I am sure that everybody has gotten into a depressing time in their life in which they actually enjoyed listening to sad songs. There is something about listening to a sad song that gives you a sense of consolation through the touching lyrics and the slow paced instrumental beat. Although the singles on this list of the top 10 sad songs will make you want to cry, emotions are healed and repaired through the release of tears!

With all of that being said, this is simply my own version of a list of the top 10 sad songs that will make you want to cry; every single person that reads through this article is able to come up with their own if they want to. I had come up with about 30 songs when I had first come up with the idea to write this article; however, I had to narrow that list down to the top 10 songs due to the nature of the article. I managed to do this by listening to each individual song at a different time throughout the day, and selecting the ones that touched me the most.

10. Ben-Michael Jackson

9. Family Portrait-PinkMichael Jackson Ben Audio CD SingleCredit: Amazon.com

8. The Show Must Go On-Queen

7. Free-Sarah Brightman

6. My Immortal-Evanescence

5. Cancer-My Chemical Romance

4. Stairway To Heaven-Led Zeppelin

3. Time To Say Goodbye-Sarah Brightman

2. The Winner Takes It All-ABBAThe Winner Takes It All-The ABBA Story DVDCredit: Amazon.com

1. Tears In Heaven-Eric Clapton

What Qualities Are Found In The Singles On This List Of The Top 10 Sad Songs That Will Make You Cry?

Can you ever picture yourself breaking out into tears when you are listening to a song that is being played at a fast-paced nightclub? Probably not! However, you can probably picture yourself bursting out into tears when you are listening to a song that is played during the dinner portion of a wedding.

It is not simply the ambience and surroundings that will determine which specific tracks will make it onto the list of the top 10 sad songs; but rather, it is specific qualities that can be found in the songs that will help to determine which ones will make the cut.

Upon listening to all of the songs on this list of the top 10 sad songs, you will quickly realiEric Clapton Unplugged Audio CDCredit: Amazon.comze that all of them feature a very slow instrumental that combines many touching notes to create a very amazing background beat.

In addition, you will notice that all of the songs feature an artist that uses lyrics that can relate to somebody that is in a difficult situation. A perfect example of this would be Pink’s Family Portrait; anybody that comes from a broken down family can easily relate to all of the verses and chorus in the song.

A Wide variety of Artists Are Found On This List Of The Top 10 Sad Songs About Love

One would automatically assume that all of the artists that are featured on this list are all either pop or country singers; however, this list features a diverse group of artists in regards to their genre, years on the billboard charts, and them being part of a band or an individual artist.

There are over 5 main genres of music being featured on this list! For instance, My Chemical Romance is a modern rock band, Michael Jackson was the king of pop, Pink is sort of a hard pop artist, Queen is an aged rock band, and ABBA is an all around singing sensation. I chose to make this top 10 list of sad songs so diverse because anybody could create a playlist that features these exact songs, and nearly everybody would be pleased through listening to the playlist.

Why Do People Enjoy Listening To Sad Songs On This Top 10 List

A lot of people wonder why others enjoy listening to these songs if they generally make them feel sad; however, feeling sad allows those negative emotions to be released. For instance, I am sure that everybody that is reading this has gone through a time in which they have felt like they needed to cry after something bad has happened to them. Moreover, every single individual will tell you how much better they have felt after they had finished crying.

Although listening to any of these singles on this list of the top 10 sad songs will make you want to cry, those negative emotions and feeling will be let out through those released tears! This is why I would highly recommend creating a playlist with all of these songs, plus a few of your own, and listening to it whenever you feel the need to let some of those negative emotions out. Although you will feel sad while you are crying, I can guarantee you that you will feel a lot happier once the tears have finished!