Top 10 Reasons You Should Not Adopt A Child

  1. Adopt a child and Surprises: If you hate surprises, then adoption might not be for you. There is always something that will crop up even with the best adoption screening in the world. If you have been following the news recently you will have heard about the Tennessee woman who sent an adopted boy back to Russia.

  2. Adopt a child and Money: If you love children but you don't have money, well you wouldn't be allowed to adopt a dog not to talk about adopting a child. Yes money isn't everything but love isn't everything either. Adopting a child is not for the poor. You will not be allowed to adopt a child if you are poor even if you can give all the love in the world to your adopted child

  3. Adopt a child and You Already Have Children: When You already have children, adopting a child might make the family more complete or could be a source of tension. The adopted child might feel that he or she doesn't really fit or belong. There is no miracle to make things work. You either are prepared to make adopting a child work or you will end up sending the child back.

  4. Adopt a child and you are disabled: Adoption agencies screening will make it more difficult for persons with disabilities to adopt. They might fear you will not be capable of raising the adopted child. However, it will mostly depend on the degree of the disability. If you already need help yourself, how are you going to help an adopted child. As previously stated, it will depend on various factors

  5. Adopt a child and you are desperate: Desperation can lead to lack of judgment which in turn will lead to bad decisions during the adoption process. Adoption is a serious affair and a bad decision can have far-reaching consequences. You might end up desperately wanting to send the adopted child back.

  6. Adopt a child when you have No time: If you have the money to go through the adoption process but you lack the time, don't bother. Adopting a child is not like walking into an animal refuge and coming out an hour later with a lovely kitten or a puppy. You have to put in the time or else it won't work. You would have thought that there are many children waiting to be adopted. That being said, adoption agencies are never in a hurry.

  7. Adopt a child and you don't know what RAD means: If you want to adopt a child and haven't done your home work. This is the time to go back to the drawing board. Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) is quite common with adopted children. Be prepared or else you will be defeated. Remember love isn't always enough when it comes to children or an adopted child.

  8. Adopt a child and you don't know what you want: As strange as it might seem, some people just want a child and that is it. Well it should not be that simple. You should be clear on things like, age, origin, language, ethnicity, sex, etc.

  9. Adopt a child and wrong expectations: Your expectations will be dashed on the long journey to adoption. You need to adjust your expectations as the circumstances change. That implies being flexible and adjusting to the unexpected. There are many disastrous stories out there about adoption and you have to read some of them to get a feel for what adopt really means

  10. Adopt a child and future Pregnancy: Are you still planning to have children of your own. This might pose a problem if and when your attention shift from your adopted child to the new born. Will you still be able to love and care with impartiality?