Top 10 Reasons People Want to be Rich

 Although very few people would turn down millions in lottery winnings, there is a group of people who put a great deal of thought, time and effort into becoming wealthy.  For these people, working 9 to 5, even for a decent salary, is not what they are looking for.  Instead, these people are starting businesses, investing in real estate or finding strategies online to build up streams of passive income.  For these people, the desire for wealth is more than just wishful hoping; it’s something to act on, something that drives people to go that extra mile.   Why?

Realizing that money in and of itself is just pieces of paper that we trade for goods and services; it’s clearly not the money itself that people desire.  Instead, it’s what the money represents, so with no further ado, here’s the Top 10 List of Reasons People Want to be Rich!

1.       Security

Wealth is security, protecting us from huge problems such as lack of healthcare, homelessness and hunger.  Being rich means not worrying about a downturn in the economy and possible job loss.  For people who have ever had a time in their lives where they wondered how they were going to pay their rent or who have been unemployed, this knowledge is deeply carved into their psyches, driving them to achieve a financial state where they will never again experience this fear.

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2.       Freedom

Money is more than security.  It is also freedom.  While several people enjoy their jobs and would continue to do them even if they inherited millions, wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that if circumstances changed and your job lost its luster, that you could walk away from it at the drop of a hat?  People want the freedom to go on the vacations that they want instead of the vacations that they can afford.  The same thing goes for everyday occurrences like choosing a restaurant.  The freedom to go to the one with the best food or the one that’s the most convenient instead of to the ones that are in your price range simply makes life better, not to mention more convenient.  Tired of going to your doctor’s office and waiting over half an hour to be seen for 7 minutes?  No problem.  Just sign up for the medical concierge service in your neighborhood and have your doctor on speed dial.  Although it’s probably true that money doesn’t buy happiness in every way, the freedoms that money can buy are endless.

3.       Escape from our jobs

Although many people would keep their jobs regardless of the size of the windfall earned by their collection of e-books, at least as many are desperate to quit the daily grind of commuting to a cubicle where they are made to feel worthless on a daily basis.  Perhaps those most desperate to become wealthy are those with bad bosses who dream of writing their letter of resignation and hiring a marching band to accompany them to deliver it.  Bad bosses and killer work environments are terrible for the soul, but wonderful for building people’s desire for wealth.

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4.       Having great stuff

It had to be said sooner or later: whether you consider yourself to be materialistic or not, money buys you great stuff!  What that stuff is will vary greatly between people, but everybody wants something.  For some people it’s the clothes and the cars, for others it’s the great house with a pool and a guesthouse, and for others it’s all about hiring someone to take care of your every need and desire.  It may even be the ability to donate large sums to charities that are important to you.  Regardless of what it is, everybody wants something – and some people want lots of something!

Along with the great tangible stuff that money can buy you, into this category also comes the experiences that money can offer.  Do you want to climb Everest?  It’s not cheap.  Want to drive race cars or learn to fly a plane?  Want to take a rocket into space?  All of this can be had for a price.  Maybe you want to take your family to swim with dolphins or enter a dog sled race.  The list goes on and on.

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5.       Escape from a bad relationship

While this list has so far applied equally to both genders, this one might be more likely to apply to women.  Unfortunately, women often end up in a position where their earning power in a relationship is either nil or significantly less than their partner’s.  This is especially true when the woman has decided to stay at home with children.  In this situation, the mere thought of splitting from the breadwinner is impossible due to the financial suicide it could entail.  When making life changing decisions such as whether or not to end a relationship, lack of cash can be a trap.

6.       Being respected

People might not respect your money but they are sure likely to respect that you built an empire with your own intelligence and hard work.  Can anybody honestly look at Mark Cuban and say “what an idiot”?  We don’t think so.  Build your own multimillion dollar business and respect and admiration are certain to follow, whether they admit it or not.

7.       Looking better

There are a lot of variations on this one.  Wanting to look better is just as universal as wanting to have more money.  How the two connect varies by the individual.  For some, it means building a home gym and hiring Ryan Reynolds as your personal trainer.  For others it might mean hiring a personal chef and nutritionist.  It could also include more purely purchasable things such as plastic surgery or dental work.  Everyone wants to look better and money can make this happen.  Isn’t that why J-Lo looks better now than she did when she was 20?

8.       Because of how other people see us

Although similar to number 6, this is more about the strangers and acquaintances in our lives instead of the people we really know.  Have you ever seen someone getting out a gorgeous sports car that you know costs a bomb and wonder how they afforded it?  Who hasn’t driven through the most expensive neighborhoods in their city thinking “how did they afford this”?  How do you think you will be treated as you enter the best restaurant in your city after valeting your new Jaguar?  Compare how you’re treated by the host at your local Denny’s.  Where will you get better service?  Where will you feel more important?  Where will you feel better about yourself?  It’s an easy answer.  Admittedly, most of us would agree that this is shallow and that getting admiring looks and great service isn’t the most valuable part of being wealthy, but few would throw it away if they had the chance to have it.

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9.       Getting a better dating status

For all those singles out there and for every nerdy teenage virgin out there: yes, we’ve seen it in the movies and we see it in real life, the old guy with the bad toupee, an expensive car and a really, really attractive woman.  It’s the Hugh Hefner cliché that seems to be true.  Although we usually see the rich man with the hot woman, it must work both ways.  If you’re a guy, imagine meeting someone online and arranging a date with someone who you might consider a 6.  Finding out that she’s the local queen of real estate may well push her up to at least a 7 in your eyes.  It’s not just the money, although that helps.  It’s also the person’s drive, intelligence and work ethic that make the person attractive.  Although money and true love shouldn’t necessarily be connected, money and dating is.

10.   To feel achievement

Although this might not be the reason that people are driven to become wealthy, this one might actually end up being the most rewarding.  We’ve all heard stories about the tech start up person who starts from nothing and ends up selling their company for a billion dollars at the age of 22.  Do you think that person feels proud of themselves and like they could do it all over again if they lost everything?  Yes!  Of course, there’s no need for it to be nearly that big.  How do you think you would feel if you started a business today on the side of your current job and in a year had made an extra $50,000?  You would probably feel pretty good about both the money and about yourself.  In fact, you would probably feel this achievement not just at the end of that year while counting your cash, but much earlier, even at the earliest stages of execution of your business plan.  If you want to be rich and are moving towards it, several of these benefits will kick in far before you make your first million.