It seems like everybody loves a scary movie! However, there are two types of scary movies: the ones that will scare you slowly but surely, and the ones that will shock you through thrilling and quick scenes! Almost every producer has tried to create a scary movie or two throughout their career because they know that they will strike gold if that movie does well; this is because many people actually ENJOY being scared in a movie.

Watching a thrilling movie will speed up the viewer’s adrenaline, keep them on their toes, and actually allow them to enjoy the non-thrilling parts of the movie. A general rule of thumb is that a movie should contain a thrilling scene every 5 minutes to be placed on this list of the top 10 thriller movies of all time; however, the majority of these titles contain a thrilling scene every 3 minutes! This constant thrill is what allows the viewers to be scared right out of their movie seat, and to be glued to every single scene throughout the movie!

Every single person that reads this article will be able to come up with their own list of the top 10 thriller movies of all time; this list is simply my own personal opinion. I had picked out about 30 thriller movies that could have potentially been included on the list; however, I had to narrow it down to only 10 due to the nature of the article. I have watched every single title in this top 10 list, and chosen them based on a variety of factors that I took into account.

10. Bourne Ultimatum-2007

9. The Game-1997

8. Taxi Driver-1976

7. The Sixth Sense-1999

6. The Silence Of The Lambs-1991

5. The Usual Suspects-1995

4. Se7en-1995

3. Psycho-1960

2. The Others-2002

1. Insidious-2011

The Titles On This List Of The Top 10 Thriller Movies Of All Time Include A Wide Variety Of Eras

Obviously the progression of technology, and societal views have definitely made the most recent movies much more thrilling than the ones that were released 50 years ago; however, there are certain aspects of great thriller movies that simply cannot be edited or created with technological visual effects. One of the most basic aspects is a simply the outstanding psychopathic individual that has a strong desire to kill others cannot be enhanced or achieved with technology. This is why a movie that was made in 1960 (Psycho) has made it onto the top half of the list! However, technology has allowed ghostly characters to seem much scarier and blunt through modern visual effects. This is why the number one movie on this list of the top 10 thriller movies is the most recent release at the time of writing this article.

A Wide variety Of Producers Have Produced The Titles On This Top 10 List Of Thriller Movies

If you do some research, you will notice that all of the movies that are featured throughout this article were produced and directed by different people. This is why watching each of these movies will leave you with a different feeling of suspense and thrill. For instance, you can watch Insidious at 5:00 in the evening, and then watch Bourne Ultimatum at 7:00 immediately after. Each individual title will give you a totally unique effect of thrilling you out of your couch seat!

Think about it for a second...Would you continue going to the movie theatres and renting movies if they were all made by two main producers and directors? Probably not, because you would quickly get bored due to the similar nature of the movies. However, I have created a list of the top 10 thriller movies of all time based on a factor of uniqueness! This means that I have only included titles in this top 10 list if they have been unique from any other movie that I have seen.

This List Of Top 10 Thriller Movies Is Also Based On Box Office And Retail Sales

Although the majority of this list is based on my own personal opinion, a great portion of it is also based on the numbers that these movies have produced at the box office, and the amount of VHS and DVD sales that they had produced in retail stores. Their overall sales and popularity was a factor that I had incorporated into the equation when I was coming up with this list!

Although this playlist of movies is my own personal opinion, you should make it a point to see each of the titles if you enjoy watching a good thriller movie. Not only will these titles keep you watching the screen at the edge of your seat, but they will also make you jump to the back of your seat whenever the producer has inserted a thrilling scene into the film!