I understand that everyone might not agree with this list of the top role playing games of all time because there are so many different opinions out there. As the author, I tried to narrow it down, which was VERY hard, to the Top 10 RPGs based on many different aspects. You have to add in the cultural impact the game had, how long the cult-like fans has been dedicated to this game, and how overall popular the game was and still is. Here is my list of the Top 10 RPGs of all time.

Star Wars (28531)

10. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Bioware created this game in 2003, and they did a masterpiece with it! The character development and a deep inventory management system are main ideas that focus all around the idea of a RPG. Star Wars is a powerful series, so this game has a very strong fan base. With a good, complicated story, what more could you ask for from a RPG?


9. Fallout

This game is unique in the fact that the setting is in the post-apocalyptic as a result of a different World War 2 outcome, and the game was released in 1997. You can solve problems throughout the game in many different ways, which was a pretty new idea at this time. There are many different endings to the game as well. This game refers to many different pop culture ideas in the 1950s. This is a great game that led to an amazing series known as the Fallout series that has been a huge hit.

One of the best RPGs

8. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

When Nintendo gave their favorite plumber over to Squaresoft, they did something right. Squaresoft, the creator of Chrono Trigger, made a game that was unlike any other. This game, which went into the world of 3D, was an amazing game the Super Nintendo, and its graphics were second to none. The Mario feel and style to the game added in with easy to understand RPG characteristics made the game very popular. They even have this game available on the Wii's virtual console! This game was so popular that since its release they have made a series of games inspired, the Paper Mario series.


7. Baldur's Gate

This is a fantastic game! I have gone back and played this game many times with all of my buddies. Though it has not that great characters graphically, the background is gloriously done and looks amazing! This game is truly a classic with its huge amount of customization, great flowing story lines, and its replayability that put it easily in the list of the Top 10 RPGs.

Mana (28536)

6. Secret of Mana

This game might be one of the most industry changing games ever. Breaking away from the traditional turned based battle system, this game incorporated real-time combat. Not only did it change that, but its multiplayer capability in an RPG is unlike any before. The game was very unique and had an excellent story that drew you in to this world. With an excellent soundtrack to boot, how could this game not make the list?


5. Phantasy Star

This game truly changed the course of RPGs forever. In the old days, the RPG genre was based around Medieval style like Dungeons and Dragons, but this game did away with that idea and exploded the possibilities. Phantasy Star introduced the Sci-Fi theme which was then used in most every game from then on. This game also showed that video games can be long and take much time to beat, shown with its 40 hour game play. This was also the first game in the Phantasy Star series. The genre of RPG truly exploded after the release of Phantasy Star.

Earthbound (28522)

4. Earthbound-Mother 2

This game has one of the best story lines of any game ever heard. Giygas is introduced as the alien villain and Ness is forced into first overcoming the evils within him, so that he can battle and save the world. The series now only runs in Japan though you can fight with Ness in the Super Mario Smash Bros. series in America! This game has a huge cult following that has lasted over a decade and will continue for a long time; this game surely needs a place in the Top 10 RPGs of all time.


3. Final Fantasy VII

This game is a benchmark for all other games to compare too. This game moved the Final Fantasy series into 3D and was artistically beautiful. Released in 1997, the game truly master the Good versus Evil appeal that so many love to see. With good looking characters to boot, this game is considered to many as the best RPG of all time. This is one of those games that don't come around often, so enjoy it when it does!


2. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

This game is considered by many as the not only the best RPG of all time, but the beat video game of all time! This game is absolutely placed into my top three favorite games of all time. This game has great replay value, amazing graphic detail, an amazing storyline, and much much more. This game is lengthy and a very fun game to play, so I would suggest this game to anyone wanting to play a top ten RPG or action adventure type video game.

Top 10 RPG winner

1. Chrono Trigger

Released in 1995, this game was like no other. With an innovative battle system, multiple endings, and one of the best story lines of all time, this is unquestionably the best RPG of all time. Chrono Trigger had a dozen different endings, and so many side-quests and mini-games, that it truly was a game like no other! I know many people that go back and place this game multiple times a year it is such an amazing game. This is one of the industry's favorite game and will forever be known as the Greatest RPG of all time.