When people ask where I work, I tell him I write for living. Oftentimes, the look at me like I'm a bum. They ask, is there enough work to keep you busy? As if my being a writer makes me incapable of getting a real job. But in reality, I wake up every morning and choose writing assignments for the day, many times out of over 200,000 assignments. When I tell them this, they're usually too bashful to ask anything else.

I like writing for money. Each morning I get to look forward to a steady job that provides adequate part-time and full-time income. I just wish friends and extended family members believed that I have a real job. Worse yet, they don't believe me when I tell them they could enjoy the same.

So I've pretty much given up wasting my time trying to convince friends that they should write for a living as I do. In fact I've taken up to helping people I've never met probably need the job more badly than some ungrateful friends.

So the outline the top 10 reasons why I write for a living. When you finish reading them, I hope you are inspired to do the same.

  1. I don't work well with others: I'm the work alone type. Not necessarily for my living conditions but I always work alone in my work. Writing everything online pretty much negates the need to speak to a human being between the hours of nine and five.
  2. I like to work my own hours: I work when I want to whether it's nine in the morning or 10 night. It really doesn't matter because I work on loose deadlines, instead of doing ones I don't punch out at the time clock and I don't have to wake up at a fixed time every morning.
  3. I am my own boss: let me ask you if I sound like the kind of person who enjoys answering to a boss and complying with orders. Not hardly. And since I'm a freelance writer I don't have to do that. I will work whenever I want, as much as I feel necessary, and I'm certain my job will be there when I wake up the next morning.
  4. I pick my writing assignments: I might write for a living I certainly don't write whatever I don't want. I write about things that I know about or have experience in, or even things and interested in finding out about. But if I don't wish to write about becoming a funeral director or if I don't know the first thing about fixing an engine, I don't take the assignment. I'll take the assignments about travel, beauty, fashion or flight, thank you very much.
  5. I don't have to own a car: I don't like driving in bad weather if I can avoid it so my job is not an exception I write for a living selecting work in my own home without putting my life at risk.
  6. Forget the workplace drama: I don't care who John's son is dating, and I don't want to hear about the pictures from Jennifer's party that she mistakenly uploaded to Facebook last Friday night. I rated home so I never have to deal with employee drama at all.
  7. I get more family time: I see my family never want to when I write for what. Of course there's distractions involved, but make some rules about when you can or cannot be disturbed, and you get to eat all three meals each day with your family.
  8. I earn as much money as necessary: I write for a living based on how much they earn and how many articles I write. If I need to make $120 in a day, I'll just write eight $15 articles and reach a goal. This way I can earn extra income here and there or earn full-time income.
  9. The camaraderie gives me all the support I need: there's thousands of other freelance writers online on publishing forms so when I need some help determining which companies pay the best and which are the most reputable, I get almost instant answers.
  10. It's just too much fun.