When you feel bored, the day can become such a drag. You begin to feel listless and the less you move the less you want to. In the end, lethargy sets in and it is easy to begin to feel depressed.

It is much better to get busy and enjoy the free time that you have.

Of course there are many wild, weird and wacky things you can do such as run nude through your local shopping centre, but here are some sensible ideas.


Writing can stir your brain into motion and perk you up. If you write stories or blogs, simply expressing your feelings can lift the boredom. How about enjoying the old-fashioned activity of writing a letter? Almost everyone has someone who is out of reach and creating a long letter can make you feel close. Include some photographs, to fully update the recipient.


With digital cameras easy to use and inexpensive these days it is easy to express yourself through this medium. Whatever the time of year taking snaps can be fun. In winter, the scene will be very different to summer, for example, but no less picturesque.


Chores are a necessary evil of this life. Everyone has tasks to complete and, most of us, have at least one that we have procrastinated about. Now could be the perfect time to strip that old wallpaper off, shampoo your carpets, plant some potatoes or whatever.

Phone a friend.

Just like in the quiz show "Who wants to be a Millionaire" you may want to phone a friend or relative. With time usually at a premium, it is often hard to keep in touch. Spoil yourself and indulge in a long chat about nothing in particular.


There are so many great books in this world and the amount grows constantly. Settle down with your favourite book, or one that you have n=been waiting to read, and drift of to a fantasy world.

Watch a film.

Similarly, you could watch a film and become enthralled. Most households have televisions, videos and or DVD players. Hire a movie if necessary from your local video shop.

Crosswords and quizzes

Crosswords, puzzles and quizzes are all great for getting the old grey matter working. Choose one that suits you and take your time.

Relaxation exercises.

If you find it hard to relax, try some simple breathing exercises. This could lift your boredom and leave you feeling refreshed and eager to go. Breathe in and out slowly holding your in breath for the count of five.


If you have a pet share a little of your time with this creature. Exercising, grooming, cleaning, playing, feeding or training can all be absorbing but rewarding.


Perhaps shopping is more for the girls. However, many men enjoy shopping, if it is for something such as a new computer game or music CD that they are going to buy. Simply browsing the shops in order to get inspiration for Christmas presents or up and coming birthdays could be fun. If you are feeling lazy, go for virtual shopping and browse the Internet.


We all feel a little bored at times but really, we should not. The life we have is precious and sadly often all too short. Simply walking outdoors and enjoying the world may be enough sometimes.