Top 10 Reasons You Should Never Lose Weight

  1. Losing weight and Food: You love food and wouldn't discriminate on its origin. You feel food is a gift from the heavens and should be cherished, eaten and appreciated. It is like the heavenly manna that should be devoured with thanks. You like to justify this by saying there are millions starving and would love nothing more than to get a piece of the action. You don't believe in waste. You have always being brought up to finish what you start. That is number one Reason You Should Never Lose Weight

  2. Losing weight and Surgery: Losing weight comes with its downside. Once the fat is gone, you are left with unwanted flesh hanging from all over. You will probably look sad as your cute chubby face will look like some left over dried pork. You will need to go under the knife to help with the excess luggage. That is number two Reason You Should Never Lose Weight

  3. Losing weight and Wardrobe: You might suffer wardrobe malfunction as your clothes will become too big. This literally means spending on new clothing. It can be fun as you will now fit into those lovely dresses you've wanted to try out for so long. That is number three Reason You Should Never Lose Weight

  4. Losing weight and Shoes: You can't remember the last time you were able to tie your shoe laces. You can't remember the time you were last able to see how tiny or big your feet were. Well, those days will be over if you ever lose weight. Think about the joys of getting someone to do your shoe laces. That is number four Reason You Should Never Lose Weight

  5. Losing weight and Love: You have attracted more male admirers since you become a bigger girl. Your husband or boyfriend can't get enough of you. Luckily, there is enough of you to go around. So why would you want to disappoint? That is the fifth reason why you should never lose weight.

  6. Losing weight and Death: You are not afraid of death. You would rather die well fed than to die of starvation Losing weight can be a painful experience and you know that will shall all die fat or after losing weight. If you want to die and go out in a blaze of glory without losing weight, you should not lose weight. That is the sixth reason you should not lose weight

  7. Losing weight and Regaining Weight: You have tried everything from Atkins, Weight watchers to exercise videos etc. Your genetic predisposition always gain the upper hand. You decided to let Mother Nature have its ways with you. That will be the seventh resason you should not lose weight

  8. Losing weight and Follow The Crowd: You want to be unique and are not into doing what everyone does (losing weight). You are aware that being size zero is popular but you are not going to be influenced by the propaganda. Losing weight has become an obsesssion and you will rather be obsessed with food. That will be the eighth reason you should not lose weight

  9. Losing weight and Perception: You think you are already too skinny so why bother lose weight. You would really hate to be accused of anorexia. That will be so unhealthy and shameful. You like what you see in the mirror and you think love handles are the best thing since slice bread. You don't even bother to suck in your stomach. Losing weigh will make your deform your mirror. That will be the ninth reason you should not lose weight

  10. Losing weight and Fashionable: You strongly believe that being fat will sooner or later be fashionable. The first step has already begun with J-lo's heavy behind. There is also progress with the rise of stars like "Monique". Just give it time the rest of them will come around. You want to be at the cuting edge of plus size fashion and losing weight is not cool of fashionable. That will be the tenth reason you should not lose weight.