The top 10 postage stamp issuers that will be of interest to collectors and philatelists is based on the variety, style and innovativeness of each national stamp issuer, as well as general availability of the stamps they issue. Stamp collectors, young or old, may find one or two unusual stamps to look out. Some of these stamps would make good additions to collectors stamp albums. If you just want to buy some stamps use this link below.

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La Poste Euro postage stamp10. French postage stamps

The postage stamps of France are issued La Poste. La Poste as the national issuer of postage stamps in France have been innovative with some of their issues. The one depicted is a circular stamp and a rectangular stamp simultaneously. It can be used in either format and is easier to tear from a sheet of stamps in a straight line.

Smoking playing card postage stamp9. Japanese postage stamps

The postage stamps of Japan are issued by Nippon Post. This is an unusual stamp as it features a playing card. This, in itself, is not remarkable but you will notice that the king is smoking. The stamp was issued for the 6th World Conference on Smoking and Health in 1987.

64 stamp chessboard from Magyar Posta8. Magyar Post postage stamps (Hungary)

The postage stamps of Hungary are issued by Magyar Post. The sheet of stamps depicted from Hungary features the game of Chess. In all, the sheet contains 64 stamps which is one stamp for each square of the chessboard. The stamps can be used individually but many collectors will require the full set as it would be a shame to tear stamps from this excellent chess board series. Hungary have a good tradition of issuing diamond shaped postage stamps which are nice to collect.

New Zealand postage stamp LOTR7. New Zealand postage stamps

The postage stamps of New Zealand are issued by New Zealand Post. The stamp shown features the movie Lord of the Rings which was made in the lush countryside of New Zealand. The character of Boromir (depicted on the stamp) was played by Sean Bean in the movie of Tolkien’s book. New Zealand Post have also issued an excellent Narnia series of postage stamps.

South Arabia Renoir postage stamp6. South Arabia postage stamps

The postage stamps of South Arabia are issued by the Federation of South Arabia. Master works of art have been a feature of South Arabian stamps and this one features a masterpiece by French impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Other stamps issued feature other pieces of Renoir’s work.

Australia Royal postage stamp5. Australia postage stamps

The postage stamps of Australia are issued by Australia Post. Many different types of stamps are featured and oftentimes they issue commemorative ones featuring Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. This stamp commemorates the Queen’s coronation in 1953. Australia have issued many flora and fauna stamps featuring images of their fantastic lanscapes.

UK ice cream postage stamp4. Royal Mail postage stamps (UK)

The postage stamps of Great Britain (UK) are issued by the Royal Mail.I like this one not just because of the ice cream but it gives a sense of vacation and has that holiday feel to it. Royal Mail issue many quirky stamps and are always worth collecting. The United Kingdom is the term sometimes used for Great Britain, but they are one and the same.

Eire U2 postage stamp3. Eire postage stamps (Ireland)

The postage stamps of Ireland (Eire) are issued by An Post. Ireland has a great tradition with music and An Post has issued stamps featuring the most famous Irish musicians throughout the world. The series are all similar to the U2 stamp depicted. 

2Canada Art postage stamp. Canada postage stamps

 The postage stamps of Canada are issued by Canada Post. An art series of stamps have been issued called Art Canada and many famous works have been featured. The stamps issues are large and have a shiny metal sheen to them and the full set is worth collecting.

USA postage stamp world cup1. United States Postal Service USPS

The postage stamps of the USA are issued by the United States Postal Service (USPS). The USPS is the most prolific issuer of stamps in the world. This one celebrates the USA team reaching the Soccer World Cup finals. Many of the great presidents have been featured as well as famous people and sport related stamps. Regular definitive stamps are collectible but the commemorative stamps issued by USPS are the best ones for collectors. Look out for Disney cartoon stamps, Black Heritage series and the plethora of famous people issues such as Elvis and JFK commemoratives that have been issued.

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