California has a lot of really neat things to see and do. Here is my list of the top 10 things to see and do in the State of California.

10. San Francisco Architecture and Historical Buildings

San Fran 420 HouseCredit:

San Francisco has so many cool and unique architectural structures. There are all sorts of unique styled buildings. Some popular architectural structures include The Golden Gate Bridge, The Transamerica Pyramid, and the Famous Victorian styled homes around Alamo Square. The homes around Alamo Square were the ones used in the title sequence of the popular television show Full House.

9. Coyote Hills Regional Park

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While in San Francisco looking at the awesome buildings you should also head down to Coyote Hills Regional Park that borders the San Francisco Bay. Coyote Hills Regional Park is well over 950 acres of rolling hills and marshland. It is well worth a visit, especially if you like birds and butterflies.

8. Yosemite National Park


In Central California there is the Yosemite National Park which is definitely not like the California we normally associate with Hollywood. Yosemite National Park is a truly stunning National Park that is a must visit spot when you are in the area of California. The most popular part of this National Park is the Yosemite Valley.

7. Redwoods

Among the largest trees in the World can be found here. Anytime there is a tree with a hole cut in it that cars can drive through, and then you know you have a hot spot to visit. The Redwoods are one of Earths most amazing spectacles, and we have them in California!

6. Ansel Adams Wilderness

Ritter Range in the Ansel Adams WildernessCredit:

One of the most popular and famous nature photographers of all time was Ansel Adams. The Ansel Adams Wilderness is in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. Ansel Adams did a lot of photography work here and helped to keep this area preserved for future generations to enjoy. After Ansel Adams died they renamed the area after him.

5. Golden Gate Bridge

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The Golden Gate Bridge could have been put into the San Francisco section above, but this very famous and amazing bridge deserves a spot of its own on the top 10 things to see in California.

4. Santa Cruz

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Santa Cruz allows easy access to beaches, babes, Redwood Trees, and some of the best Mountain Biking in the World. Santa Cruz has a lot to offer. For the teens living in Santa Cruz that whine they have nothing to do, I say to you “Shaddup”. Santa Cruz Rocks! Oh yeah, Santa Cruz also offers very favorable medical marijuana laws.

3. Death Valley

Death ValleyCredit:

Death Valley is home to the hottest temperatures in North America. The record temperature was recorded at 134 degrees in 1913 at Furnace Creek in Death Valley. The World record is 136 degrees. I am hopeful that Death Valley will gain the record for the hottest temperature in the World; I just hope I am not there when it happens.

Death Valley is very unique because it has the lowest elevation of any place in the Western hemisphere. Ironically the tallest place in North America is Mount Whitney which is only 85 miles away from Death Valleys lowest spot. There are numerous crazy things associated with Death Valley such as the boulders that mysteriously move on their own. 

2. Petco Park, Downtown San Diego

Petco ParkCredit:

The San Diego Padres Major League baseball team use to pay at Qualcomm Stadium where the NFL Chargers also played. San Diego built a new stadium designed specifically for the Padres. Petco Park is located in Downtown San Diego and utilizes some of the historic buildings within the architecture of the baseball stadium. Notice the Old Western Metal Supply Company Building that was kept and integrated into the building of the new stadium? It's awesome when you can not only preserve history, but integrate in this fashion with new landmarks!

1. Carnaval Parade in San Francisco

OMG, we are back in San Francisco again. You could spend an entire year in San Francisco and never be able to see all of the cool things this amazing town has to offer. One of the unique things to see is the Carnaval Parade in San Francisco.

Although the Carnaval Parade in San Francisco is not as well known as the famous Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans, it is still a very worthy event to attend. The Carnaval Parade in San Francisco is so much cooler than the Rose Bowl Parade. I honestly like the Carnaval Parade in San Francisco much more than the Rose Bowl Parade.

What is your favorite spot in California? Leave a comment below if there is somewhere you like that was not on this list. I know there are a lot of cool places I left off, but the top 10 I have listed here are all great spots to visit when in California.