1. Take a dip in your bikini and party all night long in Boracay. The beaches in Boracay are a cliche when it comes to taking a vacation in the Philippines. See it for yourself to know what tourists have been looking forward or going back to Boracay.

2. Trek your way and wow yourself of the magnificent view of Mt. Pinatubo crater. Soak yourself for a while in the crater's lake. Would you imagine that this awesome place has caused major havoc in the early 90s when it erupted?

3. Enjoy many things that Bohol can offer like paying a visit to the tarsiers, enjoying the view of Chocolate Hills, eating on an unlimited buffet lunch or dinner at the Loboc River Cruise, and tasting the delicious ice cream of the Bee Farm. Visit the beaches and make sure you go snorkeling at Balicasag Island. The coral reefs are majestic!Tarsier

4. Take a ride on a time machine and have a view of what an old village looks like in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. The streets and the houses will surely take you back the Spanish regime in the Philippines.

5. If you are a health-conscious person who is also very much aware of the environment, you will surely enjoy visiting Davao. Swim on the beaches, mesmerize yourself with their pearls, take a plunge on the giant slide, haggle for the cheapest Durian, and take a walk in Eden. You'll surely consider Davao as a paradise and in addition to this, Davao is strict in implementing a "No Smoking Policy" in their city.

6. WakebViganoard in CWC, Camarines Sur and take a side trip to witness the pristine islands of Caramoan. Eat Laing (taro leaves cooked in coconut milk) and have everything with siling labuyo (Bird's Eye chili).

7. Go on a camping trip in Zambales and spend the night in Anawangin Cove or Nagsasa Cove. Staying in these coves will make you feel like going back to the basics with no electricity and no mobile phone signal.

8. Go to the coolest place in the Philippines - Baguio City. It is best to visit this place on February because it is the celebration of Panagbenga or Flower Festival. Take a side trip in La TAnawangin Coverinidad, Benguet and pick your own strawberries in the field.

9. If your trip to the Philippines is just with Manila, the best side trip that you shouldn't miss is in Tagaytay City. Have a taste of all the Filipino food at any restaurant in this place. Have a cup of coffee to feel the warmth in this cool place at Bag of Beans.

10. Visit Batanes and surely when you see this paradise, you wouldn't want to leave.

***Photos are mine. :)