Top 10 Singapore Vacation Spots

Sentosa Island 


Sentosa is the jewel in Singapore's crown. It is an island dedicated to having fun. Not much else in Singapore has that distinction, and the Government is trying to reverse the opinion that local ASEAN natives have of it. In particular the people of Thailand only go for shopping and..... Sentosa.


The watchword at Sentosa is quality, and they obey that in spades. 

The place is designed for options. One day or one month. Luxury hotel or guest house. You can have one day or one year. There are beaches fun parks, thrill rides, and everything else for the whole family to enjoy. Entry to the island is by various methods and is not expensive.


The hidden rural suburbs of Singapore 


There are parts of Singapore that are away from what most people have come to know Singapore as.

Here you can find peace and tranquility. There are all kinds of farms and open spaces. You can buy organically grown veg3eetable at a place with the surprising name of Bollywood Veggies. For those who don't know, Bollywood is the generic name of the Bombay (now Mumbai) film industry. 


Singapore is famed for its ethnic diversity and lack of racial prejudice. Inter-marrage of cultures is encouraged, and there is no official religion The only 'official' language is English.



Night Safari Tours


There are safari tours by trishaw that exsplore the diversities of Singapore's Chinatown at night. The tour has a large number of variations and the most popular appears to be the Night Market. Night Markets are a feature of many Asian cities and appeal to the European visitor because of the almost Draconian laws that govern the operation of such markets in their home cities.

Chinatown also means excellent Chinese food, and the China town here is no exception. Just follow the crowd of Chinese people to find the best, just as you wouls do in London, San Francisco, or Los Angeles.


Changi Jail Museum


This infamous site was constructed by the British as a civilian jail in the 1930's.  It  was said to be used by the Japanese  after  the Fall of Singapore in 1942 to house British and Australian Prisoners of War. In fact the jail was never   used for a POW camp. The barracks at Selarang were used for that purpose. Even so the jail has become irrevocably associated with the POW camp.


The fact also remains that 3000 civilian prisoners were held by the Japanese in a jail meant for 500 or so. Parts of the jail have been moved to The UK and Australia as memorials.




The shopping in Singapore is beyond belief.  Even people from Bangkok go there. The expression “Shop until you drop.” has real significance here. There are kilometres of shopping malls, shopping districts, sales areas, and The Great Singapore Sale.


It is not only the malls that attract but also the shopping precincts where more modest establishments hang out together. Restaurants, bars, bistro's and just about every other kind of eatery and drinkery are there. It is a guarantee that you will go home bags and bags of goodies, all tax free. Like Thailand, Singapore knows the worth of visitors and does just about every thing to keep them.




Singapore prides itself on the quality of its theatres. All of the best known productions get a run here. The Phantom of the Opera ran for many months and broke a few records along the way.

The Singapore theatre scene is concentrated in a few blocks just as London's and New York's are. This, of course, means that the associated restaurants and bars are conveniently located also. There is athe euivalent of the off-Broadway scene, but it is a bit more far-flung than that of New York. The quality is still, though, and it is very popular with both locals and tourists.


Theme Parks


There are at least six theme parks in Singapore. Universal Studio's is represented, but Disneyland is not. They are all fairly close together and are of consistently high quality. They adhere to the Government's desire to provide high quality family entertainment for locals and  tourists alike. They all have impeccable safety records, and meet the highest international standards.

Of course Sentosa is the biggest of these theme parks  but we have already looked at that.

Disney is probably not represented because of the proximity of the Tokyo park and there is probably some form of agreement that precludes theme from being in Singapore.


Jahor Baru


Jahor Baru is the closest place for entertainment of the non-family variety. It is not in Singapore  a but in Malaysia. It is part of the Singapore-Jahor Baru conurbation. The whole area is of extremely high importance to both countries and is the biggest in South-East Asia. Gone are the wars of words the the Singapore Government would pour on the Malaysian government for allowing such a fleshpot to exist. The Singaporean Government's attitude has become live and let live. 



Botanical Gardens


These are located convenient to the city centre and on a whole slew of bus routes. Entrance is free and there are many learned speakers who give lectures there on a whole range of topics, not just botany. Anything of interest to the environmental debate is likely to be featured.


There is an Orchid Garden, entrance for this is about five Singapore dollars and a Children's Garden. This is also free.

The Gardens are  responsible for managing the heritage Trees Scheme which aims to preserve the mature trees of the Singapore area. These trees are virtually irreplaceable and would otherwise  be under threat.


Go-Go Bambini


This is entirely for kids. They specialize in anything a child wwould want to do. They cater birthday parties  and run theme oriented day camps. They take the strain off parents in this work oriented city. Junior gets what he wants and so does the Junior Miss.


They have a play oriented attitude and programs that suit tourist parents who need to get away from the kids for a day. The atmosphere is fun, fun, fun and the kids will soon forget that their parents have flown the coop for a short time. There is also an emphasis on learning that is well disguised and all included in the cost.