Top 10 Reasons Why Money Is Everything.

  1. Job: If you had enough money would you still keep your current job? Probably not, because the primary reason why you are still trolling doing the same thing is because you can't afford not to. Hence, it all boils down to money. You are paid but you still can't get enough.

  2. Love: Money can buy love. If you don't believe it, you must be very poor or only earning an average wage. Love is subjective and the notion of true love is only an illusion. We are all in it for something. Most would like to call it love because it sounds better, but money is a major factor that cannot be disregarded. People with money are seldom single.

  3. Children: You have heard people say I can't afford to have children. Well, having children is not always about love. If you can't provide adequately, you might as well never have them. Think of all the things you will have to buy. For example you will have to shell out for things like, clothes, books, games, health insurance, PSP, etc. The list is really endless.

  4. House: If you could afford to buy a house instead of renting, you would. You would have a heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and someone to clean and look after things. You would have a separate room for your books even if you can't read. You would have central heating and also a nice fire place with real wood burning. Why? Because you can afford it and money isn't an issue.

  5. Ghetto: If you live in a rundown derelict estate or projects, you would not be there for long because you can afford to move and live in a nicer neighborhood. Nobody is proud to live in the hood. You are only proud when that is all there is.

  6. Designer Outfits: The big names in fashion like Gucci, Prada, Chanel and YvesSaintLaurent mean quality. I am not talking about the cheap imitation you get from e-bay. I am talking about the real McCoy. The one you've always wished you can afford to buy. When you have the dollars or better still the Euros, your wife or girlfriend will be loving it.

  7. Health: If you don't have money and you are unfortunate enough to be ill and need hospital stay, lord have mercy on your soul.

  8. Transportation: Pimp up your ride will be in your vocabulary. I am not talking about hitching a ride but getting a nice looking reliable car. You will not even be content with one, you will have one for everyday of the week, to suit your mood.

  9. Religion: The lord loves a cheerful giver and never come into the house of the lord empty handed. You can only fulfill that commandment with money.

  10. Death: Yes even people with money die, but the difference is they go out in style. see more from Despertate Journalism