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Top 10 Reasons I Hate Barack Hussein Obama

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The Biggest Fraud In US History, President Barack Hussein Obama

Credit: http://www.citizens4freedom.com/Articles/tabid/1387/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/6614/Florida-Ballot-Challenge-ICO-of-Barry-Soetoro-AKA-Barack-Hussein-Obama.aspx

Barack Hussein Obama - The Biggest Political Disappointment In United States History

For me the years of former President George W. Bush were dark years.  I don't remember experiencing a lot of happiness in those years, and when I thought of the political landscape here in the USA, or at home in North Texas, I became even less happy.  I thought George W. Bush was the worst President our nation had ever had.  Probably he was the worst, at least then he was.

I distinctly recall where I was when Barack Obama was sworn in as the successor to Bush, and though I did not vote for him or his opposition, I was pulling for Obama to beat McCain.  Obama's campaign promises were stunning, and how anyone could oppose what Obama promised was beyond me.  I was at the downtown Dallas, Texas branch of the Dallas Public Library during the ceremony, and on ever floor of the building, the place was full of the very poor persons from around the city, as we watched Obama, hand in the air, swear to do this, that, and the other....uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.  The feeling in the place was electric.  That I'm white, and most everyone else in the specific library was either black or Hispanic, it didn't matter.  We all watched together, all in awe of the heroic change we thought our nation was making by electing a half black man to the highest office in the land.  

I thought then, on that first day when Obama was being sworn in, that we'd elected some wonderful, heroic human being.  I thought we'd elected someone who would be the perfect embodiement of everything John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Martin Luther King had been.  I will probably never get past just how disappointing Barack Obama has been, and is determined to continue being.

Stalin, Obama, And Mao - Three Sociopath Authoritarian Monsters

Obama, Stalin, Mao
Credit: http://gulagbound.com/6401/obama-and-mao-a-short-history-lesson/obama-stalin-mao-wketchup-com/

1. Just Like Hitler, Mao, and Stalin - Obama HATES Due Process

There's no doubt about it, and it can't be disputed.  Barack Hussein Obama is the very first US President to deny that US citizens have the right to trial by jury, a jury of 12 of their peers, and a speedy one at that.  It is, however, a LOT worse than that, as Obama's "indefinite detention" bill states there need not even be a crime for Obama to make YOU, YOUR MOTHER, YOUR FATHER, YOUR BROTHER, or YOUR SISTER, YOUR SON, YOUR DAUGHTER or anyone else you know, don't know, or ever would know disappear FOREVER and without even a phone call[1].

How did Obama's fascist supporters slide this past you, you ask?  Well, the National Defense Authorization Act is a semi regular thing, they just slid it right in there so you wouldn't notice it. That smiling ass on television, Barack Hussein Obama, would be wearing his suit, reading from his teleprompter, and assuring you he loved you.  He's half black, you know, and he's got thousands of retarded mass media prostitutes like Oprah Winfrey to decry your horrible racism if you love yourself, your family or human rights enough to speak out against Obama's legislation.

There is one more thing about all of this which makes me vomit.  Obama is a habitual liar.  He did, of course, first say he'd never EVER EVER sign the NDAA with the "indefinite detention" thing in it[2], but then, as is typical of that America hating fascist pig Barack Hussein Obama, he signed it.

Race Bait POTUS, Barack Hussein Obama

Race Baiting POTUS
Credit: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/07/barack-obama-honor-travon-martin-with-more-gun-control/

2. Barack Hussein Obama And The Trayvon Martin Case

Barack Obama is the first US President to effectively attempt to destroy any chance of fair trial in a state's criminal case.  In the Trayvon Martin case Obama plainly used race baiting to sway any potential jury, judge, and prosecution, defense, and all public persons by claiming Trayvon Martin looked like the fictitious son he'd never had.  George Zimmerman, of course, was the unlucky human who was so frowned upon by the state, and by God above, that he just happened to not look like the Obama family at all.  How horrible it was for Zimmerman, a man who may or may not be a decent man in many an instance, to have been the subject of so much horrific bias from the President of the United States of America!

The implication, of course, was that looking like Obama's make believe son made Trayvon Martin a more worthy human being than George Zimmerman, a Hispanic Jew.  Let's just say it, Obama used his position to make a racial fiasco out of a common case of self defense, and not only that, the most horrific thing of all was the way he tied it into his never ending hatred of America's 2nd Amendment.

"If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon[3]."

Luckily for US citizens Obama has not been able to contrive a situation where he can claim the powers he signed his signature to saying that he has over us with the NDAA.  Luckily for US citizens the man who is out and about late at night, regardless of his not being black or looking like an Obama relative, can still defend himself against persons who Obama says DO look like his relatives when they assault him in the night.  Luckily for US citizens, one and all, regardless of race or creed, George Zimmerman still got to have a jury of 12 peers, and despite Obama's attempts at destroying the case, justice prevailed.

Obama HATES The Second Amendment

Gun Control Obama
Credit: https://blsciblogs.baruch.cuny.edu/hiipowerfroema/?p=13

3. Obama HATES Our Second Amendment

Before I ever had an actual reason to dislike President Obama, one of the contractors in hvac I've worked many a long and happy year for told me this,

"Todd, this Obama guy gets elected, he's going to try to make the .223 illegal."

I asked, "Why?  What's up with the .223?  it's just a deer rifle, right?"

My contractor answered,'

"Yes, but the bullet is extremely fast.  It's all a push towards global government.  Obama hates that US citizens have rights to own things like an excellent deer rifle."

In this world of mass media manipulation, and global paradigms of control, fewer and fewer people have the intelligence quotient to examine things, to know what is true, and what is not true, and to reason out things in a sound manner.  We say this with the Trayvon Martin case, Obama merely speaking about the case, claiming a six foot two seventeen year old looking like the son he never did have, and then the mass media refusing to show any photos of Mr. Martin save the ones of him when he was 12 years old - this incited a low intelligence public to believe that a Hispanic Jew had murdered Mr. Martin in some sort of premeditated hate crime.  All the while the reality was VASTLY DIFFERENT.  Same thing with all things Obama, he's a master manipulator of the public opinion, provided the opinions of the public belong to lesser than normal intelligence having warm bodies.

We can sit here and we can be idiots.  We can all be the type of idiot who repeats the fears relayed to us nonstop in the fearstream mass media.  Facts, however, are facts.  Facts suggest we are 8 times more likely to be murdered by a cop than by a "terrorist."  New facts show we have suffered more American casualties under the guns of police officers of late than we had in the second Iraqi war[4]. Is Obama concerned about that?  No, no he is not.  What Obama is concerned about is not the well being of US citizens, if that were his concern, he'd have bothered to address police violence at least ONCE in his years as POTUS.  He's not done that though, has he?  Obama is nothing more than an international banker's prostitute, and the only persons who believe he cares about the actual good of humanity are those so incapable of rational thought they take their notions verbatim from mass media.

More recently FBI crime statistics have proven that gun violence is down while gun ownership is UP[17]. Yet Obama, a clear communist and/or globalist leader wants more gun control always, and he claims this is for the protection of US citizens, but historical truth shows that disarmed populations most often get slaughtered by their own governments.  Of course the Obama voter is never someone who has any comprehension of history, they are emotional creatures as a rule.  Logic, and knowledge are foreign entities to the Obama supporter. Here in 2014 Obama is requesting 1.1 billion towards gun control[18].  He hates us, he hates all of us.  The blind can not see.

Obama Hates America's Right To Know What It Is Eating

Monsanto Corn
Credit: http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/blog/?p=13539

4. Obama Loves GMOs, and HATES That Americans Want To Know What They Are Eating

Back when there was merely a "candidate Obama" instead of a President Obama, one of the more lovely things he'd promised was that he'd see to it GMOs were labeled.  That, of course, not only didn't happen, the most polar opposite thing possible happened instead[5].  President Obama not only broke his promise to have GMOs labeled, he put the single most villanous GMO crusader in global history over the FDA, one Michael R. Taylor.  Mr. Michael R. Taylor, of course, is a former lawyer for Monsanto, the world's single most hated and evil corporation.

You see, from the very start, Obama has done nothing more than say what everyone wants to hear, but do the opposite.  From the start of his first 4 years as POTUS, he made clear he was in bed as a prostitute for the most vile corporations, the most hideous organizations in the history of the human race.  He just smiles, repeats what is on the teleprompter, and morons just continue defending him because if they do not, some retarded billion dollar celebrity will insist they must be racists.

Obama, The United Nations Clown

United Nations Obama
Credit: http://phi2010.blogspot.com/2012_09_01_archive.html

5. Obama Is More Loyal To Global Interests Than US Citizens.

It's plain and simple to me.  Obama hates us.  He's an absolute prostitute for the United Nations, and the United Nations is a front for one idea, and one idea only - global government.  In order for there to be a global government, two things must happen: 1. the United States of America and all it's dominance essentially die, and 2. Islam has to be dealt with, and either destroyed or reined in so completely that it can be subdued and forced into the global cabal.

It is treason to violate the United States Constitution, but Obama excels at treason.  He's the most treasonous human being in the history of the USA, I'd wager.  Obama is against free speech, which we fondly know as the 1st amendment[6]. Obama plainly is all about gun control, which we know and love as the 2nd amendment, the only amendment protecting the rest of the Bill of Rights[7]. That Obama hates the 4th amendment, the right to not have to tolerate unlawful or unwarranted searches and seizures, well, that is the most obvious thing since Obama using the race card via the media at every given turn.  Let Me Be Clear, the Obama administration is the water to the 4th amendment's oil[8].  Who the hell does this man think he is?  What kind of moron thinks this guy cares about human rights?  He sure as hell doesn't represent the values of the nation that made the incalculable mistake of electing him twice.  He's damned surely one thing, an oath breaker, a man of treason.

More Lies From Obama - How Can It Be Surprising When A Habitual Liar Tells Another Lie?

If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep Your Plan
Credit: http://conservative-warriors.com/should-obama-be-impeached-for-lying-to-america-on-obamacare-harm-to-millions/

6. "Obamacare" Is Immoral

Oh you might say, "everyone deserves health care."  If you were to say that, then I wouldn't be able to disagree.  I believe that as a human being, you deserve to have shelter, food, clothing, and basic health care.  Obama's "Affordable Care Act," however, is immoral.  It is immoral a thousand times over, and packaged in lies, just as are all things Obama.

How hilarious is it that Obama's famous quote, "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan[9]" is also just another lie?  It's very damned hilarious.  It's the kind of hilarious thing millions of Obama voters deserve for having voted that two faced scumbag into office a second time.

It's immoral to force someone to purchase a thing the person doesn't want.  It is immoral to tell a person a lie.  It is further immoral to force someone to pay for something at a higher rate than before so that other persons who may not even want the thing to begin with, are also forced to purchase the thing for less.  

What else is immoral about the "Affordable" Care Act?  Well, the secret provisions within it are all against the United States Constitution[16].  Armed IRS home invasions?  Oh that's lovely, and good for everyone's health, don't you think?  It violates the 4th amendment without a doubt.

Nobel Prize - Carpet Bomb Libya
Credit: http://legermj.typepad.com/blog/2011/12/ends-of-iraq-war-the-entombment-of-courage-selflessness-and-patriotism.html

7. Peace Prize Bombing Of Libya

There can be no rationalization of Obama winning a Nobel Peace Prize.  The only conclusion one can make concerning the prize after Obama won it, is that the prize is utterly worthless.  Take a used condom found in some seedy back alley, and that thing has as much value as does the Nobel Peace Prize since the likes of Barack Hussein Obama was awarded the thing.

There's been well over 200 children killed in Pakistan due to the drone bombing of the Nobel Peace Prize two faced bastard in the White House, and no question about it.  But let's talk about Libya, shall we?  It's LONG been known that since the fall of Iraq under George W. Bush that there were then just FIVE nations left without a Rothschild Central Bank, and now, as Obama has bombed the hell out of Libya, there are just FOUR nations left.  Adding insult to injury, insulting the dead, and every single last voter or human who had ever supported him, Obama called the bombing of Libya a "humanitarian mission."  That's like calling a bullet to the head health care, really.  It's an insult to every rational mind on the planet, and so is pretty much every single thing about Barack Hussein Obama.

So you might ask, "Well, why did we bomb Libya?"  Answer:  Because Libya didn't have a Rothschild central bank, and Libya was in the process of dumping the Federal Reserve dollar as its unit of currency for REAL MONEY, a gold based dinar[11].

Syria Obama
Credit: http://eaglerising.com/2665/obama-turns-syria-home-al-qaeda/

8. Obama Nearly Started World War Three With His Desire To Bomb Syria

For all the millions of people who protested war under George W. Bush, I hate every single one of you who've completely failed to protest any sort of anything war under Obama.  I suspect every single soul who I just described is either a body with the IQ of a dumb sixth grader, or someone so delusional they don't realize they're only supporting Obama's military aggression because they're afraid to be called a racist by some celebrity retard like Oprah should they protest Obama's billion and one reasons he's given for us all to hate him.  Let Me Be Clear, Obama nearly started a third world war, and that rat bastard, that United Nation's prostitute, that international banker's bottom, he's still in office.  Oprah still says it's racist to hate him for nearly destroying the world.

China has the world's largest army[12].  Russia has the world's fifth largest army, and the world's second most fearsome military[13], though China is likely to catch up with them very soon.  Obama's dedication to bomb Syria had the United States navy's nuclear ships in the Mediterranean Sea right there alongside nuclear equipped naval vessels from both Russia and China[14].  So you say George W. Bush was a warmonger, and Obama is a man of peace, eh?  Listen up, pal, Obama nearly caused a thermonuclear war between the US, Russia, and China. Obama nearly destroyed the entire world, and for what?

9. It's Okay To Smoke Pot If You Are Obama, But It Is NOT Okay If You are NOT Obama

Among the untold numbers of rank hypocrisy Barack Obama brings to the table, perhaps the most unforgivable one is his drug use.  Obama, of course, is a former drug user, if not a current drug user.  Obama, of course, as is par for his course, and the only consistent thing in his life - has a double standard.  Obama says a thing, Obama does the opposite thing.  Obama does a thing, and it is okay for Obama, but it is not okay for YOU[15].  Obama has ramped up the drug war despite a large number of states wishing to decriminalize marijuana.  Obama doesn't care, besides hatred of the 1st, 2nd, and 4th amendments, Obama also hates the tenth amendment.  He hates the entire United States Constitution, and most of the Bill of Rights.  He's a traitor, he's committed treason God only knows how many times, and he's a war monger hypocrite.

What does this all mean?  You mean besides the failure to uphold the Constitution and The Bill Of Rights?  It means what is okay for Obama is not okay for you, as Obama thinks himself MORE VALUABLE as a human being than you or your child.  You've all seen the photographs of young Barry Soetoro smoking pot, no need for me to even show them here. 

Foreign Student Barry Soetoro

Credit: http://directorblue.blogspot.com/2012/02/too-good-to-check-barry-soetoros.html

10. You Don't Know Anything About Him.

Is It Barack Obama, Or Is It Barry Soetoro?

You don't know anything about Barack Obama, or was it Barry Soetoro?  His college records, unlike George W. Bush's, are sealed.  You don't know anything about Obama, and neither do I. How is it this man has twice been elected President Of The United States Of America?

What is the Obama administration save the worst Presidential administration the world has ever seen?  What is the Obama administration save the biggest fraud ever perpetuated on the United States citizen?  What is the Obama administration but the Titanic backed up in the Atlantic Ocean, and rammed into an ice berg once more for good measure.  Barack Hussein Obama, I hate you.

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Read this likely ghost written psychotic nonsense concerning a habitual hypocrite, war monger, liar named Barack Hussein Obama, or is it Barry Soetoro? Nobody knows, it's all lies!


Nov 22, 2013 9:52am
It is little bit unfair to make Mr Obama in one line with Stalin and Mao.
Nov 22, 2013 10:09am
How so? Obama believes himself ABOVE the law; and signed legislation to the effect of POTUS having ability to make you, me, or anyone disappear forever, without any charge of a crime, and without bothering to justify the abductions. Stalin, Mao...they did the same.
Nov 25, 2013 11:21am
Nobody's perfect. I think he got the job, and found it was a lot harder than he thought it would be. I felt like you did when he was inaugurated. I think a lot of people don't think for themselves, but also that he has reasons for wanting to limit guns. More people are killed by handguns in the US than any other country who isn't having a Civil War. Innocent children or people of any age shouldn't be victims of mass shootings.

I understand you are from TX, and it's a big gun owning state. Many big states that aren't as highly populated are. We can agree to disagree on that one, Obama is never going to overturn the 2nd amendment or take the guns away, and it's a lie that R's go around telling unintelligent people all the time. He can't do that.

As far as Trayvon Martin, there was no "Neighborhood Watch." There was a vigilante named George Zimmerman, who had a history of violent behavior. He's been arrested twice since he was found Not Guilty, when he killed an innocent kid. Maybe Trayvon did threaten Zimmerman once he had him on the ground and had a gun pointed at him. I would if in that situation. Now his own wife is insinuating that he killed that child.

I don't think Obama should be compared to Stalin and Mao. People keep calling him a liberal, but he's not, he's gone so much to center I barely recognize him. The US has no liberal party. Like Bush, he does things without asking the people if we support them. Plus no one term senator has enough experience to run a country, something the public overlooked as he charmed us. The health care mess will stay that way for ages, remember the HMO Managed care fiasco? That took about 10 yrs. to understand. I watched my best friend die of cancer and wondered if she could have lived if the paperwork went through faster.

You need a big ego to be a President, let's face it. They all think they are above the law. I hope we get someone with better experience who listens to the people more. I also believe he chose his advisers poorly. My son is 26 and off our insurance now, but in NJ although he is the Permanent Substitute teacher in a local school district, they won't hire him with the title because they don't want to pay for benefits. I would like to see health benefits separate from our jobs.

I bet there are a lot of good people out there who could do a great job, they just don't want the public scrutiny that their families will go through. Chris Christie is popular in NJ right now, we like people who think for themselves. But his R party is "punishing" him for cooperating with the President during Hurricane Sandy. It was much worse than people seem to get, all they see is the part about the Jersey Shore, and many of those homes are not primary residences anyway, they are expensive vacation homes or rentals. There was damage as far south as West Virginia, and we were without power in Northern NJ for 10 days. Long Island and other places really suffered, it was cold. But the money is being withheld because of Christie daring to work with a D. It's all so stupid. I don't know why anyone would even want the job!
Nov 28, 2013 3:39pm
Thanks for your very well thought out, and substantial comment, Jean!

Insofar as the gun thing goes, the Obama admin's stance is ridiculous; and really, doesn't make any sense to me any way it is sliced outside of his admin representing the interests of the United Nations, and the United Nations should never be considered a thing US citizens ought to care much about.

The Obama admin demonizing the AR-15...is case in point. What is special about an AR-15? Nothing much at all. It is a .223 rifle, which is a very common deer rifle. the AR-15 only LOOKS like a military rifle.

Now sure, in any city it's ridiculous for someone to fire that kind of rifle, there's not much of an excuse someone could have to discharge such a weapon inside a city. If someone has a gun in the home in order to defend the home, then a pistol or a shotgun will do the job, and the ammo from either will be a ton less likely to be deadly to anything outside the home.

I'm thinking apartment complexes here...but why shouldn't a person inside a city be allowed to own an AR-15? People have the right to own that gun, Obama wants to take that right away, which implies he's the arbiter of rights, and he's not. He's just a frontman in a suit representing the interests of foreign powers.

Ah...New Jersey! I've never been there; but some of my closest friends are people I talk to daily online, and a few of them live in New Jersey, and they do seem to love Chris Christie.
Nov 25, 2013 5:02pm
Well I appreciate your passion but every president, congressperson and senator believes that he or she is above the law. As far as your obvious hate/anger toward Obama. I suggest a Midol.
Nov 28, 2013 3:42pm
Marlando, I've a personal distaste for legal drugs. I absolutely hate pharmaceutical corporations...and so I have no idea what a Midol is.

If a man thinks he is above the law, then he has no respect for the law, and can not expect others to abide what he himself has no respect for.

I've no respect for Obama, he's no respect for me. I respect people who ARE what they say they are.
Nov 28, 2013 7:44pm
Thanks for the rational answer. Normally if a person ever writes You Know Who's name, it means a fight.

I have always been pretty peaceful and anti gun, but can understand using them to hunt, and to protect yourself, especially if you live in a secluded area. I have neighbors who hunt and engage in celebratory gunfire on occasion, and have become used to it.

It's been a long time since the Constitution was written, I think it could use an update. Life is much different than when this country began.

I am fed up with most politicians. My husband and I were involved in local politics for a time, and were shocked at how down and dirty it gets even on the local level!

If all parties would actually work to improve the country, and fix what's wrong, instead of doing nothing all the time, it would at least make them work for their pay. They make a lot more than you and I do. We can agree to disagree.
Nov 29, 2013 8:54am
Jean, I bought my first gun when I was twelve years old. It's a single shot 20 gauge shotgun, and I paid $65 for it at WallMart. I'm looking at it, it's in the corner across the room.

When I was 12 I was already bird hunting with my Dad, Grandfather, and some uncles and friends of theirs; and I was also allowed to go about on my own with the thing during dove and quail season. Can you imagine the apoplectic fits people would have now for a twelve year old being unsupervised with a gun? Thing was, I'd been extremely versed in how dangerous the thing was; and how I was to behave with it.

I have a huge distaste for people who think humans aren't responsible for their behavior, and need some sort of government supervision for this, that, and the other. Government, of course, being more humans, and generally less intelligent ones than I would bother to want to know.

That all said, and I'm 100% a gun rights person, I do have some problems with some parts of "gun culture."

What you said about "celebratory gunfire."...that's dangerous, and pretty stupid if you ask me. What goes up must come down, and sometimes the kinds of gunfire you're talking about winds up killing someone, their dog, or ...someone's windshield or something. I hate that kind of thing.

The other major thing I hate about folks who're maybe a bit too into firearms is the confusion about what hunting is. I've got a really simple definition: Hunting is what you do to bring in non-corporate meat for yourself and your family. It's something that brings an appreciation for the natural world, or should.

...but I'm forever seeing people post pictures of a wolf, coyote, or bobcat they've shot, and nobody eats those things. There's no purpose in killing a wolf, coyote, bobcat, or cougar, or anything like that unless the animal was attacking someone. People want those things for trophies, and I absolutely hate that mindset, and refuse to call it "hunting."
Nov 29, 2013 8:56am
Hi: I had to return after reading your response and other notes to you. I primarily agree with
Jean in the above--if ALL parties actually worked at creating our country better for the people we ALL be better off, richer, happier and so forth. What seems apparent to me is that you have bought in to all the rhetoric racial and political against Obama. For sure Obama is not a perfect president but, on the other hand, he is not Mr. Evil either. Indeed he isn't a socialist as so much of the rhetoric would lead you to believe. Let me give you this observation to contemplate: Absolutely NO president at least since McKinley has given "we the people" more freedom, more conscientious distribution of the wealth or reduced laws which have become tyrannical over the last 70years...This has NOT been the fault of any president, it is that the entire system is corrupt and filled with nepotism of all kinds. Perhaps you are not aware that congress makes all kinds of laws for "us" that DO NOT APPLY to "them." This alone is, in the least, a soft tyranny that simply corrupts the country's ideals. So when you say Obama believes he is above the law...do your home work and you will discover that
presidents such as Johnson, Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George Dubya all did acts that were--if you will, above the law. As for Obamacare...our country needs to be more conscientious when it comes down to treating individual human beings. At present if a poor person and a rich person gets seriously ill, the rich person odds of surviving is far better than the poor person. For someone's life to hang in the balance based on finances is a disgrace to the entire medical professions. Try not to simply accept all the negatives tossed out against Obama or any other president--if you are truly passionate, research ALL sides of ALL coins and then write your masterpiece. It is wonderful that you have an interest in issues but it is far too easy to condemn without offering alternatives. It is far too easy to fall into the trappings of political gossip because both sides of our government desires each of us to follow as opposed to think.
Nov 29, 2013 9:40am
Thanks Marlando,

Could you possibly provide some examples of how the O Admin has provided us any sorts of freedoms not previously enjoyed? All I'm seeing is assaults on civil liberties, virtually all of them.

Insofar as the health care thing goes, there's no doubt some massive changes are needed; but the ACA, which even Obama used to call "Obamacare," but no longer does, is simply not going to be the answer. One would have to believe it a massive conspiracy theory to say the many many people who are saying their rates are going to go UP instead of down are all liars. I'm seeing it daily in my Facebook feed, which is nearly 1300 "friends," and from a pretty large cross section of types of persons.

I have one person who says she's got health insurance now, as she's signed up for it, for the first time in her life, and she's in her early 40's. I think that's a wonderful thing. What I don't think so wonderful is how other middle class persons are going to be reduced to near impoverished persons, and they're surely not making this stuff up.

Myself, I've no job whatsoever. I do THIS kind of thing, and receive no other income. I'd like to work, but I'd rather not spend all my time working to chase the American Nightmare.

Real time ATM access? Armed IRS home inspection? Those kinds of things are completely UNACCEPTABLE in our society. 20,000 pages and there are going to be some zingers in that bill; and also, more confusion than anyone can abide. I'm also seeing health care professionals saying it is going to ruin their jobs, and some saying they're going to seek out some other kind of employment.

At one time I'm told the USA had the world's finest health care...then, insurance companies got involved. Why do we need these third party people sucking up everyone's income and clogging up the doctor/patient relationship?
Nov 29, 2013 11:16am
Beware of the Facebook feeds when it comes to politics. And yes, you are right Obamacare--by any other name--is NOT the answer and I agree with you 100% butttt it is the ONLYU answer we have presently. As for "clogging up" the doctor/patient relationship--if the medical and pharmaceutical professions had not been price gauging all along and there was truly doctor-patient-care...Obamacare would NOT exist but between high costs of insurances...Med care and medicine...there are millions who simply do not get the treatment that is available. I repeat, when money becomes a health issue, the medical profession has become nothing short of disgraceful. And, this is not only a US problem...its a life and death problem in far too many places around the globe. In any case, yes the gap between rich and poor is widening while the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer but this is NOT a result of Obama, this is the result of the entire system that is Darwinistic in its very nature and has been for hundreds of years. Anyway, I never said that Obama gave us any more freedoms than any other president. I n the first place the moment we are granted freedom of any kind, that freedom is in bondage. This is why there is no longer the pursuit of happiness in the US...that is simply too much freedom from the demagogues in power.
Nov 29, 2013 12:02pm

It is incredibly important the laws passed by right from the start. It is exceedingly difficult to get bad laws repealed.

Look at the drug war, for instance. I'm going to assume that as a rational sort of person, you can at least agree that the common pot smoker poses very little threat to society. I believe statistics all show how alcohol is more dangerous than smoking pot, and that 5000 years of history show the plant has been used as a very successful medication...and yet it remains illegal to own a plant that grows in every state of the USA. The law has been on the books forever, some polls show a majority of citizens want the damned thing legalized...but Obama ...DESPITE all the photos of him smoking the thing, seems to believe the federal government is more important than state's rights. He's a clear 10th amendment violator in my book for this.

So, bad laws just can't be passed, and the reason is...they hardly ever seem to get repealed.

This is why, along with all the Bill of Rights violating "riders" in the ACA, I will never sign up for it, no matter if I go to prison, I will NOT sign up for it, and they can't lock up the entire state of Texas :)
Nov 29, 2013 10:39am
I agree the celebratory gunfire is stupid. It's a neighbor who has been a gem in every other respect though, I can't list all the kind and generous things he's done for us. He was in a bad accident a few years ago, and I've cooked for him and taken care of him. So I give him a little latitude.

I grew up in a big city an hour outside of NY. Then when my parents bought a house in the country, I moved with them. At the time I hated it, but didn't make enough money to live on my own. I was seeing my now husband, he's a real nature lover. So I got used to it, and went completely in the other direction, on a one lane road in the woods. It is close to anything I need though.

I understand parents teaching you how to do things; what's right and wrong. I was allowed to roam about by myself at a young age too. By 15 I used to go into NY city by myself, and was confident in getting around safely. I would never have let my son do that in a million years. As you say, people don't take personal responsibility for anything, it's a whole different world.

I think I used to see you on HP. I stopped adding content a long time ago, except for a piece on my 3rd anniversary there. But I've started to make some money again, I was shocked to get a Paypal notice yesterday. I'm thinking of moving some of the stuff here, and leaving a bit less there. Take care.
Nov 29, 2013 11:06am
Hey Jean, you almost certainly used to see me on Hubpages.

I'm a Hubpages defector. I want to turn my IB account into something that pays me every month like my Hubpages account does.

I just do NOT like the staff at Hubpages. I REALLY LIKE these two dudes who run this site.

I do want to tell you I think it is maybe a bad idea to move content from there to here. First off, Google prefers old URL's...so you'd be losing traffic and money, I'm almost sure of that, were you to move things here.

Secondly, and I'm not certain about this, but I think it is against the rules to simply move a page here that's been previously published on another site. Of course if you changed the page up it would no longer be the same page.
Nov 29, 2013 7:10pm
In Australia we have had Medicare since 1975. Everybody is covered for health care. We have some of the best statistics for overall health in the world, up there with the Scandinavians. American on the other hand, scores similar to developing nations in many health areas. We also have very tight gun control and this was implemented by a conservative government in 1996.
Nov 29, 2013 8:10pm

Thanks for your comment. I'd be interested in knowing a lot more about the health care in Australia; but I already know all I need to know about the gun control...the man accused of shooting the people in the event that led up to it has still never been to trial, and he never will be in trial because he didn't commit the crime, and is so severely autistic he can't string two sentences together at a time very often.

It was a false flag, and the people who wanted what they got, got what they wanted. I hear the moral of the police is horrific.
Nov 30, 2013 8:20pm
Hi Wesman,
Yes, I thought it over and since a lot of my astrology stuff and Greek myth is in series form, it's best left there. Plus I do readings, and one person at HP was gracious enough to interview me in two hubs, so it may help my traffic there. I also wanted to write enough on Infobarrel to get a monthly payment like I do on HP (though it got smaller), but I wasted a year on my blog. I get about 500-600 readers a day, and sell some Amazon stuff. But as far as Google adsense, I haven't made a penny. After 3 years, I guess all I wrote on HP, Wizzley and here added up, and I've been in the 90+ area for ages. Eventually they will have to break down and give me that $100.00 payout! I'm on Bubblews too, I aim for $25 a week. But it's a lot of people who write dumb things, and you have to connect with people to get enough views. You can't possibly get to know them, though many are from HP. Most of the others are from the Philippines.
Dec 1, 2013 10:23am
I'm a lot like you with the poorly managed time. I've got three blogs I write on, and I hardly ever make a dime from any of them.

I really wish I'd left the things I moved from Hubpages to my blogs on Hubpages...but I also hate their "idling" of hubs. If they "idle" something, I just copy/paste it onto one of my blogs.

....but there have also been a lot of things I moved to blogs simply because I was angry at the staff at HP. Those people over there are forever getting under my skin, and I think that is the main reason I write here now instead of there. I have messaged the very small staff here (TWO people!)...and they are always very very willing to help me with whatever problem I've had. I can't complain about those guys for any reason.

....I still may wind up feeling like I have to publish something on HP so Google doesn't view my subdomain as "inactive."

Anyway, Good Luck!

Yesterday, and no joke, I made almost 4X as much as I've ever made in a day before over at Hubpages...I made some good sales with ebay.
Dec 1, 2013 11:05am
Well, that's good. I can't understand why Hubpages can't pay out more and earlier, they have enough advertisements on our writing. If they can do it on Bubblews, HP should be able to do that. It's easy to make $100.00 a month on Bubblews, but you write so little, and never get to know the people, so I have mixed feelings about it.

For some reason HP never gave me much trouble in spite of all the Idling and inactive stuff. I believe they lost most of their decent writers, and I usually got traffic while everyone was complaining about losing it. It's probably just related to timing. Plus even though astrology is over saturated, people love to hear about themselves. Now I'm not sure what to do there. I had 2 of those editor's choice hubs, and my traffic plunged for the first time. I opted out. It was slowly coming back, so I opted back in for the editor's choice hubs. Now that somebody wrote 2 hubs about my being her personal astrologer, I'll see if traffic comes or goes.

Yes, I wasted so many hours on my blog. I stupidly began a study of the tarot, all 78 cards. I hoped it would be done at the end of this year, but I have 13 cards to go. After that I'll post once a month, but I consider it a failed experiment. I just don't want to leave it unfinished in the middle of a series, because that pisses me off when I am reading a blog.

I had problems on IB and the guys are great! I used to have trouble writing on here with internet explorer, but if I use Google Chrome it's fine. I see different things on IE, and cant' even post well.

Good luck. Haven't touched Ebay unless it's personal. Take care.
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