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Welcome to my wildly subjective top 10 Sci Fi Series list!

No, I don't have the "sci fi perfection" algorithm that will instantly spit out the top 10 sci fi series of all time, weighted against countless factors and checked against the grain of the fabric of space and time.....

These are my personal top 10 series.  In fact, one of my top 10 isn't even a true series, it is a mini series.  But I love it, so it made it in.  :)

So, we begin.  In order, from the least favorite to the bestest...

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10. The X-Files

The truth is out there......

This series is one of those that everybody needs to see.  I think it holds appeal even for those that are not sci-fi fans.  But don't watch certain episodes at night, by yourself, with the lights off.  Yea.

FBI Special Agents Mulder and Scully work together on the "X-Files", national security threats that border (or flat out croos over the border) of strange and super natural.  With an intelligently written script and good acting (most of the time), X-Files is a great watch.

Another nice thing is that since each episode is really stand-alone, you can jump in wherever and still enjoy it.  But if you are a true X-Files fan, there is an over-arching plot that slowly upacks itself across the series.

9. Futarama

'Cause I had to include at least one animated series!

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Futarama is a Fox Television series (then crossed over to cartoon network) created by the same guy who did the Simpsons TV series: Matt Groening.  Set in the 31st century, the cast of characters is a very eccentric mix.  The star of the show is Matt Fry, a kid from the 21st century who was accidentally cryogenically frozen and not "thawed out" until the 31st century.  He was a pizza delivery guy in his previous life, so he finds work at Planet Express, a futuristic inter galactic delivery agency with a motley crue of a staff. 

If you are a sci fi fan who likes a good laugh at something other than the terrible CGI in Babylon 5, then you should check this series out.

Star Trek
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8. Star Trek - The Original Series

"Logic and practical information do not seem to apply here." -Spock

If you consider yourself a sci fi fan of any order, then you have probably seen this series.  If you have not, I hereby remove you from the Order of Sci Fi Fans until you do watch it.

Now that I've got that off my chest....

I think the best way to explain this series is as a purposely cheesy (OK, sometimes it was on accident) pioneer series in the Sci Fi genre.  They used space as a neutral location in which to explore current (to the time) controversial social and political topics.  With plenty of laughs and excitement, this is a great, entertaining, light weight sci fi series.

Here are some awesome quotes:

"The mid-1990s was the era of your so-called Third World War" -- Spock (Space Seed)

"You look quite well for a man that's been 'utterly destroyed', Mr. Spock." -- Kirk (Patterns of Force)

"Humans do have an amazing capacity for believing what they choose -- and excluding that which is painful." - Spock, (And the Children Shall Lead)

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Quantum Leap
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7. Quantum Leap

I hope this next leap will be the leap home....

Dr. Samuel Beckett (played by the ubiquitous Scott Bakula) is a scientist who travels to a differnt time period and persona each episode.  His sidekick, holographic "Al", makes as much trouble for him as he does help.  Dr. Beckett becomes all sorts of different people in different situations with no regards to appearance, race, or even gender.  In my favorite episode, Sam is transported into the body of a pregnant woman!

Writing this makes me want to go back and re-watch the entire series. 

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Frank Herbert's "Children of Dune"
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6. Frank Herbert's "Children of Dune" SciFi miniseries

"The trouble with peace is that it tends to punish mistakes instead of rewarding brilliance."

I am a huge science fiction book fan.  In fact, I read more than I watch.  So when Sci Fi made 2 mini series from the Dune books, I knew I had to watch them.  The first mini series, Dune, was pretty good, but the second one, Children of Dune, was awesome. 

I would reccomend that you read the books first, and then watch the two mini series first. Read all the way through the first Dune and Chidren of Dune, and that will help you enjoy the mini series better.  But if you are pressed for time, the mini series are well-done enough that they stand alone.


5. Lost

"If I don't play ping pong every 108 minutes the whole island's gonna explode."- Sawyer (Adrift)

Some may debate this being on a sci fi list, but watch it and you'll see.  It's all about the back and forth between science and faith.  Highly addictive, this series will result in late nights, and will make your days go faster until you can get home and watch some more.

The basic plot is that a motley crue of passengers on an airplane crash onto a desert island.  And then all hell breaks loose. 

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

4. Star Trek DS9

The Crossroads of Time

This was a great series.  Set on a stationary space station built by the Cardassians, this is a departure from the usual "star ship" setting.  There are a lot of politics, nationalities and races in constant flux and conflict here at DS9, which certainly makes for some interesting fodder.  Sometimes in a season there would be a few slow episodes (that usually focus more on romance than action, and usually star Dr. Julian Bashir in the plot.)

Overall, a great series with fantastically interesting characters.

Star Trek- THe nExt Generation

3. Star Trek: The Next Generation

Space; the Final Frontier

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before. - Star Trek TNG, opening voice-over

The Next Generation is by far my favorite Star Trek Series.  Who can beat Jean Luke Piccard, Data, Number One, Geordi LaForge, Conselor Diana Troy, and Dr Beverly Crucher?  A more varied and enigmatic crew none could procure, I say! 

There were also several fantastic movie spin offs, such as First Contact.

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2. Firefly

You can't take the sky from me...

Really, the only reason that this show is #2 instead of #1 is because, tragically, it had only one season.  I just couldn't put it at #1.

That being said, seriously, go watch it now. Where the wild west meets space travel and war veterans, you get TV magic. 

An unbeleivable soundtrack, grat acting, and an incredibly intruiging plot, this show is an absolute must see.

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica - the re-imagining

So say we all

I had heard about this series for years before I actually gave it a try.  Actually, the first time I actually heard of it wsa on the office, when Dwight Schrute says his "Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica..." spiel.  Needless to say, Dwight Schrute isn't exactly my role model.  Finally, my husband suggested that I try it out and I was instantly and compeltely addicted after the first episode. 

The entire series is packed with incredible music, action, romance and more.  It is about the juxtaposition of religion and scientific progress, it is about the condition of man, it is about s#x, war, violence, and love. 

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There you have it!

I hope you have enjoyed my top 10 sci fi tv series list-- I know I sure had fun writing.  Be sure and leave a comment, I would love to hear what you think!