There comes a time of the year where married couples celebrate their anniversary. This time could be a romantic time for partners to rekindle the old flame or a stressful time for those who have no idea what to get for their other half. Here are some creative ideas on how to celebrate a romantic anniversary.

1. Cook your partner a candlelight dinner. Try to put in the effort to make the dinner as romantic as possible. For example, you can use classy candles, put a vase of roses on the table and play romantic songs in the background. Cook food that you both love to eat so that there would not be arguments over food. If you can't cook, take away a nice dinner and set the table nicely as though in a restaurant. You could also set out a red carpet welcoming your partner into the home if they are out working in the day.

2. Write a personalised romance novel for your partner where the main characters are the both of you. Let your imagination run wild and come up with a romantic love story. You could write about how you met or write about the future adventures that you are going to have. Include hand drawings if possible to give it a more personalised touch. This would take quite a while to write and bind, so be sure to start early!

3. Buy a romantic getaway and send the two tickets for that trip to your own home via mail. Make sure that your partner would be the one opening that mail. Include a fake letter inside stating something along the lines of winning a prize for being so beautiful, charming or caring. Act as if you know nothing about it when your partner asks you.

4. Create a scrapbook of the memories that you had together. Include old pictures when you were first dating to the wedding pictures. Recreate the timeline of your relationship with photos of each occasion. You could also include letters that you wrote to each other in between the pages. While there are many shops offering this service, it would be much better if you made the scrapbook yourself to show the amount of effort that you put in. Be sure to include romantic events, funny events and also embarrassing events. This scrapbook would serve as a memory to the good times you had together.

5. Do something that will meet your partner's needs

Keep note of the actions or thing that your partner keeps mentioning about in your everyday life. If your wife has been complaining about tiredness, get her a luxury spa massage package. You would have to pay more attention to your partner's needs during the days leading up to the anniversary. It would take a little work, but it would certainly pay off.

6. Give her a message in a bottle

Write your partner a love poem or a sweet letter and put it in an old beer bottle. It would be much better if you could find old parchment to write on and also use a fountain pen to write resembling ancient pirate writing. Leave it floating in the bathtub (if you have one) with petals of roses and candles put at the side.

7. Get an artist to draw a picture of both of you

This offers a more creative option to capture memories rather than going for a photo shoot. It could be hand sketched or oil painted. Be sure to frame it and hang it up in your home.

8. Re-enact a memory from your relationship

This would allow you to reminisce about the times you had together and bring back fond memories. Try and recreate the scene with as much detail as possible such as the places you went, what you said, what you wore etc.

9. Make a romantic coupon book for your partner

Write your own coupons and staple them together into a booklet. The coupons could be about anything (eg. Cleaning the floor, a massage, a meal of his/her choice etc). Give the coupon an expiry date of 500 years later and allow the use of the coupons anytime and anywhere.

10. Leave random notes around the house

Weeks before your anniversary, leave random notes around the house such as on the car keys, the mirror or the coffee pot. Make sure the note by itself does not make any sense but when all the notes are compiled together, a message would be conveyed. This would make it interesting as your partner would have to figure out the order of the words to know its meaning.

I hope these ideas have helped you in planning your anniversary. The most important thing when planning an anniversary is to understand your partner's likes and dislikes so that you can create a personalised event/gift. Although it takes some effort to plan an anniversary, these ideas would definitely help spice up your marriage even further.