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Many of us are seeking to acquire more time in our day, we want to be productive. But why do we want to be productive?

  • To accomplish more work?

  • To have more time with our family and friends?

  • Enjoy our time doing the things we love?

  • To have clarity and feel accomplished?

All of these are great and can help us substantially, but in order to be productive it is vital to have a clear vision of why you want to be productive. Sit down and really get your juices flowing as to why you want to be productive. What is going to be the end result? How are you going to feel after completing all of the tasks? Without a definitive answer it becomes easy to be sucked into time holes that leave you wandering aimlessly never accomplishing your goals or even getting started.

Productivity Tip # 1 Have a Clear Vision

As mentioned in the above paragraph, it is important to have your why clearly stated because when you have a purpose or reason to accomplish your tasks you are more likely to get it done. If you find yourself not being productive or doing what you are suppose to be doing when you have a strong enough why it’s going to kick you in the butt and make you feel bad for not being on track. So it is very important to have a clear reason as to why you want to be productive.

Productivity Tip# 2 Have S.M.A.R.T. Goals 

  • Specific - Having clearly defined goals are likely to keep you on track and allow you to be laser focused on what needs to be accomplished.

  • Measurable - This allows you to see or visualize your progress, you can pinpoint where you are and what else needs to be completed.

  • Attainable - Your goals need to be achievable and realistic.

  • Relevant - Having your goals meeting the criteria of being realistic and that will help lead to the end success

  • Time-bound - Setting a deadline for yourself to push you toward the end result.

Productivity Tip# 3 Break it Down

One common issue that many people have is becoming overwhelmed by all the content that is in front of them and feeling that it is impossible to reach the end. When approached with a hefty load, breakdown and batch the project into mini goals that are in easy to complete and manageable. It is also great to record your tasks on a whiteboard or a tracking sheet and checking off each task as it is completed. This not only serves as a great motivator but also, clearly indicates the progress that is being made.

Productivity Tip# 4 Exercise & Eat Healthy

This is such a critical element to productivity that many overlook. Exercise helps to increase blood flow to the brain which enhances creativity, the ability to focus and have extended concentration, provides extra energy and fuels motivation all which lead to increased productivity. Along with exercise, it is equally important to feed the body with nutrient dense foods that help fuel the brain and the body. Together, they create a powerful force that not only pays huge dividends in productivity but also leads to happier lives, overall health and wellness and not to mention increased emotional stability.

Productivity Tip # 5 Does This Fit Into My Plan?

Another great tip to help us stay on track and dig deeper toward our end goal is to ask ourselves, “how does this fit into my overall plan?”  This applies to virtually everything that happens in our everyday lives and can really help us dial in and focus on what is truly important. When you are reading articles or watching youtube ask yourself how does this fit into my overall plan? is the content that you are consuming relevant to what your goal is? if not fix it and get back on track. This is also great for making purchases too, when you are at the store and some thin from off your radar pops up ask yourself, “how does this fit into my overall plan?” and if it doesnt? then move on. But, if it does? Well then you might be a happy customer and be glad you made that purchase. Just always ask yourself “will this fit into my overall plan?” you might even go a little crazy at first but it is incredible at how valuable this one small tip can be.

Productivity Tip# 6 Learn How to Say “No”

Learning how to say no can be one of the most difficult things that you may ever have to do. Mainly because it can hurt people, or make you feel bad, but if you want to be productive you are going to have to learn to say no. Some may ask “what’s wrong with saying yes?” Well, like most of us, we want to be nice and want to help other people out, but what happens when we do say yes? We take time away from ourselves and our projects. It is not selfish to say no, it actually can give peace of mind, and complete our ultimate goals. The people that can’t respect that you have projects and schedules and respond negatively toward you may not be people you want in your life anyway.

Productivity Tip# 7 Get Better At Being You

Getting better at being you refers to taking the things you love to do and get better at them. No matter what skills you have now, go an extra mile to set yourself out from the crowd. Not only will you be building your own skills but the end result will lead to you producing better content, operating more efficiently, gain confidence, and increase the overall quality of your performance. Some of the things that you can do to upgrade your skills is to:

  • Take courses

  • Sign up for seminars/webinars

  • Get hands on or virtual training

  • Seek out a mentor

  • Practice what you learn

  • Share with others

Productivity Tip# 8 Hire Help

Hiring help is the ultimate leverage. Yes, it does come with a cost but the benefits are staggering and not to mention help us to accomplish more than what we could in one day. You may ask, “why would I ever hire someone else when I can do it myself?”  This is a valid point however, once you begin to take advantage of working as a team rather than an individual not only do you accelerate your business or your project completion but you leverage your time and produce higher quality content because you are more relaxed and able to focus on what you are good at. Here are some reasons that someone may hire help to increase efficiency:

  • You lack the essential skill to produce “xyz” and hiring an expert would produce better content and the turnaround time for the project.

  • Leverages time in order to focus on the core elements of the project.

  • Reduce the stress burden and feel more relaxed.

  • Work on the project even when not awake.

  • Get more done, and accelerate performance.

  • You don’t enjoy the task.

  • Too many small tasks that are meticulous and can be done by someone else in batches.

All of these are just some benefits that are obtained once you start hiring new team members to come on board and help you. The best part is that all of these benefits helps to get to the end result faster and with top notch quality.

Productivity Tip# 9 Ten Minute Tasks

This is a small tip that leads to big time results and that is do ten minute tasks before you get into your work. Now this can range from a number of different things from

  • Doing the dishes

  • Cleaning the floor/vacuum

  • Organizing your office space

  • Watering the plants

Whatever the task is, take the time before you go to work to get it done. Why? Because when you complete one of the tasks it gets you into work mode before you get there, and chances are while you are doing the task you are thinking about what you need to accomplish for the day. Not only that, you get something done around the house that needed to get done and you can check it off your list. Plus, before you get to work you are already fired up and feel accomplished because you did something that needed to be done.

Productivity Tip# 10 Dealing With Distractions

For many of us, if we are interrupted while in the middle of something really important it can be challenging to get back into that zone. It does happen, and it will happen, so what can we do? When a distraction or interruption does happen for whatever reason, be sure that before you leave do either of the following, write down or say to yourself out loud “when I come back I am going to do “X”” then, when you come back, you see the sticky note or remember where you were and makes it easier to slip back into the swing of things.