Spring cleaning is the traditional time of the year when the snow is gone and the warm summer months are on the way. Spring cleaning is done religiously by many people. There is however a key segment of the market that does not like to clean. For the people who are lazy and don’t want to clean then there are numerous products on the market. These products will help you to keep your home cleaner and with much less effort on your part. Here are 10 spring cleaning products for lazy people.

#10. Roomba

The Roomba makes it easy to keep your carpet vacuumed and the kitchen floor mopped. A Roomba is basically just a robotic vacuum. It will come out and automatically vacuums your floor and then return to the charging port when it is done or getting a low charge. You may still have to vacuum your stairs manually but for the most part the Roomba can handle the vast majority of your vacuuming. The iRobot Roomba also makes it extremely easy to get the floor under your bed vacuumed.

#9. Automatic Toilet Cleaner

Cleaning the toilet has to be one of the crappiest jobs. Who better to clean your toilet than the toilets itself! Toilet seats can contain a lot of germs but with this handy gizmo every time you flush the toilet seat is cleaned and sanitized automatically. Automatically cleaned toilet seats will cost you a lot of money; however they are extremely easy to use and the cleanliness of your bathroom will never be in doubt.

#8. Cat Grooming

Properly brushing your cat can take a lot of time, yet you still need to keep the cat from shedding his hair all over the house. What should you do? Just vacuum the cat. Using a vacuum cleaner to suck the hair off of your cat may not work near as well as properly brushing the cat daily, but it will be much easier for you lazy people. You cat will still couch up hair balls but they will not be near as large. Not all cats are going to lie still while you vacuum them. If you need assistance in getting your cat to calmly lie down while you vacuum their fur then give them a huge dose of catnip.

#7. Selfy

Making you bed daily is such a waste of time, especially if you are lazy. Now you can have your bed made daily without hiring a full-time housekeeper. The Selfy is an automated gizmo that will automatically make you bed each day. It obviously still has shortcomings because if your sheets get strewn on the floor then you cannot expect it to make your bed for you. It can however save you a lot of time and make it look like you are making your bed every morning. The Selfy is far from perfect but it s much cheaper than hiring a maid to come in each day to make your bed.

#6. Evriholder Slipper Genie

You know you are going to have to walk back and forth between the couch and the refrigerators on commercials so you might as well get some cleaning done the lazy way. Dust mop slippers are an ingenious idea where your feet are wearing slippers that are designed to pick up dust. If you are lazy you can at least rest assured in knowing that you will have a clean path between your couch and the refrigerator.

#5. Automated Window Washer

Washing windows is not only monotonous work, but can also be extremely dangerous. Climbing on a ladder or stepstool so that you can wash your windows often leads to falling down and injuries. If you can afford it then you can buy automated window washers. No more having to spray, scrub, and wipe your windows. Cleaning has never been so much fun!

#4. Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

One of the nastiest jobs in cleaning the house is servicing the cat box. The longer you put this job off the grosser it gets. We love our cats but not the messes they make in their litter box. One of the greatest inventions ever is the self-cleaning litter box. Many lazy cat owners may consider the self-cleaning cat box to be a more important invention than the wheel.

#3. Self Cleaning Oven

3. Self Cleaning Oven
Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/grongar/3301038483/

Self cleaning toilets and beds that make themselves are all pretty cool gadgets but the high cost of them keep many people from being able to enjoy these auto cleaning tools. One thing we can use if the self-cleaning function on our ovens. Most ovens today have some form of a self-leaning mechanism. Many people have never used this function or even realize they may have it on their oven. There are different ways that self-cleaning ovens work but in general they simply heat up to 800-900 degrees and incinerate any cooked on food residue.

#2. Spinning Toilet Brush

2. Spinning Toilet Brush
Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/evilerin/3250757541/

The automatically self-cleaning toilet is amazing but the odds are your local plumbing supply store does not have these in stock. One thing that you can buy is a spinning toilet brush. Instead of scrubbing manually you can hit the switch and it will swirl around making your toilet bowl sparkling clean. You do need to be careful though so that dirty toilet water is no flicked up on your face.

#1. Self Cleaning Fish Tank

Owning an aquarium is a very nice way to ease stress by watching the fish swim around. The stressful part comes when you are constantly trying to keep the tank clean. Fish can be very dirty creatures and so to deal with this problem you can now buy self-cleaning fish tanks. A self-cleaning fishing tank is one of the best investments a fish owner can make. A few people find that manually scrubbing and cleaning out the fish aquarium every few weeks or so is very comforting and enjoyable. The vast majority of people hate this chore.

1. Self Cleaning Fish Tank