Top 10 Most Fashionable Plus Size Websites

Plus Size Fashion

Plus Size clothing websites are popping up everywhere. Retailers are finally learning that the average size in America is a size 14, and not a size 6. For many years, larger sized women had to suffer at the hands of fashion, being restricted to ugly prints, elastic band pants, 'moo-moos', and just flat out ugly clothing. This is no longer the case, fashion truly is one size fits all, being available to anyone who wants it, regardless of their actual dress size.

Here is a list of the top 10 most fashionable websites available to plus size women. 

1. ASOS Curve 

This is mainly a standard size website for both men and women, with an extensive plus size section titled 'Curve'. Although they are out of the UK, there is a US website. They are constantly staying ahead of the trends and feature extremely stylish clothing at affordable prices. This website is by no means cheap, but the fashion is well worth it. They have cute, trendy, well tailored and fashionable items. 

2. Torrid 

This site is solely dedicated to sizes 14 and up. They have an extremely large selection of trendy and fashionable items. They have an excellent and diverse denim selection. Their shoe selection is also impressive, featuring wider width shoes. They even have a section titled 'retro chic' , marketing towards a more alternative customer. Their 'lookbook' is always up to date and ahead of the curve, offering tons of outfit suggestions and fashion advice. 

3. Eloquii by the Limited 

This is a fairly new website launched by The Limited. This site is solely dedicated to sizes 14 and up. Their clothing is smart looking and well tailored. They have must have wardrobe essentials and plenty of wear-to-work type items. They have also implemented an interesting tool on their site called 'shape my style' which chooses clothing for you based on your body type. 

4.  Forever 21 Plus

Forever 21 recently launched a plus size section, which is only available at select stores. However, their website is very user friendly and easy accessible. The greatest thing about Forever 21's plus size section is their prices. It doesn't get any cheaper than this! These are great super trendy items to update your closet/wardrobe for the fashions of the season. 

5. Lane Bryant 

Lane Bryant has come a long way since their mail order catalogues filled with constant "fashion don'ts". They now have items that are actually contemporary. You may not find the most fashionable and on trend items here, but all of the looks are modern and are great for key pieces in your wardrobe. Their lingerie line 'cacique' is beyond amazing and any plus size girl should invest in their bra's. Cacique's bra collection includes items that actually look like bras, that have sex appeal and do not look like body armor.They are a brand that is specifically dedicated to sizes 14 and up. 

6. Old Navy Women's Plus 

Old Navy has also joined in on the plus size fashion revolution bandwagon, increasing their sizes up to 30, available exclusively online. This is another great site for wardrobe essentials such as cardigans, denim, khakis, and tank tops. The price tag isn't too bad either. 

7. Navabi 

This is a German clothing website that recently started a US edition website. They advertise having designer fashion for sizes 12-28. The clothes are beautiful and extremely fashionable but also come with that 'designer' price tag. They have a great selection of trendy outerwear. They also have many pieces which stray way from the standard shirt, coat, or pants and have actual elements of style and interesting lines to them and great construction. Head straight for the sale section. 

8. Kiyonna 

They advertise on their site 'sophisticated style sizes 10 and up'. Their clothes are exactly that, sophisticated, polished, and elegant. They have a large selection of dresses and evening wear. They aren't overly trendy but are still modern and fashionable. They are not overly expensive, but not inexpensive by any means. 

9. City Chic 

This site is specifically dedicated to the fashionable plus size women. They offer trendy and of the moment clothing at moderate prices. This is definitely marketed towards a younger audience, using bright colors and fun graphics. They have an extensive casual dress collection and even more extensive denim collection offering skinny jeans, bootleg, wideleg and most other modern denim styles.

10. SWAK Sealed With a Kiss 

Another website specifically dedicated to women sized 14 and up. They also offer extremely fashionable items at moderate prices. They have several sections on their website dedicated to improving personal style and offer several look books for outfit inspiration. They are best for casual items.