Top 10 Brazilian Vacation Ideas

 At last count Brazil was the fifth largest country in the world. It has a custom built capital (stay away, stay away) and is the biggest party venue I have ever seen. Rio, do Rio.


Mardi Gras


Mardi Gras means “Fat Tuesday” and is absolute hedonism despite being a religious festival. Go to it and be changed forever. No party place will live up to it and the samba will live with you for the rest of your life. Overstatement? Go see for yourself.


The festival is personified by the samba. This is a hip-swinging, tush-twirling, foot stomping dance. It is extremely erotic and will get the libido into overdrive. That is just watching it. The music, food, drink and adrenaline will push your risk taking persona to the limit. You will enjoy being noticed, but no-one will really notice you.




The Corcavado is a mountain near Rio de Janeiro. 


The reason for going there would be to see the Statue of Christ the Redeemer. It stands on the top of the mountain and it is awe-inspiring as is the view from the site. It has recently been restored and re-opened to the public.

The statue is pure white and is of Christ standing with arms outstretched to the world.


Access to it is by tram which has also recently re-opened. The fare is R$36 for adults and R$18 for children. It runs from 0800-1900. VIP trains are also available.




The two most famous beaches are Copacabana and Ipanema. These are beaches where you show off your sexy body and beachwear. The swimming is wonderful and varies from  emerald green calm to waves a surfer dreams about. Surfing is not actually recommended at either of these two beaches. The conditions are actually better elsewhere. 

 There are bars and cafes all over the place; the famous cuba libre (rum and coke) is always close at hand. Cpoacabana Beach is inside Rio, Ipanema is further away down the coast. Normal beach caveats apply here. The local police are good, and they care, but...........................




Niteroi is a large township just across the bay from Rio. 

The main reason to go there is that from many of its high quality beaches you can see Rio

 and all of its sights including the Corcavado and Sugarloaf Mountains, and ,of course, Christ the Redeemer standing out like a piece of ivory on a black elephant.


The town has many shopping malls, excellent restaurants, and high class hotels. The many shopping malls malls complement  all of this.


The town was incorporated about five hundred years ago but the ambiance makes it seem much younger than this. 


The world famous Niteroi Country Club is also situated there.





Coffee used to be the number one export from this ex-Brazilian colony and the aroma of coffee is always on the air in Rio.


There is, however only one museum that is dedicated to coffee and that is in Santos in Sao Paolo. The building itself is very imposing and boasts a one hundred and twenty metre tall clock tower with goddess Ceres looking out to sea at the coffee exports leaving the city.

The museum is part of a vintage tram tour that takes in all of the historic port of Santos. The trip costs less than one dollar and leaves every thirty minutes.


The Sugarloaf Tram


The Sugarloaf is a granite and quartz mountain that rises four hundred metres from the sea in Rio.  It is named for the its shape. It resembles a loaf of the refined sugar that was the main export of the area at the time of the first settlers from Portugal.

The views from the summit are stunning and very visitor to Rio wants to ascend its lofty heights. This is OK because you can do  do this without expending too much energy. Enter the Sugarloaf Tram.

You can catch the tram from a very low-lying part of Rio and soon be looking at the whole of the city from a vantage point unlike any other. Take a camera!




Manaus is at the confluence of the Amazon and Negro Rivers.


The area has an amazing array of activities and all of them are designed to minimize the impact of tourism on the fragile Amazon eco-system.


You can climb a tree, visit a zoo, see an opera in a one hundred year old opera house, see a play in a magnificent theatre and much more.

There are beaches, palaces, historic sites of all kinds, nature reserves, adventure parks, and above all  the rain forest.


All of this is included as are the natural hazards. Get your jabs while you are still alive!




Brazilians are crazy about football, and the world is crazy about Brazilian football. The list of Brazilian footballers on the world playing field is like a list of Royalty.


Maracana Stadium is the largest football venue in the world. It can hold 100,00 people in comfort and is bigger than all of the US NFL and college venues.


The exploits of the National Football team are the stuff of legends. They hold the record for the number of FIFA world cups they have won and they have qualified every time they have appeared in the line-up. They have had players who have dominated their positions. 


They have also had Pele.


The Food


The local char-broiled (barbecued meat) is called churrasca.

This spicy delicacy is available on just about every street corner in Brazil, and there are many restaurants dedicated to it. It can be made from beef, chicken, or pork, so ask which it is if there is a cultural or religious issue about your food.


Brazilians love to eat as a group and there are many foods designed just for this. Black beans and smoked meats is one of them. It takes all night to cook it and the meats are removed and placed on a platter. Again ask about the ingredients.


 Also ask the locals for a recommendation for all food in Brazil.




Brasilia is the custom built capital city of Brazil. Before about 1960 the capital city was Rio.


Brasilia was literally cut out of the jungle; There was nothing there before it. The city looks like a plane or butterfly from above.

Brazil has many internationally recognized architects and some of their most beautiful work is on show here. This has caused the city to be awarded the status of World Heritage Site . It is the youngest city ever to achieve this accolade.

The city exudes space. There was a huge amount of said commodity with which to work. Need some more land?  Cut down a few more trees.