As many of you know, I'm a huge fan of Info Barrel. I truly believe it is the best online revenue sharing site. The site is on the rise, as displayed by Alexa ratings, and shows some real promise for the future, as well as today. Here are the top 10 reasons that Info Barrel is better.

10 - Transparency:

Info Barrel is very transparent. There are no secret algorithms or smoke clouds looming. The site is very transparent about what you can do. The expectations are quite easy to figure out. The revenue sharing amounts are written up in black and white, so you don't have to wonder how you earn money, or how much your share of the revenue will really be.

Other sites simply will not tell you how earning are calculated or determined, choosing instead, to make it a secret. Some sites, like Bukisa, give you an idea of earnings per thousand views, but use confusing language, claiming that only "unique visitors that accept our advertising" will be taken into account. Who in the world could possibly determine exactly how much they will make? Transparency is just one the many ways that Info Barrel is better.

9 - Open Platform:

You can write about virtually anything with Info Barrel. This makes the site a natural pick for online authors, that would like to write more than reviews or how to articles. This really allows you to get your creative juices flowing. The open platform means that authors have more options for writing articles. More options can often mean higher earnings, since you are not so limited when you find those killer keywords to use in your articles. This is just one of things that help to make Info Barrel better than other revenue sharing sites.

8 - Ability to Delete Spam Comments:

Have you ever tried to flag spam comments on other revenue sharing sites? It may take days, weeks, or in some cases, never happen at all. With Info Barrel you can delete the spam comments that the roaming trolls leave on your article, should you wish. It's a new feature that I've already used a few times.

7 - Other Revenue Streams:

With Info Barrel, you can make money in several different ways. Like many online revenue sharing sites, you can earn money with Adsense. Info Barrel, however, also allows affiliate selling. In addition, you can provide self serving links in your articles, to help drive customers to your other online sources of revenue. As if this wasn't enough, Info Barrel also has Chitika ads, which allow authors to earn even more money online writing articles. It goes a step further. Info Barrel also allows you to refer other writers, and pays you to do it.

6 - Contests:

Many other online revenue sharing sites never have contests. Info Barrel is better because they have contests for the writers each month. Unlike the few other sites that have some contests here and there, Info Barrel has the contests virtually each and every month.

Other online revenue sharing sites that have contests have one prize. With Info Barrel, there are three gift card winners, but unlimited Adsense winners. Each month, authors can earn points by writing for Info Barrel. These points help you to increase the revenue share you receive. You can earn up to 90% of Adsense impressions each month just by participating in the contest. All authors that achieve the top tier, normally only 30 points, are eligible for a 90% share. 30 points is the equivalent to 6 articles, 1000 words or longer.

5 - Higher Standards:

Info Barrel is better because they hold authors to higher standards. New authors must meet preapproval guidelines, before they can publish immediately. This helps the site to ensure that only quality, coherent articles are live on the site. Many other sites ignore this important detail. This is why Info Barrel is better.

If you are thinking of doing the copy and paste routine, don't bother. Info Barrel will not allow you to post articles appearing on any other site. This allows for unique content on the site, a higher standard that very few other sites hold to.

4 - Ability to Repair Denied Articles:

With some online revenue sharing sites, you simply cannot repair any articles that have been taken down. In some extreme cases, sites have threatened to delete the accounts of anyone that attempts to republish or resubmit denied articles. This means your hard work is wasted. With Info Barrel, you can repair and resubmit. This allows you to keep the articles you have worked so hard to publish, so you can make some money with them, assuming the edit is approved.

3 - Favor by Google:

Info Barrel is experiencing unparalleled growth. This means that author's articles get indexed very quickly, often in less than 20 minutes. This allows you the opportunity to earn right away. In addition, as the site continues to grow, your articles will naturally improve through the search engine rankings, so you make even more money on your Info Barrel articles. The future is really bright with Info Barrel.

2 - Customer Service:

If you have ever tried to contact another revenue sharing site, you know how frustrating it really is. You send an email, using the sites "contact us" feature. You wait for days with no response. After a week, and two or three email attempts, you finally get a canned, no thought given type of reply. At Info Barrel your questions comments and concerns are answered quickly, by a real person.

1 - Money:

You can earn an unlimited amount of money through Info Barrel. There is no ceiling with earnings. At the absolute minimum, you will earn a 75% Adsense share, far more than most other sites offer. With minimal effort, you can increase your earnings to 90%. This means that you can make much more money with Info Barrel today, and down the road, as the site continues to grow. This really helps to make Info Barrel better than the other online revenue sharing sites.

If you haven't written any articles for Info Barrel, what are you waiting for? You can make more money online right here. Give it a shot.