Top 10 Benefits of Strength Training

10 Important Reasons for Strength Training

There are many reasons why people start strength training.

The most common ones are not even going to be listed.  They are superficial.

  • Look Better
  • Increase Sports Performance
  • Impress women/men
  • Become Stronger
  • Become "Fitter"
Strength Training Exercises


Strength training will do all of these things.  These are all valid reasons to begin strength training all by themselves.  But they are the obvious benefits of Strength Training

In this article on the top ten reasons to begin strength training we are going to go a little deeper than that.

So let's get to it.

Top 10 Benefits of Strength Training:

#1 Lose Weight/Body fat Through Strength Training: 

Lose Weight Strength TrainingStrength Training puts on muscle mass.  If you need to lose weight it is best to combine the strength training with a good aerobic or cardio routine for the best weight lose. 

There are actually two really good reasons why strength training is a necessary part of any weight loss plan.

You may lose weight "faster" with a good, Jillian Michaels Aerobic Routine, but you keep it from coming back "longer" with the weight training.  Muscle is denser than fat.  For every pound of muscle you gain your body needs to work extra hard to keep it.  Therefore burning more calories and helping you to "lose" weight. 

The second factor is something known as "Physiological Homework".  After you have a strength training workout routine your body keeps burning calories at a higher level than normal.  Up to 15% extra even an hour after the training.

#2 Bone and Muscle Loss

Bone and Muscle loss and strength trainingAs you get older you will begin to experience bone and muscle loss.  This is why a 90-year-old woman falling often means a broken hip, while a 9-year-old girl could fall from 5 times the height and walk away with nothing but a bruise and tears.

Strength training cannot halt the process of bone and muscle loss.  But it can and does slow the process. 

Just look at Jack laLane in his 90's.

#3  Reduce Stress by Working out and Strength Training

Reduce StressStress drives people to do things they shouldn't. 



Playing addictive video games. 

Watching TV. 

Eating Chocolates. 

The list goes on...  and on.

Strength training is a way to reduce/relieve that stress. 

  • Lifting can be a cathartic experience.  Getting your tension out by physical pain.
  • Strength training will teach you to focus your problems.  You pay attention to the muscle groups you are exercising and this focus can keep your mind off the issues.
  • The better/stronger/fitter feeling you get from strength training boosts self-esteem and therefore make you less susceptible for the low self-esteem reasons for stress.

#4  Fight pain

Fight pain with Strength TrainingMore strength exercise means more lean muscle mass.  This muscle mass means that these muscles will be stronger and fitter. 

In turn this boost in lean muscle mass means less stress on your joints and bones. 

Not only can this lead  to being stronger therefore, but it can actually cut the pain that is felt in your bones and joints.

#5  Boosts your energy level

Boost your energy levelsStrength training releases endorphins.

   Endorphins are your brains 100% natural drugs.  Working out can actually give you a mild euphoric feeling. 

This can result in a rush and real, "increase" of energy levels after a workout.

#6  Improve your mood

Strength Training to Improve your MoodThe endorphins do more than just 'boost your energy'.  Endorphins are also a great anti-depressant.  They make you feel better and they can help you sleep better, purely through chemistry.

Remember this  'chemistry' effect is only "part" of the beneficial effects of strength training.  In #3 we discussed how strength training also works to relieve stress and the results can lead to an improved self-worth, body-image self-esteem.

Add all of that together and you can see where a bit of strength training really does one hell of a lot to improve your mood.

#7  Improve your Cholesterol

Good and bad CholesterolRegular strength training improves your cholesterol. 

There are two types of lipoproteins.  Often known as LDL (Low Density lipoproteins or  "Bad Cholesterol")  and HDL (High Density lipoproteins or "Good Cholesterol")

A regular strength training regimen make means you create more HDL than LDL, considering the same diet with or without the exercise.

This means that there is a lower chance of Heart Attacks, Strokes, Diabetes and all other diseases that are associated with or exacerbated by high (bad) cholesterol.

#8  Heal and Recover faster

Heal and recover faster due to strength trainingWhen your muscles are stronger you simply recover from injury and illness faster than you do if they are not strong. 

Your body may compensate more when you are injured and your muscles are not as strong.  This can aggravate the injury and make the healing process take longer.

Fitness, in general, is tied directly to this core strength.

#9  Improve Endurance and Stamina

Strength Trainging to Improve endurance and StaminaIt is always recommended to have a cardio routine as well as a strength training routine. 

The two work well together. 

When your muscles are stronger it also means that you will be able to do better and longer in your cardiovascular routine.  

The same is true in reverse also, the increase you get from an aerobic (not anaerobic) routine will kick the strength training into gear too.

#10  Fight Cancer and Live Longer

Fight cancer and DiseaseStrength training has shown that it works to decrease the free radicals that are in your blood. 

This decrease in free radicals works to then decrease your chances for tissue damage and Cancer.

Strength training can simple add years to your life.

Just look at some of the things regular strength training fights:

  • Cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Weight Gain
  • cholesterol
  • osteoporosis
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Quicker Recovery


Hopefully with all of these benefits you see the point for the reasons to begin strength training.

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