Top 10 Predictions for 2011

With 2010 almost behind us, trend-watchers, futurists and psychics all over the world are making predictions and sharing speculation on what the year 2011 will bring. As an observer of macro-trends I am not a psychic in the classical sense . However, some of my predictions are made using downright unscientific methods.

I must apologize beforehand if most of these are a bit on the gloomy side. I'm really an optimist a heart I promise! Here is a list of my top 10 predictions for the coming year.

#1 'Hactivism' will be the word of the year for 2011. Cyber-attacks on private enterprise and government agencies will be frequent and devastating.

#2 Food prices will see a sharp increase during 2011 which surpasses inflation projections.

#3 Personal privacy will continue to be redefined as a surge in the demand for both physical and electronic security will force many to accept new standards of what is and isn't the business of the Federal Government.

#4 Enhanced reality visors will be marketed for people to personally navigate while automatically gathering information about their immediate surroundings. Some of us will just use a similar feature on our phones and avoid the strange looks.

#5. The Roman Catholic Church will sustain an unprecedented and demoralizing public relations blow.

#6 Civil unrest will spread throughout Europe including France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

#7 Violence on the boarder between the US and Mexico will increase and spill over into US cities. The President of the United States will declare a state of emergency in certain areas along the border.

#8 Hundreds of additional bank failures will leave pundits debating whether or not the economy has already collapsed and if the US is in the midst of another great depression. Everyday citizens will have no question and become angered by the detachment of the elite.

#9 Wikileaks will release information related the UFO Phenomenon which will spark more questions than answers.

#10 A plane crash will occur in the US that results in the death of all passengers including an important public official. It will be ruled an accident by investigators.