Ninja (36792)

10. Ninja – This roller coaster is the only suspended coaster west of the Mississippi River. It may not have loops or go that fast and is not the most intense ride in the park, but for what it is it's a fun ride. The maximum speed on this ride is about 55 miles per hour. It also has a very remarkable feeling when the cars sway on the track while flying through the treetops. Another plus for this ride is since it is not very popular there a low wait times for this.


9. Colossus – One of the oldest rides in the park and easily recognizable from a distance Colossus come in at number nine. Even though this coaster may not be that intense as other in the park it still manages to pack a surprising punch to its riders. Being a wooden coaster can either add to the experience or maybe make the ride not as smooth for some, but as with Ninja the wait times for this a low so its can be ridden any time throughout the day.


8. Viper – This used to be THE roller coaster back in the day at Magic Mountain; now its sits in the shadow of the nearby X2 and Tatsu. It may not command the same amount of lines it used to but with its seven inversions it is still a blast to ride even though it can be a bit rough. This is the tallest looping coaster in the world as the loop is 144 feet tall at the top. At two decades old this grandpa of Magic Mountain coasters still it a enjoyable ride and it does not have that long of a wait.

Batman The Ride

7. Batman: The Ride – One of the first inverted coasters in the world we have Batman: The Ride. The track layout is small and tight which makes it so that the coaster never seems like it ever lets up till the end, but that adds to the experience of this coaster. It recently got a new coat of paint and looks fantastic and this is a ride that no one should miss when they visit the park.


6. Apocalypse (Formally Terminator: Salvation The Ride) – This wooden coaster may seem tame when you catch a glimpse of it, but it can still be a fun ride. It only goes 55 miles per hour, but it feels like it goes way faster then that and for a wooden coaster it has a surprisingly smooth ride. One bad thing about this ride is it seems to be too short, but it has fire in it. Yes, a wooden coaster that has fire; at least it is nowhere near the structure. On a side note when this ride operated as the Terminator ride it was one of the few rides in the park that had a themeing on it.


5. Scream! – Kind of hidden in the back corner of the park we have this roller coaster. It is a floorless coaster so it gives you the sensation of riding a "flying seat." With seven inversions and enough speed for anyone this is a great ride for anyone looking for a thrill. One thing that gives this ride extra points is that since it is hidden it seems that not a lot of people head for this ride which keeps it open throughout the day.

Riddler's Revenge

4. Riddler's Revenge – This coaster used to be all the rage in Magic Mountain before the next three coasters where built in the park. This stand-up roller coaster goes 67 miles per hour per hour and features seven inversions. This stand-up coaster is also the tallest and fastest of its kind in the world. Even after a little over a decade after it was built it stills commands long lines and it provides an experience that can only be enjoyed on its trains.



3. Goliath – With the initial drop of 255 feet, Goliath is the tallest roller coaster in the park if you do not count the Superman ride. On the first dive the train hits around 80 something miles per hour before heading into a small dark tunnel before popping out again and continuing the ride. This ride contains it all, G forces and hang time, while doing it all without a single loop in the whole track layout. Adding to the thrill of this coaster is the fact that there is no over the shoulder restraints on the ride and the trains only having a lap bar. The giant among Magic Mountain's coasters should not be missed.


Tatsu (36789)

2. Tatsu – The tallest, fastest, flying coaster in the world is one of Magic Mountain's signature coasters along with our next entry. This coaster gives its riders a simulation of flying throughout the duration of the ride. This ride can be intense, but at the same time it is almost surprisingly relaxing. Tatsu hits 62 miles per hour over the course of the ride and includes the largest pretzel loop in the world as seen in the picture. If this coaster was in most other parks it would probably be number one, but falls short to the next entry on the list.


1. X2 - The first and only 4th-Dimension roller coaster in the United States and one of only three on the world is the wild ride of X2. What make this ride famous are the rotating seats that sit off the track and revolve 360 degrees to give a sensation never before felt on a roller coaster. This ride features a speed of 76 miles per hour and an 88.5 degree drop where the riders face the rapidly approaching earth when their seats rotate to after the lift hill. This ride also includes flamethrowers which surprise anyone who takes their first ride on this coaster. This is a once in a lifetime roller coaster and one that should not be missed by anyone visiting Magic Mountain.


Notes: I chose not to include Déjà vu in my list of top coasters since I have never seen it open at the park whenever I have been there. Also I do not consider Superman a coaster, nut more of a thrill ride and it is also being re-done for the 2011 season. Finally, coming in May 2011 is the new Green Lantern ride which will feature rotating seats like X2 except a completely different layout. This list might need to be redone when I go on some of these soon.