Top 10 TV shows for geeks

 This article is an article about some of my favourite TV shows over the years. I am pretty geeky in my tastes and I thought I would write about my top ten favourite geeky TV shows to inform others about some great TV shows that they might already know about or that they might have missed.


 10. Sliders

The series follows a group of travellers as they use a wormholes to travel(or “slide”) between parallel universes. This show had its good moments particularly the early episodes where they had an overall themes of how things were different in an alternate reality(for instance the USSR never collapsed). However the show quickly went downhill as it lost its intelligent and distinct plot lines when forced to chase ratings as viewers lost interest.


9. Quantum Leap.  

 Dr.Sam Beckett a physicist from the future who becomes lost in time following a time travel experiment, temporarily taking the places of other people to "put right what once went wrong". The plot is a poor play on a quantum tunnelling but despite this the series saved my good acting and plot-lines in individual episodes. As each time Sam is put into an interesting or awkward situation that he has to deal with in order to leap to the next point and eventually get home. Overall this show is something something something.


8. Battlestar Galactica (2003)

 The 2003 re-imagined Battlestar Gallatica combined exceptional CG graphics and special effects with a cast of great actors playing great characters with a confused plot full of plot holes, which seemed to be written with only the next few episodes in mind as new plot concepts could be introduced with little thought to what had gone one before. However the adrenaline filled action and the tense emotional stand offs between characters were by and large not effected by this and with the right frame of mind the plot holes could be considered a comedic device, all in all a good but not great series.


7. QI (Quite Interesting)

Comedy panel show around interesting answers to obscure questions. This is is hosted by the excellent Stephen Fry and is based around knowing obscure and interesting pieces of information. The sort of show that never disappoints although its never as good as some of these others shows at there best this  shows is good every episode and is well worth watching if your in the United Kingdom or get access to British shows.  


6. Stargate SG-1

A spin-off from the film Stargate, Stargate SG1 uses the Stargate team from the film to visit new locations in the Stargate network , this series has some interesting episodes however it suffer from its low budget and the fact that the soldiers in SG1 rarely use the weapons that they carry despite numerous threats. This is likely to reduce the graphic violence of the series but it does reduce the immersion of the show. SG1 does however have a number of interesting plot-lines which make up for some of the above problems.


5. The Big Bang Theory

Most people reading this probably know of the big bang theory. A show about 4 intelligent guys (3 postdocs and a postgrad ) who work at Caltech. And an attractive new neighbour and aspiring actress Penny. The 4 guys although intelligent all suffer from a lack of social skills. This is contrasted against Pennies lower intellect but superior social skills. The show largely gains it humour from the contrasting culture of the more 'normal' Penny and the three Geeky scientists. Most of the humour comes from poking fun at the 4 geeks but the humour sometimes also works in reverse. A lot of the humour is based around the oddity that is Sheldon, An extremely intelligent but also extremely egotistical and compulsive character who has a disdain for things that are not interesting to him. The show starts off very well largely due to the slowly growing romance between Penny and Leonard and discovering more about Sheldons obsessive personality. In later series's the interest is maintained through the introduction of new characters though it never quite reaches the levels it was at before.  

4. Numb3rs 

In my opinion Numbers was a highly underrated show. The premise of two brothers one of which was an FBI agent and the other of which was a genius mathematician working at Caltech, whilst helping his brother in FBI investigations was a good one. The show was an both entertaining and educational as it attempted to show the types of Maths that could be used to solve crimes whilst at the same time including interesting characters, action and a strong family element. All of these parts of the show together it one of the best Geeky tv shows on TV and I can imagine it inspired many a bright teenager to rpesue a career in law enforcement.  Despite having a fairly limited premise the varieties of different mathematics techniques used in each episode combined with the comforting family element and the FBI agents as heroes narrative made it an interesting if rarely gripping show right to the last.

3. Futurama

Futurama is the science fiction brother of the Simpsons and is in many respects is funnier than the Simposns. Futurama follows the story of Phillip J Fy as he changes from being a 20th century Pizza boy to being a 31st century Delivery man through the help of a cryogenic capsule. Futurama contains a variety of humour including, character based humour  including Zapp Brannigan an ironic take on James T Kirk as well jokes around physics futurism and slapstick and other types of humour. This show has maintained its high levels of humour all the way three all of the seasons. My favourite cartoon by a long way.  

2. House

House is in format quite similar to a detective show, with a genius leader of team responsible for a group of interesting characters as they try and find clues to solve the crime. Except in this show the crime is disease and the detectives are doctors. The concept was inspired by Sherlock Homes especially as two major characters House and Wilson essentially play the roles of Sherlock Homes and Watson. With the former being an antisocial genius and the later being his less intelligent but more sociable foil, who keeps him on the straight and narrow and helps inspire some of his ideas. House was a great show in particular because of the  interesting medical drama's and the witty interplay between characters. However the show started to go stale towards the later seasons mostly because of the limited number of new medical mysteries to bring up and because of that being a fairly limited axiom. Also there was only so many times that House can 'go off of the rails' without the concept becoming boring at lease to me. This said the character interest in the show remains intense and even in later episodes House is still better than many other shows on TV.  

1. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

My Favourite of the Star-Trek tv shows and my favourite tv show on this list, Deep space 9 is the only Star trek which is set primarily within a single location in space (at a space station designated as deep space 9) it is an excellent show. The real advantage of Deep space nine over other star trek series's is that Deep space 9 has complex believable characters, long running plots and also a less bias view of the universe. It goes into detail over the politics of the region that the space station deep space 9 is involved in and tries to explain the reasons for different actions from every point of view without being as pro-federation/humans as previous star treks. Deep space nine managed to run seamlessly over 9 seasons without any noticeable decrease in the quality of the show. Which is incredibly rare for any TV show as most either stick too closely to the original formula and become stale or they change too much and lose what made the show so good to start with. Deep space nine however does not do this and maintains its excellent quality right until the end. One of the major achievements of DS9 is moving effortlessly between the carefree nature of the station before the dominion war and the intensity of fall scale war after.