10. New Mexico

New Mexico is home to multiple National Parks and Protected land including many ancient ruins. If you like to hike, backpack, or eat South Western style Mexican food in the Tex-Mex style then New Mexico is a great place to live. New Mexico made the list, just barely, because of the amazing history of the state.  The Tex-Mex food is so good they should change it to NewMex-Tex food. Texas has some good Tex-Mex food but they concentrate too much on steaks and barbecued ribs. If you want true and authentic cuisine head to New Mexico for some of the best tasting tamales in the world.

9. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is not a state but it should be. The only reason we are not making Puerto Rico an official State is because it would mess up the coordinated stars we have on our American Flag. Nobody really cares about West Virginia so we could possible make West Virginia a colony of the United States and then give their flag star to the Puerto Ricans. Puerto Rico makes the list because of the ample marijuana and beaches. On beaches there are hot women in bikinis, hard to find in Idaho any ocean front beaches like the sandy shores surrounding San Juan. Women in Bikinis and big coconuts make Puerto Rico one of the top States to live in, even though it is not actually a state.

8. North Dakota

The movie Fargo made it very cool to live in North Dakota. In Fargo and that area they don’t actually have the accent that was made famous in the movie Fargo. That accent is real, but not in the Fargo region. North Dakota is truly under-rated so I added them to the top 10 list of States to live in. The North Dakota Tourism Council also kicked me down a free scarf and promised to call me each year on my birthday using the infamous accent from the movie if I added them to the list.

7. Florida

The intercoastal waterway in Southern Florida is amazingly cool. You can have a boat parked in a boat garage behind your home and then get into your boat and drive it to the neighborhood store or head out into the Ocean. The Inter-Coastal waterway in Southern Florida is pretty cool.

In other parts of Florida you have Gator World. Gator World is where all the rednecks like to go and it is a seriously cool place. In addition Florida is home to Mosquito Lagoon which is a way cool place to go fishing and camping. If you don't think Florida should be on the top list then you need to have a gander at the Top 25 Most Visited Tourist Destinations in Florida.

As with Puerto Rico you have tons of bikini clad women roaming the beaches, alas no coconuts like Puerto Rico. There are actually a few real coconut bearing trees in Southern Florida, but nowhere near as many as in Puerto Rico. Regardless of the lack of coconuts, Florida makes the top 10 States to live in the United States.

6. Montana

Montana is home to 3 entrances to Yellowstone Park, Little Big Horn battleground, Glacier National Park, and a lot of open land. If you do not like living near other people then buy some land in eastern Montana. You can walk around naked in your yard for years with little to no chance of ever seeing another person, except for the Zappos shoe delivery person who will always find you.

5. Oregon

Oregon has medicinal marijuana, pine trees, and the Ocean. You will find awesome fishing here along with a great bicycle community in Portland and other towns. If you like life you will like Oregon, unless you are a coconut aficionado who would prefer living in the tropics of Puerto Rico.

4. Washington

Washington is way cool! If you are from out east then you must know that when we refer to Washington it are the State and not that damn humid district with dudes in suits arguing all the time. Washington has so much to offer including the Seattle Supersonics NBA basketball team…err never mind the basketball team. Other than basketball there is a lot to see and do in this pretty State. If you like to collect wild mushrooms then Washington is great for a trip.

3. Alaska

Alaska is almost perfect. From the wide open spaces to the congestion of traffic in downtown Sitka during the Iditarod you can always find an expensive beer. Beer costs a lot here in Alaska, but at least you have some of the best fishing spots in the World. The Fishing is so good and the scenery so gorgeous that Alaska easily makes the top 10 list of States to live in.

2. California

Medical Marijuana, bikini clad women, surfing, and fishing off of the Pier at night makes California one of the best States to live in.

1. Nevada

Nevada has always did stuff their own way. The building of Hoover Dam allowed the workers to sneak into the tiny Hamlet of Las Vegas over the week-ends to drink, gamble and fornicate with prostitutes. Today not much has changed except the gambling has caused Las Vegas to grown into a huge metropolis and there are numerous buffets, including all day long buffets.

The party atmosphere in Las Vegas helps to propel Nevada into the top 10 States to live in, but there is also Northern Nevada. In Northern Nevada real Cowboys still ride the range herding and branding real cows. The tiny towns of Northern Nevada can feel like stepping back in time to a simpler time, when people rode their horse into town to buy bags of beans and to order some more ammo for their pistol.

The diversity to be found in the various regions of Nevada make it a perfect place for anyone to live as you can find exactly what you are looking for…unless you are a fresh coconut aficionado.

Did your favorite State get left off the list? If so leave a comment below and let me know why your State should have been added to the list of top States to Live in.