When you are looking for some great romantic comedies that you want to check out for the year, there are many that have been put out this year. When you are searching on the list for the best out there and you want to get an idea of romantic comedies and great movies for 2012, these are what you are going to want to check out. Here are 10 of the top romantic comedies of 2012 and some great 2012 movies that you should absolutely have on your list.

1. Friends With Kids

For people that have those friends with kids, you know how entertaining their lives can be. This is one of the best 2012 movies and a great romantic comedy to check out. Instead of getting together and getting married, two of the main characters want to have a child and decide to do so and stay in a plutonic relationship. Of course, all kinds of crazy events happen that are highly entertaining and humorous and the story just goes from there to be a great romantic comedy.

2. American Reunion

You can’t forget about the American Pie series. They really are romantic comedies, or they have become more and more in the line of romantic comedies, and American Reunion is one of those. With these 2012 movies, you are getting an event that is a class reunion for the American Pie crew, they come home to hang out and end up doing a lot more, including rekindling the relationship between Jim and his wife. For romantic comedies, this one will have you rolling on the floor laughing and is one of the best 2012 movies that can out.

3. The Five Year Engagement

Getting engaged is just the first step to being married, but the hard part is planning the wedding and following through with it. The Five Year Engagement is one of the best romantic comedies that talks about this situation and shows the frustration that a couple goes through trying to plan a wedding. This shows the stress that it can put on a relationship, but this brings it all back at the end and like other romantic comedies has some great humor and some great romance that will have you feeling good by the end.

4. Good Deeds

Today, Tyler Perry movies are a huge hit. When it comes to 2012 movies, Good Deeds was no exception for the Tyler Perry phenomenon. With this movie, it is in the category of romantic comedies. As a rich guy, Tyler Perry is ready to settle down, however, things are happening. Before he knows it, he is falling in love with a single mom, and low and behold, she is NOT his fiancé. This is a great romantic comedy and a true love story that Tyler Perry had people flocking to the theatre to see.

5. Rock of Ages

When you think of 2012 movies, you probably didn’t think that Rock of Ages actually fits into the romantic comedies genre, but it does. This is a movie that has a great cast including Tom Cruise and Russell Brand. This is about 80’s bands and has some great 80’s music in it. As a small town girl heads to LA to pursue her dream, she faces adversity, and finds some great love tangles that she is involved in. This is a feel good movie with some great tunes in it and a movie that many people can truly relate too.

6. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Steve Carell is pretty funny in anything that he is in and with 2012 movies, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World is no exception. This is a great comedy that definitely fits into the romantic comedies genre. The end of the world is near thanks to an asteroid that is on a path to collide with earth. Steve finds his true love at the worst time, right when this is happening. The two of them enjoy each other’s company but have to face the fact that the world may be ending around them.

7. Playing for Keeps

For 2012 movies, Gerard Butler is someone that people want to see on the big screen. Having eye candy like this makes movies that much better and he is a great person to play this role. As an ex-soccer star, he moves back to Virginia to get closer to his son. He ends up taking a position coaching his son’s soccer team and starts to get to know the best pretty soccer moms that are looking to score.

8. Think Like a Man

The head of a man is completely different than that of a woman. For 2012 movies, you should check this one out and see if it will help you think like a man. Thanks to a book that is written by one of the characters and that their girlfriends pick up, four guys start having to deal with what is in that book. These romantic comedies remind us that books aren’t the best advice always and the guys start using the book to play tricks on their women.

9. What to Expect When Your Expecting

When people were thinking about 2012 movies and plots, they probably weren’t expecting this movie to hit the charts and be a huge hit. However, this is one of the best romantic comedies of 2012 and truly shoes what couples go through during childbirth. If you’ve given birth or are thinking about it, you want to head to the theatre and check this movie out.

10. This Means War

A lesser known one of the 2012 movies is This Means War. In this movie, two men are fighting over the love of one girl. Romantic comedies like this pull out all the stops to show the chivalry that can still exist today and give people a great idea of ways that they can show their girlfriend or wife that they love them. Check this film out for ideas and a good laugh.