Beginners Guide To Snowboarding

This guide is about teaching you how to snowboard. As a beginner, you might be thinking that you don't know where to start. And you have every right. 

Snowboarding has many parts to it.

As a beginner, you need to think about the snowboard you need, the gear, place, and where you will stay during your run.

When I was thinking about how to best explain this information, I tried to remember when I first went snowboarding. In my mind, all I could see was a list of events that got me to the slopes. That is what I am going to do here.

This is a top 10 list for beginning snowboarders. If you want to see some snowboarding pictures look at Snowboarding: Snowboard Pictures.


Top Tip #1: Rent Before You Buy

Snowboarding Tips For BeginnersWhen you are just starting out, renting is the best option. This will allow you to try many brands and styles of snowboards. Snowboards can cost a lot of money. There are so many brands, snowboard sizes, different edges, etc. that buying right out of the gate is foolish.

By renting a snowboard, you save tons of money and give yourself a chance to learn.


Top Tip #2: Pick An Easy Location To Ride

Ski slopes have difficulty ratings. This is to let people know what kind of course they can expect to find. Statistics, downhill terrain, and skier ratings all make up the color. Slopes in the US divide into 3 colors. Green circle is easy, blue square is medium, and black diamond is hard.

Your goal as a beginner is to find the slopes with the most green circles around. If you find yourself at a course that has 3 to 1 black diamond slopes to green circle slopes, you will not have a good time. 

Top Tip #3: Rent A Room On The First Floor

Snowboarding Ski Resort 2Many people don't think about this until it's to late. That is why I am putting it in here. The room you rent is very important. When you go out on to the slope, as a beginner you are going to fall a bit.

Don't worry, falling is apart of learning.

The simple fact is, the more you fall, the more pain you will be in at the end of the day. The last thing you want to do is have to go up 5 flights of stairs with your wet clothes, heavy gear, snowboard, and a hurt backside.

Top Tip #4: Have The Right Clothes

Buy water proof gear and warm clothes. But don't over do the jackets and pants, because nothing is worse than not being able to maneuver down the slope because you have 6 layers of clothing on and can't bend or twist.

Going the cheap route when buying your clothing is a bad idea. You need to have a good pair of water proof boots, socks, long johns, waterproof pants, waterproof snow pants, tee-shirt, sweater, waterproof jacket, goggles, and ski cap. For more pictures, click here.

As a beginner, you are going to fall a lot and need to wear some protective clothes.

Getting cold and wet is the fastest way to get you off the slope (besides breaking a bone, but don't worry about that) than much else.

Top Tip #5: Buy Your Lift Ticket In Advance

Snowboarding02When you get to the slopes, you will have to have a lift ticket to get on the runs. The reason you need one is when you get to the bottom, the only way to get back up is the ski lift. Usually, there are big lines at the slope with people trying to get their tickets.

Buying your ticket in advance can sure make for a hassle free trip. You can go online for most resorts and they will even let you to print out your ticket.

Top Tip #6: Drink Water

Surprisingly, you are going to sweat. Even though it is cold out, you're working hard and sweating. Also it will most likely be dry and cold, it is easy to get dehydrated without even knowing. Make sure you take regular breaks to keep yourself hydrated.

You can bring your own water or drinks and rent a locker to put them in. Most resorts have mini lockers you can rent for the day to keep your belongings in. Use them.

Top Tip #7: Be Prepared For Skiers

If your thinking this is a no brainer, your right. However, I was not ready for skiers cutting me off, especially young children. They don't do it on purpose, but snowboarders just starting out tend to fall a lot and can't turn. Skiers always get in the way.

Just be ready for skiers weaving in and out of your path.

Top Tip #8: Bring Your Own Lunch

Snowboarding001One of the ways ski resorts make their money is at the lunch counter. They are the only ones up there, so they can price gouge. The cost for food is very expensive. Instead of spending an arm and leg on lunch, pack your lunch and save your money.

You came to the ski resort to snowboard, not spend a small fortune on lunch.


Top Tip #9: Force Yourself To Use Your Edge

When I started snowboarding, I did not have an instructor or someone who could show me. I had to learn on my own. The first thing I learned was that I did not know how to turn or slow down when I finally was able to stand up on the board. Snowboarding: Snowboard Pictures show some great examples.

Ski VacationsWhen you stand up and start sliding down the hill, the way to slow down and turn is by rotating side to side on the edges of your board.

You do this by pushing your back leg in and out and raising the snowboard so it is on its edge.


It may seem like it's complicated. When you start, you will feel like you can't do it. But I promise you it is not weird. It will start to feel quite natural and you will love that you can finally stop. Don't give up.

Top Tip #10: Don't Be Afraid To Fall

You are going to fall during this process. It will take you awhile to stand up on your board when you get there if it is your first time going snowboarding. Part of learning how to balance yourself on a snowboard is falling down and getting back up again.

Falling is not failing. Falling is learning how to pick ourselves back up again.

I have seen a few people give up on snowboarding because they kept falling in the beginning. It is not like skiing. Snowboarding is more like surfing or skateboarding. You are using different muscles. It takes time to get it.

Just make sure you bring some Motrin and don't be afraid to get banged up the first day. The second day is always the best.

Go Snowboarding Already

Snowboarding Jumping

I hope this helped. The best way to learn is to go snowboarding. Snowboard beginners need to get out there and try their luck.

Here is an extra tip: When you are at home, before you go, take your board and practice standing up. This will help you begin to see how you will be moving on the slope. The only difference is, when you are on the snow, it is slippery.

Good luck and have fun snowboarding.

- Cheers!