If you have somehow managed to avoid playing any fantasy sports up until now, first, I would worry about you on a mental level. I would also tell you that now is a great time to finally get involved with fantasy sports, specifically fantasy soccer. With the World Cup in full swing and the Premier League starting soon, now is a great time to get in on the mood of trying a fantasy Premier League football game. Even if you are a veteran of fantasy sports play, you might find fantasy football (soccer) leagues to be an awesome user experience. To pinpoint just why you should try us out, here are the top 10 reasons you should get in on the fantasy soccer action today.

10. Real connections - With everyone having so many disengaged "digital friends", maybe you should try to make some real connections through fantasy sports. The competition really does make connecting with people more real online.

9. Run the show - If you want some freedom in creating the set up and overall rules for your own fantasy league, then try Fantasy Premier League Commissioner. Do all the customizing you want.

8. Freedom! - Most fantasy football games are absolutely free. So there is no need for you to dig in the crevices of your couch for loose change or sell your autographed Ronaldo jersey on ebay. Try the official Fantasy Premier League game. It offers prizes and totally free of charge. Probably, that’s why 2.6 million users stick to it.

7. Dream Team - If you like the idea of managing a Dream Team of your favorite football players, then this is the place to be. You could choose the best players like Rooney, Aguero, Suarez and more. When they score, your fantasy team scores too (in fantasy points).

6. Real control – In fantasy soccer leagues you can choose to play with your own friends and buddies via the mini (private) leagues. Did I mention you can also set your own team formations... from 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 5-3-2 and more.

5. 83 Million - That is the estimated number of folks who play fantasy sports online. This number is still growing! 83 million people cannot be wrong

4. 3 ways to play - We know people like to enjoy the internet in different ways. So.....you can play in on websites, on Facebook, and on iOS and Android devices.

3. Stats & more stats - If you are a rookie fantasy soccer player, have no fear. They have all the stats to help you select the right players. You can even use the "owned" feature to see what percentage of fantasy owners chose the player you are thinking of grabbing up.

2. You like cash prizes? - Internet gambling is illegal but you are allowed to win money based on skill. So if you think you have that skill when it comes to managing a EPL fantasy team, then sign up today. Time and time again, fantasy sport is proven to be a game of skill, not luck

1. What will you do with your free time once the Cup champion is crowned and the tourney is over? Playing in premier fantasy leagues will fill the void that will be left when the World Cup ends.