals favorite treats and work alongside the animals' trainers.

To gain proper training when it comes to riding, roping and rustling, travelling Canadians can visit the Elkin Creek Guest Ranch for a true Wild West horseback riding experience. This ranch is located on 28,000 acres of land is an amazing adventure that last for three nights and is sure to be unforgettable.

Dinosaur Provincial Park is one of the world's richest fossil beds. It is located in the valley of the Red Deer River and forty different dinosaur species have been found within the park. Fossils found within the park have been removed and exhibited within museums all around the world.

The Writing on Stone Provincial Park is in the Alberta park system is one of the parks largest areas of protected prairies. It is a nature preserve and it provides protection for a number of aboriginal rock carvings and paintings. Many aboriginal tribes including the Blackfoot consider the park sacred and travelling Canadians will find this park very educational.

The Great Divide Waterfall was designed by Peter Lewis in 1980 and was added to the High Level Bridge. From the top of the bridge the man made water fall drops 210 feet at a rate of 50,000 litres of water per minute. It only operates during summer months and on holiday weekends.

Within Olympic Park visitors hop inside an essentially giant hamster ball and flip and bounce down a hill. The sport is known as zorbing and is known to create quite an exhilarating thrill.

The RCMP Heritage Centre has many exhibits and features a collection of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Through different exhibits, multimedia and extensive programming the Centre educates Canadians about the different aspects of the RCMP.

Artists and performers from across Canada join together for a 10 event during the Great Northern Arts Festival. To celebrate the diversity found within Northern art and culture over 80 artists and 40 entertainers gather together to put on a show for viewers. Over 1500 pieces of art are on display and for sale also.