Summertime is every child’s favorite season.  For parents, on the other hand, it can be a nightmare trying to entertain those kids for 3 long months.  Read through this list for ten great summer activities for kids, guaranteed to turn those summer blues into summer fun!

10.  Homemade ice cream.  Nothing will perk the kids up (and cool them off) quite as well as homemade ice cream.  There are many recipes online for those with ice cream makers, but for faster results and more hands on activity for the kids, follow this simple recipe:

In a 1 quart sized Ziploc bag, place 1 cup of milk, 1T of sugar, and a ½ tsp of vanilla.  Then, in a 1 gallon sized Ziploc bag, place enough ice cubes to fill it ¾ full, and add 1/3 cup of salt.  Place the smaller bag inside the larger bag, and have the kids shake for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, each small bag will produce 1 serving of homemade vanilla ice cream!

9.  Sand art.  This is another easy, inexpensive summer activity.  Take sand (from the beach or from the store), some clear glass containers, and a pack of colored sidewalk chalk.  Allow the kids to color the sand with the chalk, either by twisting the chalk repeatedly in a cup full of sand, or by rolling the chalk across a pile of sand on some paper.  Then layer the different colors of sand into unique sand art, like shown:


Sand ArtCredit:

8.  Water balloon toss.  On those scorching July afternoons, nothing screams summer fun like a water balloon toss.  Fill some water balloons, then have the kids stand close and toss the balloons back and forth- taking one step back after each successful toss.  They will love this activity, and the water will keep them nice and cool!

7.  Lemonade stand.  For those budding entrepreneurs in your life, a lemonade stand might be your ticket to summer sanity.  Help the kids whip up a big batch of ice cold lemonade, then stand back and watch them sell it to neighbors driving by for hours on end.  They’ll be entertained, and feel good about earning a few dollars in the meantime. 

6.  Ant hill.  More adventurous kids will like the idea of creating their very own ant farms.  You provide the Mason jar (with tiny air holes for the ants), and they will provide the ecosystem and ants.  Just be sure there are no fire ants in the equation.

5.  Friendship bracelets.  Every little girl loves to create friendship jewelry.  Just provide string, yarn, strips of a handkerchief, or anything similar you may have on hand and show the girls how to braid, knot, or twist their ways to one of a kind jewelry.

4.  Hopscotch.  Hopscotch seems to be a long forgotten pastime.  Bring it back by showing the kids the basics, then allowing them to create unique hopscotch paths of their own.

3.  Backyard campouts.  Whether you own a tent or not, the kids will love sitting outside under the stars with some flashlights and snacks.  Create a night time picnic and call it camping out- they will have a great time either way.

2.  Obstacle courses.  Encourage your kids to use their surroundings to create unique obstacle courses.  They can involve rocks, chalk lines, jump ropes, or playground equipment.  Then watch as they compete with neighborhood friends for new records.

1.  Treasure hunts.  The last of our summer activities for kids can be done even on rainy days.  Simply take a handful of pocket change or chocolate coins, hide them throughout the house like Easter eggs, and the treasure hunt is on!  This can be repeated as many times as necessary.

Take some time this summer to engage in these summer activities for kids.  The kids will be glad you did, and you may even get a little quiet time!