A Lovely List of Ten Great Love Songs

Ten Good Romance Songs which are the Cream of the Crop

    There are many beautiful love songs out there, in various languages. Although we may not be able to understand the language, one thing is universal and that is love and romance which go hand in hand or rather heart in heart. While there are literally hundreds or even thousands of love songs, sometimes only a handful of them really and truly get to a person. Not everyone will have the same tastes or likes, but a love song is a love song and can be enjoyed by all. Especially if its for a dance at a prom, engagement party, wedding, anniversary or on the fourteenth day of February, St. Valentines Day.  Romantic songs can also be used during a date or for an impromptu romantic gesture that's sure to please.


     Amazed was written by Marv Greene, Aimee Mayo and Chris Lindsey and sung by Lonestar. It is a beautiful love song as the singer describes how much he feels when he's with his beloved. Be it the meeting of eyes or the touch of the one who holds his heart a willing captive. It's what most, if not all desire when they're in love or have a wish to be in love for real. A love that lasts a lifetime and over time the love deepens and grows more and more. The music which accompanies the lyrics and tone of voice come together to create an emotional piece. Amazed by Lonestar would be one of the perfect songs for a prom, wedding dance or anniversary.


    Fall for You was written by John Vesley and sung by Secondhand Serenade, of which he is a member, and is yet another lovely love song. Sometimes even when a couple begin to date, they're not always in love, but may have a certain chemistry. Then there are times where one is in love, but the other has not yet fallen which Fall for You by Secondhand Serenade alludes to with its lyrics. Then there are times where one may fall out of love, or think that they have only to fall in love with that same person once again. Finding someone else to love can be difficult, even impossible and if we're not careful we might lose out on our chance to be with the one we'll love forever.


    Could I Have This Kiss Forever which was written by Diane Warren and sung by Enrique Iglesias and Whitney Houston is one of the most beautiful romantic songs ever sung. The emotions which Enrique Iglesias and Whitney Houston put into the song seems to tug at the heartstrings. The beat of the music  and the way it is sung oft entraps one as if they were in a daydream. A daydream where one imagines themselves somewhere romantic or exotic, perhaps even a ball room as two strangers eyes meet across the room. They meet and fall in love instantly and want nothing more but to share the same night together, forever. Who doesn't want to be loved and held by the one they love for all of time even when the all the lights finally go out? Could I Have this Kiss Forever is one of those songs perfect for a romantic prom or wedding dance.


    Can You Feel the Love Tonight lyrics were written by Tim Rice and the song was composed and sung by Elton John is a well known romantic song. At least in part, for it was made famous by Disney's The Lion King. Who can forget the scene between Simba and Nala who were reunited after so long and acting like old friends and then something just sparked? Even without the song in The Liong King, Can You Feel the Love Tonight by Elton John is just captivating romantic song. About a warrior whose with his beloved and feeling the love during the night between them. A love so strong that its all he needs.


    You'll Be In My Heart which was written and sung by Phil Collins is another beautiful song with a romantic feel to it. No matter what may come to pass, its nice to know that someone will have us in their heart as time goes on and on, forever. When love is strong, nothing and no one can get in between it and the people who feel it for each other. Love makes people strong, not weak and unfortunately not everyone can see it. That is, if its actually love. There are those who will try to tear two people who genuinely love each other apart with their own selfish desires, pessimism and judgments. You'll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins however alludes to the idea that if two people in love stay strong for each other than they'll be able to show those who didn't believe that they could and will and do make it through life together.


   You Had Me From Hello which written and sung by country singer Kenny Chesney is also a lovely love song. It's not always the first glance, but instead the first word spoken that has one falling in love with someone else. In the case of this song, its the word Hello. Then too a smile which has one dreaming of the future where the one who fell in love is with the one who said a single word and smiled. Love can come along quietly among two people whom have known each other since childhood, or instantly during a function. Either way is romantic, but You Had Me From Hello by Kenny Chesney is about meeting for the first time and falling hard. Falling so hard that one dreams about a lifelong future.


    Perfect Two which was written by Jonathan Rotem, Auburn William and Jonathan Keyes and sung by Auburn is a love song which is quite interesting. The lyrics are rather cute, but its still quite romantic. The most romantic words in the whole song are also in the title. Many people want to find their perfect partner so that they too can be the perfect two just like in the song Perfect Two by Auburn. Some of the lyrics to the song may seem a bit silly, but then is it not said that love makes fools of us all? When people are in love its like they're seeing with different eyes some say the view is rose colored, but why try to bring someone in love down? It's romantic when two people are perfect together and they feel it and know it.


    Always and Forever was sung by the band Heatwave and was written by Rod Temperton. It's a lovely classic love song from 1976 which became a hit single in 1978. The song is about wanting to love someone and loving someone as the title implies always and forever. Being in and loving the same person forever is a romantic notion and for some people it really is true. When someone is loved every day by the one they in turn love it feels like sunshine all the time even on gloomy days. Always and Forever just invokes the feeling of love and how most would like to experience love.


    Pieces which was written by Robert Douglas Graves and sung by Red is a song of romance where one person returns to their lover. For without their lover they're not whole, but once back with their significant other they become whole. Pieces by Red is a rather long song which takes about a minute and a half to get to the actual singing portion of the song, but the music really makes one feel. Feel that the person can only be happy with the one who can make them whole again once they see the one they love again. What person doesn't want their love to return to them and be told that when that person is with them they make him or her feel whole again?


    You're My First, My Last, My Everything which was written by Barry White, Tony Sepe and Peter Radcliffe and sung by Barry White is one of the most lovely romantic songs of all time. Barry White's voice just sends chills down ones back whether he's only narrating or singing. The song You're My First, My Last, My Everything is so romantic, because in the song at least the person the singer loves was the person they loved first and loved last. When someone is another persons everything they're usually flattered unless of course the person happens to be a stalker. That is not the intention of this song, instead its portrayal is beautifully romantic.