Top 10 reasons why you should write for Infobarrel

  1. Love: You love to write and can write interesting articles. You feel you have something worthwhile to share with other members of infobarrel and love to see you articles published on the Internet

  2. Creating an article: This is so easy to do. Everything you need to create your articles is presented on the same page. The text editing in Infobarrel has more features than Hubpages.

  3. SEO: If you post your article on infobarrel, you will get them indexed quicker than posting the same articles on your personal blog. If you don't believe this, you can experiment that and see what happens.

  4. Money: This point is not unique to Infobarrel but the more you write relevant articles the better you stand to make residual income. This is not easy when you are just starting but it gets better as you mature and write better and faster.

  5. Share: Infobarrel gives you a good deal with income sharing. They get a share (40% percent)of the income generated from your articles and you get to use part of their network to become famous. So what is money when you are famous?

  6. eHow: Well, if you have ever written for a site like eHow, you will understand why Infobarrel is fresh and worth your time. If you want more just do a Google search and that should get you onboard.

  7. Visibility: If you write great articles, Infobarrel could be a stepping stone to printed articles. You could showcase your work and let potential publishers see what you have been busying with. They get to see that you are not dreaming of writing but are already living your dream.

  8. Control: Infobarrel will screen you articles to help you become a better writer. The first 10 articles are manually screened. This should not be a problem if you are into writing and have something useful to share.

  9. Categories: Infobarrel is new compared to the likes of Associated Contents and eHow. However, you will get to write articles for new categories that are not already saturated. You get the opportunity to bring a fresh approach and new perspective to your readers.

  10. Adsense: Infobarrel directly allows you to link to your current Adsense account. That really makes sense as you don't have to open another payment method to receive your income. Furthermore, this link shows that Google likes Infobarrel and will quickly index your article. The more Google indexes your articles, the more page impressions you will see in your Adsense account. see more from Desperate Journalism