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There Are Many Reasons To Get A College Degree

Here are the top reasons to get a college degree

The cost of tuition has been skyrocketing over the last few years. Colleges have been admitting fewer students and offering less classes. What used to be called a four year degree is now taking about five years to complete for many students, and recent graduates are struggling to get the few openings that are out there. Yet there are still many reasons to get a college degree, not only will it affect your ability to earn, happiness, health and social network is dramatically affected by college.

Reasons 6-10 To Get A College Degree

10. Low Unemployment

Unemployment for people who do not have a four year college degree ranges from 8-16% around the country, however those with some college are usually near the low end of that range. For those who have a four year degree, unemployment rates are usually below 5%. Generally, people who have a four year degree enjoy 1/3 the unemployment rate of people who have no college education.

9. Rewarding career

Most people have jobs. People go to their job because they need money to pay their bills. When you have a career you go to work because you are interested in what you do and get paid for.  It has been said 'do something you love, and you'll never work a day in your life.' You are going to spend approximately half of all of your waking hours in your life at work, you might as well be doing something you enjoy. This does not mean that your career will only include fun things that you always love to do, because every career has elements that someone in the field does not enjoy. The reality is that everybody has to do some things they do not enjoy, however you will enjoy most of what you do.

8.  Flexibility With Career Options

If you find that you are no longer interested in the exact field you are working in, your four year degree will open many doors. By merely having a four year degree in any field, you will qualify for many jobs that require a four year degree, even if you do not have experience in that field. Additionally, degrees are in broad subject areas, within the field there is usually sub-fields or related fields that will allow you to leverage your knowledge in the related field to get a head of other applicants.

7. Longer And Healthy Life

College graduates have lower rates of heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, each year of education increases life expectancy by .16 years. College graduates use less sick days than people who do not have a college degree, in fact on average college graduates miss 2.3 days less than non-college graduates.

6.More Vacation

Just about any job you get that requires a college degree will automatically include at least two weeks of paid vacation to start. After a few years, the number of weeks will increase. People who do not have a college degree often get paid vacation also, however most of the jobs that do not include paid vacation, go to people who do not have a college degree.

Reasons 5-1 To Get A College Degree

5. Better Vacations

With the increased income from getting your college degree, you will be able take better vacations. With more disposable income than people who did not go to college, your vacations will be longer and better because you will be able to afford to go to place like the Bahamas or Europe.

4. Network With People

The college experience is unique because you will do some exploring and maturing in ways you probably would not do if you did not go to college. Colleges are full of diverse people who are close in age, experiencing similar things, the resulting mix is a supercharged social lesson. You will likely meet people who will continue to be your best friends for the rest of your life. Since these people also have college degrees, they will be great resources in the future.

3. Increase Your Impact And Ability To Bring Change

If you go to college and get a four year degree, you will likely have co-workers and colleagues that also have college degrees and careers that affect people’s lives. For example, I am a lawyer. Not only can I affect my client’s lives by representing them well, one of my best friends is also a lawyer and she is close to the mayor. I once wanted a meeting with the mayor, it was relatively easy to get a meeting because my friend knew the mayor. Architects work with city planners and high powered developers, teachers know school administrators and politicians, people are connected through their careers. A college degree will introduce you to people who are influential and teach you how to effectively impact others.

2. Money

According to College Board, the non-profit membership based organization that administers the SAT exam, Advanced Placement Exams, as well as other exams, in 2003 a person who had a four year degree earned $19,000 more every year than people who do not have a degree. Considering that people work nearly 50 years over the course of their career, a four year degree equates to about $1,000,000 more for the educated worker when you consider inflation.

1. Personal Growth

College teaches critical thought, or the practice of verifying and validating information rather than simply taking things at face value. Critical thinking will change your perspective on life. Most people 'find themselves' in college, this means they have a sense of identity, they are comfortable with who they are and the things that mean the most to them.

There you have them, the top ten reasons to get a college degree. Although the cost of getting a degree has gone up and schools are admitting fewer students, a college degree is well worth the effort. College is transformative, if for no other reason you should go to college because it will help you be the best that you can be.