Branson is a small city located in the Taney County of Missouri state. Its population is just over 10,000, but the city needs no introduction to Americans owing to its rise to popularity as a premier vacation spot (primarily due to the theatres lined along 76 Country Boulevard). Every day, thousands of visitors visit this beautiful place by bus or cars from all parts of America; it is also very popular among foreigners. The city is blessed with the scenic beauty of the TableRockLake and the Ozark mountains. All these reasons make Branson the best tourist spot in the Midwest.

 I can tell you that even since I lived around Branson, there is so much more to do.  More performers, acts, and attractions are being added all the time.  The Greater Branson area is one of the fastest growing areas in Missouri.  Not too far from Springfield, Missouri, Branson is a hub of activity that will have something for every age group. 

Let us take a quick look into the top 10 attractions of the Branson Mo that will keep you busy there.  I called this a top 10, but I added a bonus one in just for your enjoyment.  

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1. Silver Dollar City
Silver Dollar CityCredit:
Silver Dollar City is a theme park located on the Missouri Route 76 on the way to Branson West, a small town. It is a great family vacation place filled with many attractions especially for children and teens. It is built to reflect the theme and style of the 1880's. My personal favorite here is the American Plunge where I experienced a sudden fall of 30 feet at a speed of 56 km per hour in a wet, log-like boat. The thrill is sure to give you goose bumps and remain as a great memory. Electro spin and Fire-in-a-hole are also the adventure rides that will make you shrill. Other popular attractions include Flooded Mine, The Giant Swing and Geyser Gulch.

2. Stone Hill Winery
Stone Hill WineryCredit:
If you are a wine lover, then this place is a paradise for you. The Stone Hill winery is owned by the Held family who pioneered in the wine-making as early as 1847. Several wines made here won numerous international awards at completions in many countries. This winery offers a free daily one hour tour where you will be demonstrated the process of wine-making. Its main building reflects the grandeur of the nineteenth century for which it was listed in the National Registry of Historic Places.

3. Table Rock Lake

The Table Rock Lake, perfectly nestled in the Ozark Mountains, adds to the natural beauty and entertainment options of Branson. Here, you will get a number of options like skiing, tubing, racing water-craft and swimming which makes it a perfect spot to relax in summer. The crystal clear waters and the diversity of fishes found here make it an ideal for fishing and scuba diving. The natural beauty of the mountains surrounding the lake is loved alike both by amateur as well as professional photographers.

4. Butterfly Palace
Butterfly PalaceCredit:
The Butterfly Palace is just another perfect place for the nature lovers. It will be a great interactive, entertaining and educational experience for your children. They will witness the exotic beauty of some rare butterflies like the Banded Peacock, Blue Mountain Swallowtail and Paper Kite and understand the beauty of nature. This place is located in a rain-forest filled with palm trees, a stroll through which gives you an experience that rejuvenates your senses.

5. Sight and Sound Theatre

Sight and Sound TheatreCredit: The Sight and Sound theatre is an ideal spot for theatre lovers. It stands out as the finest among many theatres in Branson for its state of the art lighting, great sound system, capability of the stage to accommodate sets that are up to 40 feet high and special effects with 3D imaging. The theatre is famous for its play Joseph, which features the magnificent retelling of the Biblical tales. You can also take a backstage tour where you will be shown the brilliant technology behind the immersive theatre experience. A tour will accompany you to show around the 20,000 square foot stage, production equipment and the animatronics.

6. Hard Luck Diner

Well! After some amusement, it is time to taste some local food. The Hard Luck Diner located next to the Grand Palace Theatre is said to be the best place in whole Branson to savor the classic American recipes. The atmosphere is created in such a manner that it totally reflects the 1950s style. This place is filled with energy all the time and do not be surprised when even the servers start crooning as they will be trying just to entertain you. Try some delicious cheese burgers, milkshakes, pies, fries and salads available here.

7. Ripley's Odditorium

Ripley's OdditoriumCredit: www.ripleys.comIf you liked the popular television show "Ripley's Believe It or Not", then you cannot miss the Ripley's Odditorium. As the name suggests, this building showcases some of the most bizarre events and things in the world. Even the building looks very odd and half broken - owing to an earth quake - which made it the most photographed building in the world. Some of the events and items you can find inside are the Roman Colosseum built entirely with playing cards, animal oddities like two headed calf, ancient and genuine shrunken heads and real-life vampire killing kits.

8. Hollywood Wax Museum

Branson has one of the three Hollywood Wax Museums in US. The place has some beautifully made wax structures of your favorite actors which you can photograph and cherish them for a long time. Stand beside the replicas of the likes of Johnny Depp, Charlie Chaplin and John Wayne and boast to your friends about the experience.

9. Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede
Dolly Parton's Dixie StampedeCredit:
Yes, they are real.  The horses that is.  They have the most beautiful horses I have ever seen.  The Dixie stampede is a dinner theatre where you get the unique experience of watching theatre shows and having the dinner at the same place. Exactly one hour before the dinner, you will be seated in a room named "Carriage Room" where you will enjoy a show featuring performers, horses, and even chickens. The shows are mainly themed in the classic western style. Christmas time is a great time to go. 

10. National Tiger Sanctuary

The Tiger Sanctuary in Branson has been safeguarding the tigers and other big cats since the year 2000. It offers several touring packages for the visitors to witness several wild species. It is a great place for nature lovers and photographers. You can volunteer for some free service at this place if you like to help with the safekeeping of the wild beasts.

Bonus:  The Titanic Museum

The Titanic MuseumCredit:

I added this one in as a bonus.  It is actually one of my kids' favorite.  You can enjoy a walk through history on what is displayed as the deck and inter sanctions of the great Titanic.  They have every part of the ship represented.  They have actual historical items from the Titanic and events pertaining to the Titanic.  There is a gift shop there.  Do not miss out on this opportunity.  It is just beautiful.  

By now, I think it is needless to mention that Branson Mo has some activities to savor the tastes of all ages which makes it ideal for families. My personal favorites here are The Titanic Museum, Silver Dollar City and HollywoodWax Museum. Finally, if you are looking for a perfect family vacation, do not look further as this is the best spot that will give you the value for your money.  There are very reasonable family oriented resorts with free access to water parks.  Come on over to Branson and Yeeeee Haw!!!

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